The Morning After: Bills v. Patriots


It truly is time to get excited Bills Nation, this team is without a doubt for real

Hallelujah! Can we get an Amen!?! If anybody said they honestly saw this coming they are lying. Yes plenty of people said the Bills could win this game, and a few experts predicted it, but they would all be lying if at 21-0 New England in the first half they still had those feelings. What a comeback, what a game, and what a team!

The Good:

Chan Gailey-It’s no great secret that we were not big fans of this hire or Gailey’s first season here in Buffalo. He has a tendency to get too cute at times and we were critical of his use of some players in certain roles. However this season has been like night and day and you can’t talk enough about what it means to have a coach and coaching staff that effectively schemes against an opponent and can make actual changes during a game. We are very happy to eat crow and say that Chan should get the game ball for the way he schemed that game.

Ryan Fitzpatrick and Fred Jackson-We’re looping these two in together because its becoming a weekly trend and we want more room to write about other players. Another game, another masterful performance by both these men, and can we please for the love of God please pay Fred Jackson? We think he’s earned it by now.

Steve Johnson-Lee Evans who? Steve Johnson is quickly becoming a #1 WR in the NFL not just because he is making the big catches but because he is doing the little things like working the middle of the field, running strong routes, and contributing in the blocking game. His leadership and on the field tenacity is a breath of fresh air and he’s almost always the first one to step up and protect his teammates no matter how big the defender is.

Donald Jones-You made us look foolish after halftime when we said you weren’t playing like a #2 WR. Well we will again happily eat crow on that, because you also made us look like a genius for what our Scouting Director said about you being the unsung hero in the Patriots Roundtable discussion from earlier in the week. Congratulations go out to Donald Jones for his first career 100 yard game!

Leodis McKelvin-Where the heck has that route undercut been all season long? Picture perfect coverage on that play, read the route, read the QB, and baited the Brady throw. That’s how you play CB in the NFL right there.

Brian Moorman-We don’t know what his per punt average was but he did a great job of doing what he does best, kicking the ball far and high. Terrific hang time allowed our coverage team to get down and hold New England to minimal field position.

The Average:

Defense-We still have issues with coverage, pass rush, and at times with tackling. These can’t be ignored or overlooked. If ever there was going to be a team to punish us for that it would have been the Patriots and we still managed to pull out a win.

The Need Improvement:

We just ended a 15 game losing streak v. the Patriots, we can’t in good conscious call out any player for a poor performance in that game.

Let’s pop a bottle of champagne have a few drinks, enjoy the victory and get ready for Cincinnati next week.

We’ll leave you with the Bills Shout song as it only seems appropriate this morning.

Verse one:

The Bills make me wanna SHOUT!
Kick your heels up and SHOUT!
Throw your hands up and SHOUT!
Throw your head back and SHOUT!

Verse two:

C’mon now the Bills are makin’ it happen now…
Stand up c’mon and shout Yea…..

Chorus one:

Say you will-Shout it right now baby
Say you will-C’mon C’mon
Say you will-And shout
Say you will-Yea…

Verse three:

SHOUT! Buffalo’s happen’ now
SHOUT! We’re on the move now
SHOUT! The Bills are happenin’ now
SHOUT! They’re makin’ it happen now
SHOUT! We’ve got the spirit
SHOUT! A lotta’ spirit, yea
SHOUT! We’ve got the spirit
SHOUT! Just watch it happen now

Chorus two:

Let’s go Buffa-lo…Let’s go Buffa-lo
The Bills make me wanna SHOUT!


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  1. NEPD says:

    That song makes me want to throw things.

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