Terrelle Pryor In Supplemental Draft, But At What Cost?

Pryor is in the NFL Supplemental Draft but must serve a five game suspension

Today the NFL officially declared QB Terrelle Pryor eligible for its rescheduled NFL Supplemental Draft. However that eligibility comes at the price of having to miss the first 5 games of the regular season to include all practices. Pryor will still be able to attend team and position meetings however.

This ruling greatly expands the arm of discipline that Commissioner Roger Goodell  already uses on his players. The idea that the NFL can and will now suspend a player based on what he did prior to getting into the NFL is such a obvious overreaction that we are stunned by the ruling.

Let’s be clear on this, Terrell Pryor broke no law, he broke no NFL rule or player conduct code policy. Yet the NFL has deemed it fit that he must now serve a suspension for taking impermissible benefits in college?

Excuse us if we don’t understand this ruling, and we don’t understand how the NFL can have such a ridiculous double standard on the issue. Where was this ruling last year when BYU RB Harvey Unga was thrown out of school for his honor code violation? He also broke no NFL rules, yet he was allowed into the draft with no conditions of suspension.

Look no further than Pryor’s fellow supplemental draft classmates as further evidence of this double standard. DE Michael McAdoo was ruled permanently ineligible by the NCAA for also taking impermissible benefits and for committing academic fraud, yet he will face no suspension. RB Caleb King has actually been arrested in the past (a violation of NFL Personal Conduct policy) along with being academically ineligible, and yet he too will face no suspension.

The NFL’s supplemental draft has always been around as a way for players who have messed up their eligibility between the deadline for juniors to declare and the start of their senior seasons. Now the rules are changing and for what? For an action that is in no way criminal, and violates no NFL policy.

The NFL has chosen to open up Pandora’s Box on this issue. They have created a massive double standard that they cannot defend and cannot possibly enforce. They have poisoned pilled Pryor’s draft status, and again I ask for what?

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One Response to “Terrelle Pryor In Supplemental Draft, But At What Cost?”

  1. NEPD says:

    Roger Goodell has never let common sense get in the way before…

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