Film Room Session: Alabama v. Arkansas

Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson has looked like a man amongst boys thus far this season

Alabama and Arkansas kicked off this past Saturday in a SEC tilt that saw Arkansas exposed for being less than what they were last year and saw Alabama again dominate their opponent. At some point you have to wonder if anybody can even stay with Alabama let alone beat them. Here is a look at how the prospects faired for each team.

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8 QB Tyler Wilson*

-Wilson did a good job of staying conservative and knowing the situation he was in, he took what the defense would give him and didn’t start forcing the issue until late.

-Was very accurate with the football early, deliver the ball on time and in rhythm to his WR’s.

-Threw a bad INT where he rushed a throw after getting hit multiples times earlier in the drive.

-Wilson committed one of our pet peeves when we saw him throw the ball away on 3rd down.

-Really seemed to lose his accuracy and touch after getting hit multiple times, looked uncomfortable on his drop and really rushed his mechanics.

-Took a big shot on his TD throw to Hamilton.

-Placed the ball well on that throw knowing either Hamilton was going to get it or it was going to be a incompletion.

20 RB Ronnie Wingo*

-Wingo showed good hands and was a fantastic receiving option out of the backfield.

-He ran multiple routes that included screen patterns, hooks, and swing routes.

-Runs with a slashing style where he identifies his hole early and hits it hard.

-Runs with a low center of gravity which enables him to run through arm tackles.

-Does a decent job picking up the blitz but does not set up well, and can be over powered at contact.

-Doesn’t offer much in terms of wiggle and struggles to make anybody miss.

11 WR Cobi Hamilton*

-Had only one catch on the day as he struggled to get open against Alabama’s terrific CB trio.

-When Alabama got physical with him he lacked the upper body strength to escape and seemed very frustrated with his inability to get open.

-Hamilton elevated well to grab the TD pass over Dre Kirpatrick and did a good job making sure his feet stayed in bounds.

-Also displayed excellent concentration to know where he was on the field, and to watch the ball in.

4 WR Jarius Wright-

-Showed very good quickness on the field and was effective getting in and out of his breaks.

-Displayed good awareness skills to understand what kind of coverage he was going against and how to find the soft spot.

-Held on to a number of passes despite taking big hits from defenders.

3 WR Joe Adams

-Had one Arkansas’s most impressive plays when he caught a bubble screen on the near sideline, and then cut it back all the way to far sideline and had enough speed to out run the entire defense and turn the corner.

-Very slippery player who will use his height to slip through defenders who try and tackle him high.

5 FS Tramain Thomas

-Took a poor angle on a bubble screen and missed a tackle

-Was far more comfortable launching himself at defenders legs in the open fields then wrapping up and making solid tackles.

-Completely missed on a big Trent Richardson run when he dove at Richardson’s legs unsuccessfully.

34 LB Jerry Franklin

-Looked far better when dropping into zone coverage as opposed to when asked to cover the back one on one out of the backfield.

-Really had poor man coverage skills and was holding the RB the entire play and was lucky to not get flagged.

-Doesn’t really do well in traffic and struggles to get off blocks.

-Seems to have slow reaction which we think tells you that he lacks the instincts to become an elite level LB.


3 RB Trent Richardson*

-Richardson is extremely quick, and the scary part is that he is so smooth in his movements that he loses almost no speed when making cuts.

-Showed off impressive vision, running to daylight and properly setting up his blocks in order to rip off big plays.

-He was elusive in the open field with simple movements, didn’t waste much energy when changing direction.

-Had loose hips that allow him the ability to make you miss either in the hole or in the open field.

-Does a good job of holding the ball high and tight to help prevent a backside punch out.

-He understands how to work in the passing game and will flash open if he is blocking and sees that his QB is in trouble.

-Runs with a pinball style that allows him to just bounce off of would be tacklers.

-Has a 2nd gear in the open field that allows him to pull away from defenders.

75 OT Barrett Jones*

-Jones is projected to move back inside upon entrance to the NFL. Was the RG last year for Alabama.

-Gets too high when coming out of a two point stance, he has more than enough agility to stay with most speed rushers but loses leverage when he starts high.

-Showed off a good kick step and does a good job to slide his feet and mirror his defender.

-He gave up a sack on the day but it was mostly due to great Arkansas coverage as opposed to Jones just getting beat.

65 OG Chance Warmack*

-Had an early false start penalty but was dominant for nearly the entire rest of the game.

-He got great push when run blocking, stayed low through contact and really drove his man off the ball.

-Has more than enough agility to get to the 2nd level and when he is there he locates effectively and explodes into his block.

-Sets up well in pass protection, gets great knee bend and can really anchor against the bull rush.

-Gets his feet nice and wide so he can stay on balance and displays good footwork when redirecting rushers.

-Very strong at the POA, not once all game did we see him lose a leverage battle.

73 OC William Vlachos

-After this game we had big time questions about Vlachos overall strength level.

-We routinely saw him getting pushed into the backfield by DT’s that were not as talented.

-He showed very poor technique on a seal block when he completely whiffed on the block and had to find another man to try and block.

-Did show some 2nd level athleticism as he got out in front and made a key block on Richardson’s TD reception.

99 DT Josh Chapman

-So strong at the POA, Arkansas really struggled to get much push up front with Chapman in the middle.

-Did a great job taking on the double team and holding his own.

-His ability to take on the double team kept Dont’a Hightower clean and able to make plays.

30 LB Dont’a Hightower*

-Early in the game he lost contain when Adams reversed field on his bubble screen, he stayed at home but looked like his feet were stuck in mud as he tried to make a play but couldn’t.

-Delivered a huge hit to Wilson, that really seemed to be the beginning of the end for the Razorbacks QB.

-Drops into coverage very well, is smooth in his drop and does a good job surveying the field and knowing what’s happening around him.

-Is nearly as smooth moving laterally as he is on his drop, flows extremely well and can fight off blocks well enough to make plays.

-He is so effective when reading and reacting. On a 4th and 1 run by Arkansas, Hightower read the play, saw the hole, and filled it before the Arkansas RB could even get to the line of scrimmage.

41 LB Courtney Upshaw

-For a guy who generates such great speed off the edge you don’t expect Upshaw to be able to generate so much strength once engaged. He will not simply be blocked by a RB, he will run through them.

-Really delivers a pop to OT when they are blocking him.

-Doesn’t back down at all and we love his tenacity.

-Has so much speed off the edge, he is able to run right past slower OT’s

-Ideal 3-4 OLB prospect, who may be underrated by some.

-Absolutely explodes out of his stance on the snap.

21 CB Dre Kirkpatrick*

-Was delivering crushing blows to unsuspecting WR’s on the day, two of which were delivered to Jarius Wright.

-Showed off his speed when he was in step for step coverage with Hamilton on a deep fade pattern down the sideline.

-Was very strong all day in run support, came up without hesitation and routinely beat blocks to get to the RB.

-Showed great film study as he recognized Arkansas’s bubble screen pre-snap and attacked the WR to get him right as the ball got there.

-Showed off impressive strength and technique in his tackling, this is a very noticeable change between this year and last year.

-He did get out jumped by Hamilton in the end zone for the TD, but in fairness that pass was put only where Hamilton could have gotten to it.

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4 Responses to “Film Room Session: Alabama v. Arkansas”

  1. Ron says:

    Love what you do
    Fantastic reports/outstanding evaluations

  2. Ben says:

    Good read. On the Hamilton touchdown, I have watched it a couple of times and it looks like Kirkpatrick was not able to jump, because he hit his right foot foot against Hamilton’s planted left foot a couple of steps before the jump, and was not able to get back in step quickly enough. Otherwise, I think he knocks the pass away easily.

    • Matt Elder says:

      I didnt see Kirkpatrick’s foot hit Hamilton’s but even if he could jump Im not sure he could of gotten to it. It was a very good throw from a very awkward situation. Either way not really banging on Kirkpatrick for that.

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