Film Room Session: UCLA v. Houston

Is Case Keenum a NFL prospect?

What a weekend we had in College Football, thank god its finally back! To us one of the most intriguing story lines this season will be about the quarterbacks. We all know about Andrew Luck but there are a number of other QB’s that we want to see this season and that we know will be of particular interest in Bills Nation.

With that in mind the first QB we wanted to take a look at was Case Keenum of the Houston Cougars. His game v. UCLA was a redemption game as the Bruins ended his season last year due to injury. We wanted to see if Keenum could extract some measure of revenge along with taking a look at a number of other prospects that were on both teams as we go inside the film room.


7 QB Case Keenum-6’2, 210 lbs.

-A system QB who excels in Sumlin’s fast paced air raid system

-Very accurate with the football in the short (0-10 yards) and intermediate zones (10-20 yards)

-Actually surprised us with his arm strength, has more than enough strength to make all the throws

-His deep touch was off, struggled in the wind to find his deeper WR’s

-Still has the athleticism needed to tuck the ball and pick up big first downs

-Makes quick decisions with the football

-Compact mechanics that allow him to get the ball out quickly

-Resets his feet well when forced to move in the pocket

-Really struggles to drop passes in the bucket (passes over the LB but before the S)

-Was the most effective when working sideline routes, showed good timing with his WR’s

-Delivers a catchable ball with room to run

55 ILB Marcus McGraw-6’0, 225

-An undersized prospect who at times really struggled to get off blocks

-Also struggles to pick through traffic and make a play on the ball

-Reacts well to plays as they occur

-Does not show elite level instincts often waiting to see how plays develop before being able to make a play.

-Constantly around the ball

-Is fluid in his lateral movement

-Very much a London Fletcher style LB, doesn’t pop on film but he always puts up numbers

83 WR Patrick Edwards-5’9, 175

-Keenum’s #1 target this year

-Showed reliable hands

-Very quick in and out of his breaks

-Shows good burst in his routes and was able to get UCLA CB Shelden Price completely turned around on a post route

-Has good deep speed

-Very loose hips which allow for change of direction and YAC ability

25 RB Bryce Beall-5’11, 209

-Patient runner who looks to identify the hole

-Does a good job of running with a low pad level

-Has good balance and has the ability to bounce off would be tacklers for extra yardage

-Squares his shoulders well when getting north and south

-Lacks the acceleration that you want to see in order to bust bigger runs

-Accomplished pass catcher who can be a weapon out of the backfield

8 LB Sammy Brown-6’3, 210

-Explosive athlete off the edge, Brown excelled at getting after the QB

-Showed very good quickness on his blitz, often getting across the line well before the OT was fully set-up

-Appears to have added some inside pass rush moves this year in addition to his outside speed rush, with a spin and swim move.

-Explosive hitter who needs to work harder on wrapping up the ball carrier

-Can be blocked rather easily once engaged due to lack of bulk and strength

Other prospects who popped:

RB Michael Haynes-Really shocked up with how hard he ran despite his small stature. He did a good job of always keeping his legs churning and ended up with quite possibly the best run of the weekend as he ran through multiple tackles. Like all of Houston’s RB’s he is also an accomplished pass catcher.

OT Jon Ashcroft-Drew the tough assingment of blocking DE Datone Jones for most of the evening and was extremely successful at it. Showed off good footwork and balance as he routinely stonewalled Jones.

WR Tyon Carrier-Another small WR who is quick as can be and has really worked hard as his craft to become an option in the Houston passing attack.


56 Datone Jones-6’5, 275

-Good athleticism, showed ability to get off the line and utilize a speed rush

-Was unable to generate any pressure off bull rush, appears to lack strength to push the pocket

-Really did see much in terms of a pass rush repetoire from Jones

-Looked frustrated at times but his inability to be Ashcroft and make plays

-Became complacent on drives with the fact that he wasn’t going to get after the QB

83 WR Nelson Rosario-6’5, 219

-Fantastic hands that had some inconsistent moments

-Rosario was able to make a number of spectacular catches on Saturday afternoon but struggled to make a couple of easy catches

-At times appeared to take his eyes off the ball and start thinking about getting up field

-Had the catch of the weekend as he caugh a ball by pinning it to the defenders back

-Must work to limit the mental mistakes

23 RB Johnathan Franklin-5’10, 193

-Really surprised us with not only his speed but his power

-Showed a great burst through the hole as he ran to open air

-Excellent vision in the open field, was able to identify possible cut back lanes

-Seemed to find a second gear in the open field which allowed to him to separate from defenders in pursuit.

-Did a great job of keeping his legs pumping through contact and was able to wiggle his way out of a few tackles and gain extra yards.

8 TE Jospeh Fauria-6’8, 252 lbs.

-Showed off very good speed for a man his size, was able to work the seam route effectively

-Has excellent body control when he leaves his feet to go up for passes

-Does a decent job blocking and using his size to wall off defenders but still needs some technical work.

-Thanks to his size and athleticism Fauria was uncoverable for Houston and really became a big time weapon for the Bruins offense.

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