Film Room Session: Florida v. Tennessee

RB Chris Rainey looks happy to have put last year behind him

SEC football has finally started and have no fear BBD has you covered! This past week two divsional foes faced off in a game that could potentially determine who plays for the conference title at the end of the year. Florida came out fast and when UT stud WR Justin Hunter went down, so did UT chances. They held tough and played hard but in the end Florida was too much for them. Here is a look at how some of the top prospects did.


28 RB Tauren Poole:

-It was a horrible game to evaluate Poole during, once Hunter went down UF could load the box and the UT offensive line was unable to open up holes.

-Poole did display decent vision a few times picking and choosing his way for a few yard but for the most part he was held in check.

71 OT Dallas Thomas*

-Was initially lined up opposite stud DE Ronald Powell.

-Gave up a lot of push to Powell early in the game, but never got completely beat. He was pushed well into the pocket and allowed Bray to feel the pressure.

-Showed poor awareness on an inside move by Powell, got beat off the snap and followed Powell inside completely missing the delayed LB blitz that got a clean shot on Bray for a sack.

-Struggled repeatedly to hold up against bull rushes, would nearly always regain his feet but routinely gave up 3-4 yards of depth into the pocket.

-Showed off good athleticism in getting to the 2nd level.

-Does a good job v. speed rush moves but struggles against elite caliber athletes. He does not appear to have the most coordinated kick slide.

97 DT Malik Jackson

-Saw a double team on nearly every play and for the most part was held to a minimal impact.

-Showed off impressive strength to hold at the POA despite facing the double team.

-When he beat the double team he did it by firing off the line and hitting the B gap.

Other prospects who popped:

40 LB Austin Johnson took some impressive angles against Florida’s speed based rushing attack. While he may not have sideline to sideline range we were impressed with the angles he took.

23 S Pretiss Wagner* is still adjusting to life without Janzen Jackson this year, but he showed decent break on the ball and took a really nice TD saving angle on a Demps run.

81 TE Mychal Rivera* will see a lot more looks now that Hunter is done for the year.


12 QB John Brantley

-Looks completely reinvigorated and like a brand new QB now that he is out of the spread option system.

-Showed off nearly flawless mechanics in his drop and delivery. Mechanically speaking is one of the most advanced QB’s in the draft.

-Threw a few really nice passes that we took notice of, particularly a playaction pass for the first Florida TD, and a really nice fade pattern that ended up not complete.

-We did notice two flaws with Brantley that concerned us, first was his propensity to lock on Thompson and occasionally force throws his way.

-Second was that we noticed his accuracy is still lacking some, he put more than a few throws on the wrong shoulder and really needs to work on that if he hopes to thread the needle.

-We came away very impressed with Brantley and his ability to work the intermediate zone effectively and efficiently.

28 RB Jeff Demps

-We’ve seen Demps play probably 8 or 9 times in his career and everytime we find ourselves simply wowed with his speed.

-He has very good hands out of the backfield and we think that he compares very well to that of Jacquizz Rodgers coming out of school. That is if he chooses to stick with football and not pursue the Olympics.

1 RB Chris Rainey

-New number, new year, and a new life for troubled RB Chris Rainey.

-He exploded v. Tennesee and was everything Gator fans need him to be if this season is to be as successful as the Gainesville natives hope for.

-Showed off blazing speed when turning the corner and then found yet another gear in the open field.

-Was a willing blocker when lined up in a dual back set with Demps and contributed a key block that sprung Demps in the 1st half.

-ST demon who tore through the UT line untouched for a punt block early in the game and then was a menace as a punt returner later.

-The thing that shocked us about Rainey was the power he was able to generate, he stayed low and behind his pads, and was able to consistently run through arm tackles and get into the open field.

6 WR Deonte Thompson

-Was relatively quiet on Saturday afternoon registering only two catches

-Showed off good awareness on 3rd down v. zone coverage to locate the soft spot in the zone, know where the sticks were so he could flash a target to Brantley.

-Runs with good power when he has the ball in his hands but did not show much wiggle.

73 OT Xavier Nixon*

-Like Thompson we thought Nixon had a quiet game, although as an offensive lineman the less you hear your name said the better.

-They used him early on to cut block at the line to get defenders hands down and out of passing lanes as they worked off ubble screens and quick slants. Nixon was pretty effective on his cut blocks.

-Showed very good awareness on a stunt and properly picked up his man stonewalling him.

-Overall a very good day for Nixon as he was consistently getting the advantage over his man and never really got beat.

-We would like to see him finish his blocks a little more in the running game though.

6 DT Jaye Howard

-Was completely outshined by his Soph linemate Dominique Easley, who was near unblockable at times.

-Howard has a good first step and is able to generate penetration off of it by catching the OG/OC by surprise.

-Utilizes a nice swim move when hitting the B gap and used this to get a big TFL on Poole later in the game.

-Did not show the power necessary to consistently get off blocks and make plays. Against upper echelon caliber OG’s he will struggle to consistently make plays.

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