UDFA Profile: WR Kamar Aiken

Kamar Aiken has a long road ahead to try and make this roster -Photo Credit to Michael J. Thomas

WR Kamar Aiken-UCF

6’2, 219 lbs.

Kamar Aiken was considered by some to be the most consistent receiving weapon for the Knights this past season. He showed off reliable hands, and ran solid routes that allowed freshman, QB Jeffrey Godfrey, to quickly develop a chemistry with him.

Aiken has ideal size for the WR position and he uses his frame well, shielding defenders from the ball. We would like to see him use his size even more in the red zone where he could be an option on fade routes to the back corner.

Aiken is a strong runner when he gets the ball in his hands and makes it difficult for smaller DB’s to take him down in the open field. Also he is a willing down field blocker, though his technique needs work.

The main issue with Aiken is whether or not he has the ability to gain separation at this level. He has never been seen as a burner, but at UCF he did have the ability to lull the defense to sleep before getting behind them for the deep ball.

One of the reasons people are concerned about Aiken’s ability to get open is because he’s a long strider. It takes him 3-4 strides before he can get up to full speed and in the NFL that takes time you don’t often get.

Going along with concerns about his stride, are concerns about his ability to get in and out of his breaks quickly. He was known as a very solid route runner at UCF, but that’s because he understands the timing and depth that his routes need to be. It’s not because he was a percision, cut on a dime style WR.

These physical limitations on Aiken’s athletic ability are going to be hard for him to overcome. The Bills have a nearly identical player in Donald Jones already on this roster and if Aiken has any hope to make the Bills roster, he will have to beat him out in camp.

Prediction: Cut

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