Film Room Session: Tulsa v. Oklahoma

What did we notice in Landry Jones that has us questioning his #3 ranking?

One of the biggest QB prospects in the entire country was Landry Jones and we wanted to make sure we got a good look at him early in the season to get a barometer for how much he may have grown from last year and what he still needs to work on. What we discovered was a big red flag that has us now questioning his ranking as our #3 QB in 2013.


82 TE James Hanna-6’4, 237

-Struggled to block on the second level but when asked to line up inline and block the man ahead of him he showed the ability to lock on.

-Versatile player who lines up in multiple positions for the Terps.

-Didnt have a lot of opportunities but showed good hands when the ball was thrown his way

-Has deceptive speed and can beat most LB’s asked to cover him one on one.

12 QB Landry Jones 6’4, 230*

-Shows solid mechanics, gets the ball out quickly, does get flat footed at times and fails to step into some throws (Broyles deep ball).

-Shows good coverage recognition post snap, was really effective in v. zone coverage.

-We loved the way he sold the play action pass, really emphasizes the fake and hides the ball well.

-We have questions about Jones arm strength, we think its good enough to make all the throws but when he fails to step into his throws he can short arm them.

-He goes through his progressions well, though he usually only had 1-2 primary reads before he checked down.

-Looked calm and collective while scanning the defense, this was probably the biggest positive change we saw from last year.

-The best throw he made all night was a TD pass to Broyles that he put on Broyles back shoulder, showed us he’s so accurate with the football that he can place it anywhere he wants.

-The big red flag we saw with Jones was how poorly he handles pressure up the middle. When Jones faced pressure coming straight at him he forced throws, threw off his back foot and refused to step into the throw and take a hit. He would throw the ball and immediately look to duck or turn his body to avoid the hit.

-We saw him handle pressure coming from the side just fine, but up the middle he looked panicked and unable to make the proper throw.

59 OT Donald Stephenson 6’5, 303

-Does not block well in space, much better when beng asked to block the man in front of him.

-Sets up quickly, utilizing a wide base and showing the ability to sit and anchor.

-Stays low throughout block and usually wins the leverage battle.

-Saw time at both LT and RT against Tulsa but was more effective at RT, where he dominated DE Cory Dorris.

-On one running play he was able to block Dorris all the way from the line to his sideline.

-Did a good job to ID blitzes coming off his side and got a good chip on a Nickle CB blitz that Jones never saw.

-One big critique we have is that we would like to see him finish his blocks a little bit more.

85 WR Ryan Broyles-5’11, 187

-Was the best player on the field during this game.

-Showed off impressive acceleration and flawless effort in getting in and out his cuts.

-Has the ability to make you miss after he catches the ball, a big time YAC ability.

-Big thing about Broyles is how he always secures the ball before getting up field.

-Broyles shows incredible concentration on the ball, does a good job tracking the deep ball and made a catch even with a defender all over him in this game.

61 OC Ben Habern-6’2, 291*

-A very strong OC who controls at the POA and really moves his man out of the play.

-Shows off good athleticism as he gets to the 2nd level with ease, as well as pulling on running play.

-Sets up very quickly off the snap and keeps his head on a constant swivel.

-Locates extremely well on the 2nd level, once he identify his target he engages and takes them out of the play.

56 DE Ronnell Lewis-6’2, 237*

-Showed off some versatility rushing out of both the 2 point stance and with his hand on the ground.

-Really disappointed us in his lack of strength, and relative lack of pass rush moves short of his speed rush.

-We did not at all like his pursuit effort once Kinnie broke the pocket.

84 DE Frank Alexander-6’3, 257

-Like Lewis he rushed out of both the 2 point stance and with his hand on the ground, was a more effective rusher while standing up.

-Does a good job of watching the QB while on his rush and gets his hands up and into passing lanes

-Shows off a good first step and an effective speed rush (beat Tyler Holmes with it).

-Does a good job staying home on zone read and keeps his feet chopping so he doesn’t get caught flat footed.

-Can drop into coverage but does not look very fluid doing so, he caught a INT off of a Fleming tipped pass.

-Did a very good job of getting off blocks and making plays in the running game.

32 CB Jamell Fleming-5’11, 191

-We were not impressed with his ability to play in press coverage looked more comfortable in off coverage.

-Really transitioned well from his backpedal, was almost impossible to run by.

-Showed good coverage and got a great break on the ball he tipped up for an INT.

-Everytime his WR was targeted, Fleming was there with tight coverage.


4 QB GJ Kinne-6’2, 215

-Was accurate when he rolled out and was able to deliver the ball on the move.

-Seems to have a bit of an elongated delivery that will need to be cleaned up a bit.

-A very athletic QB who will take off with the football and has the moves to make you miss in the open field.

-His completion percentage was very low but he had to throw a lot of passes away due to pressure.

-One area he can help himself in though is by identifying where the pressure is coming from better, he rolled into blitzes on a number of occasions.

-He did a good job or reading the blitz on his 1st TD throw when he was saw Fleming cheating early on a CB blitz and burned the D for a TD.

-Showed very nice touch down the field on a wheel route.

77 OT Matt Romine-6’6, 319

-Notre Dame Transfer

-Has the ability to get to the 2nd level and block but is not fluid doing so.

-Has only average athleticism and at times appears to lumber in his attempts to get out in front of plays to the outside.

-When asked to pass protect he did a fantastic job stonewalling Ronell Lewis all game long.

-He moved his feet well to stick with Lewis’s speed rush and was able to dominate Lewis physically from there.

78 OT Tyler Holmes-6’4, 305

-Was slow getting out of his stance and at times was just overwhelmed by Alexander’s athleticism and strength.

-Made a very poor attempt at a chop block early in the game and caught far more grass than he did of the defender.

-He must do a better job with his kick step and when sliding his feet if he hopes to stay with pass rushers the caliber of Alexander.

-When run blocking he showed good strength and turned the tables on Alexander pancacking him after pushing 5 yards off the line.

32 Curnelius Arnick-6’1, 230

-Was very effective when asked to come off the delayed blitz.

-Showed good instincts on running plays in the middle and effectively filled the hole.

-Arnick always seemed to be involved in the play and was often the player making it.

-He reads running plays very well but got sucked in a couple of times on the Oklahoma play action

-Seems to flow well laterally and we saw a lot of 34 ILB traits in him.

-Known as a player who can deliver a good pop and he brought one on Saturday night to an Oklahoma RB.

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