BBD’s Top 20 CB’s & FS’s

Chase Minnifield is BBD's #2 CB heading into 2012

Every day between now and the kickoff of the FBS season next Thursday night, I will be releasing not only a Top 20 ranking per position for 2012, but also a top 10 per position for 2013.

On 9/1 we will roll out our brand new top 250 for 2012 and a top 100 for 2013 along with a new mock draft! Without further ado, here is our top 20 OLB’s for the 2012 Draft Class:

  1. Alfonzo Dennard-Nebraska
  2. Chase Minnifield-Virginia
  3. Janoris Jenkins-North Alabama
  4. Coryell Judie-Texas A&M
  5. Omar Bolden-Arizona State
  6. Keith Tandy-West Virginia
  7. Brandon Boykin-Georgia
  8. Shaun Prater-Iowa
  9. Casey Hayward-Vanderbilt
  10. Tashaun Gipson-Wyoming
  11. Donnie Fletcher-Boston College
  12. Emmanuel Davis-ECU
  13. Cameron Chism-Maryland
  14. Quinton Richardson-Washington
  15. Jamell Fleming-Oklahoma
  16. Asa Jackson-Cal Poly
  17. Josh Norman-Coastal Carolina
  18. Leonard Johnson-Iowa State
  19. Ryan Steed-Furman
  20. James Pitts-Villanova

-No Prince? No problem for the Cornhuskers as Alfonzo Dennard will step in and take for the vacated #1 CB position. We like Dennard willingness to be more physical over Prince though we think Prince had better pure cover skills.

-Janoris Jenkins career has been full of speed bumps and road blocks. Arrested twice for possession new coach Will Muschamp threw him off the team. Jenkins landed in D2 at North Alabama where coach Terry Bowden has a history of reclamation projects.

-We really like our 7-10 CB’s (Boykin, Prater, Hayward, and Gipson) we think all four of these corners can become starters in the NFL.

2013 Top 10 CB’s:

  1. Dre Kirkpatrick-Alabama
  2. Stephen Gilmore-South Carolina
  3. Jayron Housley-Virginia Tech
  4. Josh Robinson-UCF
  5. Cliff Harris-Oregon
  6. Morris Clairborne-LSU
  7. Greg Reid-FSU
  8. Desmond Trufant-Washington
  9. Jonathan Banks-Mississippi State
  10. Travis Howard-Ohio State

-This is without a doubt the deepest class of all the positions in 2012 or 2013. We like all 10 of these CB’s and it’s a shame we won’t be able to see them all in the same draft class together.

-A lot of people are going to question us for putting Josh Robinson at #4 in this class but they will soon figure out why we have him so high. He is the definition of shut down and is a star in the making.

-A couple of bigger CB’s round out our top 10 as Banks (9) and Howard (10) each stand over six feet tall and run extremely well.

2012 Top 20 FS’s:

  1. Kenny Tate-Maryland
  2. George Iloka-Boise State
  3. Trenton Robinson-Michigan State
  4. Eddie Whitley-Virginia Tech
  5. Aaron Henry-Nebraska
  6. Brandon Hardin-Oregon State
  7. Christian Thompson-South Carolina State
  8. Blake Gideon-Texas
  9. Sean Baker-Ball State
  10. Tysyn Hartman-Kansas State
  11. Tramain Thomas-Arkansas
  12. Jerell Young-USF
  13. Deshawn Shead-Portland State
  14. Corey Mosley-Virginia
  15. Trulon Henry-Illinois
  16. Damien Jackson-Ole Miss
  17. Kendrick Presley-Southern Miss
  18. Neiko Thorpe-Auburn
  19. Brian Peters-Northwestern
  20. Doug Wiggins-Western Michigan

-We know Kenny Tate is technically playing LB for the Terps this year but after the way he played S last year we think his best position in the NFL is at S.

-Iloka is going to make or break his stock in week 1 at the Georgia Dome. His size is impressive and if he is able to impose that on an SEC team like UGA than he should see his stock skyrocket.

-Overall it’s a bit of a thing FS class. Some top level talent but after the top 5 the talent drop off is steep.

2013 Top 10 FS’s:

  1. Robert Lester-Alabama
  2. Micah Hyde-Iowa
  3. TJ McDonald-USC
  4. Malcolm Bronson-McNeese State
  5. Ray Polk-Colorado
  6. Brent Vinson-Liberty
  7. Rashard Hall-Clemson
  8. Dexter McCoil-Tulsa
  9. Janzen Jackson-None (Dismissed from Tennessee)
  10. Vaughn Telemaque-Miami

-Unlike the 2012 class the 2013 is much deeper in talent and has the ability to become one of those special classes.

-The two best FS’s may just be the two in the most trouble as Janzen Jackson was dismissed from Tennessee and Vaughn Telemaque has severe eligibility issues after the Yahoo article emerged. Janzen is rumored to have landed at the FCS level with McNeese State but that’s unconfirmed thus far.

-If Jackson does land at McNeese State he’ll join fellow Top 10 FS in Malcolm Bronson there along with Brent Vinson who is a fellow FCS FS. This kind of talent at the FCS level is why its growing in popularity amongst both fans and NFL teams.

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