Top 25-Week 1

Will Boise State fans finally get to see their team get some respect?


Week 1 is in the books and its time for another Top 25, not a ton of movement at the top but plenty of teams caught the attention of our voters.

1.    Oklahoma (4)

After an impressive win over Tulsa, the Sooners stay atop our Top 25, but still are unable to become the unanimous #1.

2.    Alabama (1)

Alabama still doesn’t have an answer at QB but with that defense does anybody think it really matters?

3.    LSU

What else can you say about the LSU after they demolished Oregon this past weekend? They overcame plenty of adversity and will give Alabama a run for the SEC.

4.    Boise State

All they do is win. It doesn’t matter who we put in front of them they roll right through them. Its time Ladies and Gentlemen and you know what we’re talking about.

5.    Stanford

Andrew Luck is back and looks to have not missed a beat, which bodes well for BBD’s pick of Stanford as National Champions.

6.    Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State won their week 1 game pretty easily but there is plenty to be concerned about including Brandon Weeden’s 3 INT’s.

7.    FSU

It seems to be a world of two extremes when it comes to people and the Seminoles. Either you see them doing big things or you see them as overrated, as you can tell by our ranking we see big things.

8.    Arkansas

Arkansas may have had the quietest start to the season of any top 10 team. We’re willing to bet half of us couldn’t even tell you who they played…it was Missouri State, and yes we had to check.

9.    Texas A&M

Texas A&M came into a game v. SMU where they knew they had the entire Big 12 watching, and they proceeded to dominate the team many think will be their B12 replacement.

10.  South Carolina

So anybody else think Steve Spurrier is going to stop messing around with his QB situation and just roll with Garcia? Yes us either, which is why we love this team.

11.  Virginia Tech
No hangover this year as VT comes out and makes statement v. App State. It got so bad we changed the channel and we love FCS football.

12.  Wisconsin

As our friend Michael Felder of In The Bleachers says its “All Russell Wilson Everything” any questions?

13.  Nebraska

Nebraska beat up on Chattanooga pretty handedly but we weren’t that impressed. We still worry about how that option offense is going to hold up against the Big 10.

14.  Michigan State

We are only so-so on Michigan State, and after we watched their performance v. Youngstown State we feel even better about that feeling. Sparty has to show us more and fast.

15.  Mississippi State

600+ yards of total offense…let us specify for you, they put 643 yards of total offense. I don’t care who that is against (Memphis) that’s impressed. Auburn is in a world of trouble.

16.  Ohio State

They did what they were supposed to go against a poor Akron team and as our friend Aaron Torres points out in his Top 25, Luke Fickell scares the crap out of us.

17.  Oregon

Could Oregon have been through a more disappointing two game stretch? They get manhandled physically on both lines and their speed is basically null and void. This was supposed to happen to Boise, not Oregon.

18.  Arizona State

This is a ranking for the entire Sun Devil team but really it could be for just LB Vontaze Burfict, he’s a bad, bad man.

19.  West Virginia

The Dana Hologorsen era didn’t start off as high flying as everyone hoped but Geno Smith looked good and has begun his campaign to put himself on the National map.

20.  Texas

You beat Rice but nobody saw it.

21.  Missouri

Probably one of the shakiest Top 25 teams of all, Missouri did enough to beat Miami (OH) but just barely.

22.  Baylor

If you don’t know who RGIII is after what he did on Friday night then I don’t know what to tell you. You must find a way to watch this kid play.

23.  Florida

Brantley was never a fit in the spread system Urban ran at Florida, enter Muschamp and his pro style and watch how Brantley flourishes this season.

24.  South Florida

This pains us…as Notre Dame fans we don’t consider this game to have actually happened but we give USF the Top 25 ranking. That’s it we aren’t talking about it anymore.

25.  Arizona

Nick Foles must of heard the offseason criticism of his game because he came out throwing darts all over the field. If you thought Tannehill or Cousins was going to run away with the top QB ranking you may want to pump the breaks a bit.

 Other vote getters: USC, Penn State, TCU, Iowa, and Auburn

Dropping out of the top 25: TCU, Georgia, and Notre Dame

 This Top 25 was compiled by a collection of voters who make up the AFC East Draft Sites.

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One Response to “Top 25-Week 1”

  1. Crocketville Gamecock says:

    The Gamecocks offense looked good once Garcia entered the game. Freshman Clowney looked good at DE but the defense is still thin. They’d better figure out how to stop the opponent or its going to be a long season.

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