DE Michael McAdoo Scouting Report

BBD thinks McAdoo is the top rated Supplemental Draft Prospect


Our first profile for this Wednesday’s NFL Supplemental draft is DE Michael McAdoo. The 6’7, 250 lbs. DE from North Carolina is considered to be the top prospect eligible for this year’s Supplemental Draft. His career was just getting rolling at UNC in 2010 when trouble struck.

Why He’s Eligible:

Earlier this year the NCAA ruled that McAdoo was to be permanently ineligible due to his receipt of $110 in improper benefits and 3 instances of academic fraud. He attempted to sue the NCAA and asked for an injunction to be granted by the courts but was denied.

Due to his ineligibility, McAdoo petitioned for entrance into the NFL Supplemental Draft and was awarded that last week.

There is more to the story than meets the eye with McAdoo. He was found guilty of taking improper benefits and had to sit out a full year of school due to accepting those improper benefits. His grand total of $110 in benefits was 6.1% of what Buffalo Bills DE Marcell Dareus accepted while at Alabama.

Dareus repaid all his benefits and received only a 2 game suspension. For his $110, which McAdoo repaid to charity, he received a one year suspension.

Then he was charged with three counts of academic fraud, for having portions of his papers written by a tutor. The issue here is that when this went in front of the UNC Honor Court they found one count to have insufficient evidence, and on another they found him not guilty.

In the end McAdoo was found guilty on one count of academic fraud. This count said that he had his tutor re-write his works cited page in order to have it comply with APA style.  For this violation he was suspended for the spring semester of 2011.

In 2007 when multiple FSU football team members got in trouble for a tutor giving them test answers they received a suspension equivalent to 30% of their games.

For $110 and a re-written work cited page, Michael McAdoo was ruled permanently ineligible by the NCAA.

What is UNC’s loss, however, is the NFL’s gain as McAdoo is a potentially exciting prospect who appears to only have begun to understand how much potential he has. Below is the scouting report on McAdoo.


The last time was saw McAdoo was in the 2010 UNC spring game and he was dominant. Registering four sacks in that game he showed off an impressive first step and was getting around the OT with ease. He has surprising strength for a kid who came into UNC a little wiry. He was able to generate a good push on his bull rush and used his long frame to generate leverage and get the OT to stand up.

He has the kind of size that cannot be taught, and he is off the charts athletically. A two sport star in HS, McAdoo was a very highly regarded basketball prospect as well. That athleticism shows on the field in regards to his change of direction and balance.


McAdoo lacks experience, he has played sparingly since HS due to UNC’s incredible defensive depth and the suspension. We have little tape to go off for McAdoo so the most worrisome part is that you just don’t fully know what you’re getting.

We do know that like most young players he needs to work on his technique. He is not a complete prospect as of now, relying almost exclusively on athleticism to beat the tackle. He must learn to use his hands more effectively in an effort to disengage and must continue to get stronger and add bulk to his frame. He was used predominantly as a pass rusher at UNC and is considered to be somewhat of a liability against the run due to his lack of strength.

He also needs to get better at consistently staying low through contact with the OT, he has a tendency to get high while engaged and it costs him his leverage.


McAdoo is a boom or bust player, he has the potential to become a dominant pass rusher who could play in any defensive scheme at a number of positions. His ability to play out of either a 3 point or 2 point stance will make him intriguing to scouts. However his severe lack of game film and time off from the game is a red flag.

In the end many pundits will harp on his off the field concerns, but after doing some basic research you see his “concerns” are not legitimate.

Projection: Round 4





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