The Morning After: Bills v. Chiefs


Fred Jackson tore through Kansas City yesterday leading the Bills to a 41-7 victory


What a day it was in Kansas City as the Bills came to town and blew the doors off the Chiefs. Buffalo can leave Missouri with their heads held high as they won a game many pundits, media members, and even fans didn’t think they were going to win. By no means should there be anything more read into this than just one win, but this is a good start, and its everything that the Bills and their fans could of hoped for.

The Good:

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was electric at Arrowhead, he delivered passes on time and with plenty of velocity. Yes some of his throws were a little off but for the most part he was very accurate and made the defense pay for cheating on certain routes. If we can get this Fitzpatrick week in and week out we could challenge to be a playoff team.

RB Fred Jackson must have found the fountain of youth during the NFL Lockout because he looks like a completely different running back. He’s always been a back who wears down defenses and is ok with the 3 and 4 yard gains but on Sunday he was getting those 3 and 4 yards after he was hit. He showed a very impressive burst through the hole and absolutely shocked us with the way he was running. Anybody have any more questions about who this teams starter is at RB?

TE Scott Chandler is that TE we havent had since Jay Rimersma and will be used plenty despite detractors saying Gailey’s scheme doesn’t use a TE. Chandler was everything you could ask for in your TE (though we thought his blocking at times was poor). Did a great job getting open and his first TD grab showed off great awareness to screen the smaller CB in zone coverage. He should be a valuable and consistent weapon all year long.

OT Demetrius Bell is not a player we’ve ever been very high on or that we see as a franchise caliber LT but he made progress on Sunday’s towards changing that opinion. He held up well v. Tamba Hali, and did a great job working with Andy Levitre to open up holes in the running game all game long.

 LB Chris Kelsay is another player we are not the biggest fans of but we have to give credit where its due and on Sunday he was all over the field. He pressured the pocket, he flowed extremely well in the running game and most importantly he was in the right place for the defense finally.

WR Steve Johnson had a day that will allow Bills fans to quickly forget all about Lee Evans. His ability to shake defenders off his routes and get open is huge and his TD catch was a thing of beauty. He adds something this team that it has lacked since the days of Moulds and Price.

The Average:

The Run Blocking was just so-so, and that’s because one side was consistently able to open up holes (Left side) and the other struggled (Right side). Many will point to Jackson’s 100+ yard performance as evidence that the line was doing a good job run blocking, but that’s not what we saw. Jackson’s 100+ came more off of his effort and resurrgence than because of the OL blocking well.

Another place we thought the run blocking really needed to get better was on the 2nd level. We saw a few instances where the lineman would get off their block but fail to either locate or even get to the 2nd level. You have to block through the whistle. That’s how you turn a 6 or 7 yard run into a 20+ yard run.

Needs Improvement:

The pass rush was basically non-existant all game long, which wasn’t a huge issue since Cassel was so bad but against a better QB that will hurt us. Kelsay got some pessure but other than him pressure came from good coverage rather than from good pass rush.

Our defensive backs must tackle better, when Charles got loose he was able to break too many tackles in the 2nd level. This nonsense of hurling your body at a player or just diving at their legs has to stop. Put your helmet into their chest plate, wrap your arms and drive.

Final Thoughts:

Overall this game was a phenomenal start to the season and has renewed confidence both in the fanbase and likely within the team itself. We have some things to work on but no team is perfect after just one week. If we can build on this victory and continue to get better this could finally be the season that we take that step forward that we have all been waiting on.

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  1. NEPD says:

    Scary good game by the Bills.

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