QB Terrelle Pryor Schedules Pro Day Workout

Could Pryor end up being the modern era slash for Chan Gailey and the Bills?

While the NFL world was consumed with all things labor related, a scandal was breaking in Columbus, Ohio that threatened to take down one of the giants of college football. Ohio State was found in violation of numerous NCAA bylaws in regards to players receiving illegal benefits and the ramifications from those violations will be felt for years.

At the center of it all sat star QB Terrelle Pryor, who was originally suspended for the first five games of 2011 before leaving school and declaring himself eligible for the NFL Supplemental Draft. The NFL has since scheduled the Supplemental Draft for August 17th and Pryor has schedule a pro day workout for August 12th in order to showcase his skills in front of NFL personnel.

Now there is a slight twist to this story, there is no guarantee as of now that Terrell Pryor will even be eligible for this year’s Supplemental Draft. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen broke the story a few weeks ago and at point of publishing this post the NFL had still yet to issue a ruling.

Yesterday the NFL released its initial list of Supplemental Draft eligible players to the teams and Pryor’s name was not on it. However they have since come back and said they may make an individual ruling on Pryor’s eligibility.

Technically speaking he is not currently in the Supplemental Draft, however he may be granted eligibility in the coming days. Should Pryor be declare ineligible he would have to wait till the 2012 NFL Draft in April to get picked up by any team.

Many people have speculated that Buffalo is a team that could target a Pryor. He fits into the versatile and athletic QB mold that Chan Gailey appears to covet, he has a rocket arm to go along with his elite mobility.

But how could he fit into Buffalo’s plans? They currently have four QB’s on the roster (I’m not counting Josh Nesbitt as a QB) and only two of them have any NFL experience as a QB. To be fair one of their QB’s, Brad Smith, has many years of NFL experience, it has just been playing WR.

Atop of the depth chart is the firmly entrenched Ryan Fitzpatrick, he is the unquestioned Bills starter this year and behind in is the newly signed Tyler Thigpen. Neither one of these players would be endangered by the addition of Pryor to the roster.

As for Brad Smith he currently sits as the #3 QB but we think that more due to the new CBA rules stating that your #3 QB is now active on game day. It’s still unclear how Gailey will use Smith, but a variation of WR, RB and Wildcat QB seem to be the most likely options right now.

The other QB is 2nd year man Levi Brown who has no tangible NFL experience other than being QB #3 part of last year. He was actually cut last year at the end of the preseason by the Bills, but later resigned after the Bills got rid of Trent Edwards. His likelihood to make the team this year is actually further diminished and he’s not going to be a deterrent to stop the Bills from grabbing Pryor.

If the Bills take Pryor you have to think it will cost another position player their job (likely a WR). They will almost have to keep Pryor on the roster in order to protect him from other teams, and he will need time to develop into whatever kind of an NFL player he’s going to become (QB, WR, or TE?).

On Friday we will finally get a chance to see Pryor after his Sugar Bowl Performance and we will get a chance to see how he looks as a pure thrower. We fully expect Buffalo to be one of the teams in attendance if for nothing more than just doing their due diligence.

BBD will have a full report on Pryor’s Pro Day along with a scouting report done on Pryor before the Supplemental Draft on the 17th. So keep checking back!

What do you think? Should the Bills take him? Where will he get drafted?


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