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Richetti Jones is a DE to be feared in the Big 12

In the final installment of this year’s Sleeping Seniors series we take a look at the Big 12. The Big 12 is currently shrouded in controversy as analysts and media members from around the country talk realignment and conference shifts. While they do this what they aren’t talking about is how much talent exists in the Big 12.

DE Tony Jerrod-Eddie-Texas A&M

6’5, 300 lbs.

4 Star DE-Rivals

Jerrod-Eddie does a great job of getting off the line on the snap for a man his size. He does it so well that he can at times surprise the OT with his quickness and overwhelm him at the POA. He is an active defender who is constantly battling in the trenches. His size will make him an attractive target for any 34 team who wants a good run stuffing end.

We’d like to see Jerrod-Eddie clean up his technique a little bit, he has a tendency to get high after contact and he needs to do a better job of shooting his hands in an effort to get off blocks and make plays. He’s going to be considered by some to be a bit of a DE/DT tweener but we feel comfortable saying he’s a 34 DE in the NFL.

ILB Garrick Williams-Texas A&M

6’2, 234 lbs.

3 Star WR-Scout

Not often you see a WR turn inside LB but Williams has done it and its worked wonders for him and the Aggies. He has a great combination of size and athleticism for the position, and shows the range to make plays from sideline to sideline. He also is one of the best zone coverage LB’s in the entire conference showing a natural fluidity in his drop.

Williams though is still very raw in terms of playing LB and will need some more work and time before he’s ready to become a consistent contributor. He doesn’t have the necessary strength or bulk to take on OL in the NFL and will need to add around 10 pounds of muscle to his frame. He needs to work on wrapping up due to his tendency to lunge at ball carriers and drag them down.

DE Richetti Jones-Oklahoma State

6’3, 256 lbs.

4 Star DE-Rivals

Another big time DE prospect in the Big 12, Jones shows off a comprehensive pass rush repertoire that is advanced for the college game. He does a fantastic job of setting up the OT with his pass rush combinations and at times appears to mentally be one step ahead of the OT. He changes direction so well and will likely be very effective on stunts and twists at the next level.

The one glaring area we saw on tape that Jones needs to work on is at getting stronger. He does not have the necessary strength to get off of blocks and once he is engaged the play is over for him. If he can add some strength we feel as though Jones could take off in terms of his value.

SS Markelle Martin-Oklahoma State

6’1, 192 lbs.

3 Star WR-Scout

An ideal SS prospect, Martin has good size for the position, and shows off very good range. He does a good job reading the QB’s eyes and is consistently is in good position to make a play. Martin is one of the surest tacklers on the team and is an ideal last line of defense.

The issue with Martin is the question of can he ever take that step forward from being good to being great? He’s not the biggest playmaker in the conference, he seems to lack that natural athleticism that great safeties have, and he isn’t a real physical presence who will make you pay for going over the middle. Also one issue with Martin that we saw on tape is that when lined up in man coverage he transitions from his back pedal too quickly. This sets him up to be out of position on deep curl routes or routes that call for a sudden change in direction.

WR Wes Kemp-Missouri

6’4, 220 lbs.

3 Star WR-Rivals

Kemp is a WR with fantastic size that he uses well when catching passes. He does a good job of screening CB’s from the ball when tracking it over his shoulder and is a good target in the red zone for fade routes. Kemp has the athleticism to go up after jump balls and is able to come down with them more times than not.

The issue with Kemp is that he doesn’t have the speed you want to see in an outside WR. He lacks the deep speed needed to really stretch a defense and doesn’t have the acceleration needed to pull away from a defender and create separation. The odd part about Kemp’s game is that he really struggled to get off press coverage despite always having a size advantage. He needs to do a better job of battling to get off the line.

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