Sleeping Seniors: SEC East

BBD believes DE William Green could be primed for a breakout campaign

Earlier this week we debuted our Sleeping Seniors series and started with the SEC West. As we continue this series we move over the East division and take a look at a lot of defensive talent that is part of what makes the SEC such a dominant conference.

DE DeAngelo Tyson-UGA
6’2, 290 lbs.
4 Star DT-Rivals
Tyson saw his first action last year as a 34 DE and it was a mixed bag of successes and failures. He does a good job using strength at the POA to maintain leverage but doesn’t have the technical skills to consistently get off the blocks in order to make plays. Tyson is an athletic prospect who moves well once he’s out of his stance and is able to offer some help in backside pursuit. One place we would really like to see Tyson take a step forward this year is with his first step, he was consistently one of Georgia’s last linemen off the ball last year.

DT Travian Robertson-South Carolina
6’4, 298 lbs.
4 Star DE-Rivals
Often overshadowed at USC, Robertson has a chance to shine this year with all the attention his line mates Devin Taylor and Jadaveon Clowney should command. Robertson has some of the best hands of any interior lineman in the conference. He’s technically sound at winning the hand battles and does a great job using both his swim and rip move to beat blocks and disengage. He also does a good job of reading and diagnosing plays as they happen. He routinely gets himself into good position because of that diagnostic ability, which is a good thing because Robertson struggles with his lateral agility and movement. He does not do a good job of washing down the line and helping to string out plays.

DE William Green-Florida
6’3, 252 lbs.
4 Star LB-Rivals
Green has ideal size to play DE and he has the athleticism to be an option in both the 43 and 34 fronts at a variety of positions. He is lightning quick with his first step but for some reason has not ever been able to get his career at Florida on track. He has struggled with the transition from stand up LB to hand down DE and given Florida’s gluttony of athletic DE/LB options, Green has been buried. As a senior now he is getting his last shot under new HC Will Muschamp. He must learn how to use his arms and hands effectively to beat OT’s and get after the QB.

LB Austin Johnson-Tennessee
6’2, 235 lbs.
3 Star LB-Scout
Johnson was a technician coming out of high school and nothing has changed for him during his time in Knoxville. He has fantastic technique in his break down and wrap up and he rarely misses a tackle. He is one of the toughest players on the team, playing with a tenacity that you want to see in a middle linebacker. Johnson’s limitations are that he just isn’t quick enough to have the range to be a dominant LB in the SEC. He does not always get to the corner and can get caught up in traffic. He needs to learn to shed blocks better in order to be a more effective prospect.

OG Stuart Hines-Kentucky
6’4, 296 lbs.
3 Star OT-Scout
The veteran leader of the wildcat offense is getting looked over by many scouts despite Hines consistent effort and his ability to work as part of a line and not as an individual. What I mean by that is that one of Hines greatest strengths is his ability to build a repertoire with his tackle and center and work succinctly to pass off defenders amongst them. His ability to use his hands effectively are what make him effective in neutralizing defenders despite not being the strongest or biggest lineman on the field. Hines has limited athleticism and his game is not built on blocking at the 2nd level.

CB Randall Burden-Kentucky
6’0, 170 lbs.
2 Star DB-Rivals
Burden has fantastic size for the CB position and uses it well when going up after passes or when lining up over a WR in press coverage. Burden does a good job of getting his arms extended and using his hands to control the receiver while pressing. He needs to get stronger in order to be more effective on the jam and when he allows the WR to beat his jam, he has trouble staying with him. Burden does not have loose hips and his deep speed is questionable. He has to get better in the transition from his backpedal to his sprint in order to compensate for a lack of overall speed.

QB/WR Larry Smith-Vanderbilt
6’2, 220 lbs.
3 Star QB-Scout
One of the most dedicated and willing members of the Commodore football team to do whatever it takes to get some wins. Smith has played QB, RB, and WR for Vandy during his time there and has been effective at every position. He is a gifted athlete with loose hips that allow him to make people miss, he also has good size and is able to present matchup issues all over the field. Having spent so much time at so many different positions Smith is a jack of all trades but a master of none. He will really need to focus on one position when heading to the NFL (likely WR). He will present some interesting trick play options though for teams with creative minded head coaches.

TE Brandon Barden-Vanderbilt
6’5, 245 lbs.
3 Star TE-Rivals
Barden was a former state champion QB before committing to Virginia Tech and then asking for a release from his letter of intent in order to attend Vanderbilt. Has fantastic size and athleticism to go along with natural hands that allow him to catch the ball out away from him body. Barden does not offer much though after the catch. He is a limited runner who does not have the speed to breakaway and may struggle with separation issues in the NFL. Also a very limited blocker who needs to get a better grasp on the fundamentals as well needing to get stronger.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Aron White gave me a call and wants to know why he’s not in this article. Told me he’s going to go Orson Charles on you if you don’t edit it.

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