Supplemental Draft Preview

Caleb King hopes to hear that he was drafted in today's Supplemental Draft

Today, barring another Terrelle Pryor request, finally marks the day of the 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft. For those not familiar with this draft it’s an event that allows rising seniors to entry into the NFL, if something has happened that prevents them from playing college football this coming season.

The process is pretty straight forward and simple, a draft lottery occurred yesterday and an official order was determined. Each team who is interested in obtaining the rights of one of the six players eligible this year must submit a bid with what round they would offer for the player. The highest bid wins and in the event of a tie, the team higher on the draft order gets the player.

The six players eligible for this year’s draft are; SS Tracy Wilson (N. Illinois), CB Torez Jones (W. Carolina), DE Keenan Mace (Lindenwood), RB Caleb King (Georgia), DE Michael McAdoo (North Carolina), and finally the aforementioned Terrelle Pryor (QB, Ohio State). Below are scouting reports on the six players and predictions for who the Bills may take some interest in.

RB Caleb King-Georgia
5’11, 218 lbs.
King had a pro day last week which brought 20 NFL scouts to watch him workout. King clocked a 4.49 40 time which raises hopes that he may have finally regained that open field burst that has eluded him since a knee injury his senior season of HS.

With a fully recovered knee King has very good speed, utilizing it in combination with his power style of running to turn him into a bowling ball running down a hill. King shows good balance through the hole and is able to take on contact without losing his feet. He has good field vision while on the move, being able to wait for blockers to set up blocks before making his cuts. One of King’s most underrated and underappreciated trait is his willingness and effectiveness in pass protection. He excels at picking up the blitz and does a good job of standing blitzers up and nullifying their rush.

The biggest thing lacking for King’s game (and something a 40 time can’t tell us) has been his burst. He is a fast RB to begin with but in HS he had a burst to his game that was so powerful that he was almost impossible to bring down in the hole. Another part of King’s game that we didn’t like was how patient or indecisive he was at times. King is a patient back by nature but too often he waits for the big hole to open or for his blockers to get set up and he can get taken down from behind. He needs to get a better feel for when he’s being pursued so he knows when to allow for the blocks to get set up and when he needs to just go.

Projection: We project Caleb King to be drafted in the 6th Round.

CB Torez Jones-Western Carolina
6’0, 178 lbs.

Jones comes into this draft from the FCS ranks where he was a dominant corner on a poor team. He was routinely avoided by opposing offenses because it was easier to throw it against his teammates as opposed to against Jones. Jones has good instincts and gets a good break on the ball when it’s thrown his way. He has good height for the position and possesses enough speed to run with his man step for step. Jones also offers versatility in ST as a potential return man.

Upon entry into the NFL, Jones will immediately need to begin working with the strength and conditioning coach to add muscle and bulk to his frame. Jones will also need to go back to the basics when it comes to working in man coverage. Many of the mistakes he made at the FCS level he could cover up with his athleticism, but in the NFL that will be neutralized. He needs to do a much better job when asked to press the receivers and his tendency to bite on double moves will be something that potentially keeps him on the bench.

Projection: We expect Jones to sign a FA contract, shortly after going undrafted in the Supplemental Draft.

DE Keenan Mace-Lindenwood
6’4, 315 lbs.

It’s not often that you see or even hear about NAIA players, but that’s why BBD is here! One of the things we specialize at (and something you’ll see this season) is scouting and watching small school football. We love the passion and the way the game is played at that level, not to mention they actually have a playoff! Back to Mace, he is an intriguing prospect not just because of his size but also his story. He left Lindenwood a couple of years ago due to family issues and has been playing in the IFL for the Allen Wranglers. He solid strength and surprising athleticism for his size and that could be of interest to 34 teams.

Overall Mace needs a lot of technique work, he has never played big time football and will need one on one time with coaches in order to refine his game. He lacks experience and like DE Michael McAdoo his lack of game tape is concerning. Basically with Mace you’re getting a big ball of clay where all you know is that he has size and that he can move. Beyond that not much is clear.

Projection: We expect Mace to sign a FA contract, shortly after going undrafted in the Supplemental Draft.

SS Tracy Wilson-Northern Illinois
6’2, 203 lbs.

A read and react style safety, Wilson does his best to try and keep plays in front of him. He has good size for the position and is a terrific at offering run support either as the last line of defense or in the box. Wilson has spent both time at FS and SS in college and while we project him as a SS in the NFL, his ability to play some FS is a good thing. If Wilson is to make a team in the limited time he will have, it will be because of his impact on ST. A possible gunner and kick coverage man, Wilson will have to make his mark there.

As good as Wilson is in run support he’s considered somewhat of a liability in pass coverage. Wilson does a decent job of not letting plays get behind him but he can be sucked in by play action and will get himself caught in no man’s land. He lacks ideal range for a FS and if you can get him moving in one direction, he struggles to quickly change direction.

Projection: We expect Wilson to sign a FA contract, shortly after going undrafted in the Supplemental Draft.

DE Michael McAdoo-North Carolina
6’6, 250 lbs.

To read Michael McAdoo’s full scouting report, click here.

Projection: We project Michael McAdoo to get drafted in the Round 4

QB Terrelle Pryor-Ohio State
6’6, 230 lbs.

This is one that everybody just scrolled straight down to, and the most highly publicized prospect in this class. Pryor (like Cam Newton last April) is a decisive prospect that has been splitting fan bases for weeks now.

Some see Pryor as a potential QB, a kid who needs time to grow and mature both as a player and as a person. Others think he is never going to amount to anything and is not worth a bid, and yet another group thinks he could be turned into a very good WR or TE. No matter which group is right, the fact remains that Terrelle Pryor is one heck of an athlete.

He has size that makes scouts drool, and when you consider he ran somewhere between a 4.38 and 4.41 40 at his pro day, it’s scary to think what he could do if he ever developed his arm. Pryor’s mobility was evident in college as he was able to create with his legs and make something out of nothing.

He has uncanny arm strength and would have been right there with Ryan Mallett for the strongest arm in the last QB class. His deep touch is probably his most well developed trait, though even that is disputed given the great talent of his WR corp.

One thing to keep in mind with Pryor is where he is coming from. Ohio State ran a pro style offense, not the common shotgun based spread system many of last year’s QB’s came out of. He has experience working out of a 3, 5, and 7 step drop.

Pryor’s biggest issue always has been and will continue to be his accuracy. Even during his Pro Day there were routes that he just plain missed. Part of the reason we believe for Pryor’s accuracy issues is that he just throws the ball too hard. It almost appears at times like he’s trying to show off his arm on every throw. He needs to slow down and put proper velocity on his throws.

Another issue we find with Pryor’s game is his inability to properly read the defense and make good throws. We found when dissecting his tape that when asked to drop from center his reads were worse than when allowed to sit back in the shotgun. This showed us a lack of comfort in a traditional drop back setting.

Pryor’s mechanics are another thing that concerns us, we find his drop back to be smooth, but his footwork in the pocket is the key to his inaccuracy. Pryor’s feet stay uneven he is constantly moving them and at times even gets flat footed. When he moves both inside and outside the pocket he fails to reset his feet and often will throw off a poor base, using his incredible arm strength to make up for his poor technique.

Finally we don’t think Pryor has even been taught how to traditionally go through his progressions and read a defense from pre-snap to his throw. Even at Ohio State, where he chose to go for developmental purposes, it appears they wanted Pryor to use his legs more. Pryor’s traditional progression was a primary read, a quick glance to his check down option and if neither of those were there he was supposed to bail and make something happen.

Projection: We project Terrelle Pryor to get drafted in the 5th or 6th Round.

What will the Bills do?

The Bills roster currently sits at 86 which leaves 4 open spots for additional players. The Bills also have 9 draft picks thanks to trading both Lee Evans (Baltimore 4th Round) and Marshawn Lynch (Seattle 6th Round). You are only allowed to bid your original picks in the Supplemental Draft but having those extra picks may make us more likely to be players in this process.

We know right now that we have a need to generate a more consistent pass rush, and find a long term answer at QB. Those potential options are there for us in the Supplemental Draft in the form of Michael McAdoo and Terrelle Pryor.

 If we were Buddy Nix today we would bid a 4th Round pick for Michael McAdoo and a 7th Round pick of Terrelle Pryor. While we fully expect Pryor to go earlier than Round 7 should he fall into Round 7 we think he would represent tremendous value. 

Furthermore we would also be in contact with Keenan Mace’s agent so that if he goes undrafted (which we expect to happen) you can hope to quickly bring him in as a FA. At his size he offers intrigue at the DE position, especially after the way everybody not named Dareus or Williams has played on the defensive line this preseason.

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2 Responses to “Supplemental Draft Preview”

  1. Big Deal Neil says:

    Good thing you’re not the GM! We would have wasted a 4th Round Pick on an UDFA

    • Matt Elder says:

      True. As Ive always though, Ill take being wrong all day on draft day, as long as Im right in three years time. Some people scout to be right in the short run (accurate predictions/mocks) while others scout for the long run. Just a difference in philosophy depending on what you are doing. Thanks for reading!

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