Film Room Session: Virginia v. Georgia Tech

Chase Minnifield certainly showed off his swagger v. Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech suffered its first loss two weeks ago when they visited Charlottesville. Tech’s triple option offense presents scouting challenges due to its unique scheme and how defenses must defend it, however it can be done. Here is the report on how the prospects for each team faired.

Georgia Tech
17 RB Orwin Smith*
-Had a drop but showed off impressive hands despite that out of the backfield
-Runs with good power
-Keeps his legs churning to pick up extra yards
-Has very good open field vision that allows him to see cut back lanes
-Patient in his running style, Smith  sets up his blocks well

20 RB Roddy Jones
-Speed back
-Jones runs hard and unlike many speed backs he doesn’t waste a lot of time going east and west
-Jones like most of the GT backs has exceptional vision
-What sets Roddy apart is his agility and ability to make you miss in the open field
-He has loose hips which make him difficult to tackle one on one

5 WR Stephen Hill*
-He has phenomenal size
-Had a drop after he couldn’t hold on through a hit
-Hill is a long strider, which could cause separation issues in the NFL
-Really struggled against Minnifield in press coverage
-Didn’t display the strength or technique to beat the press
-Due to the nature of his offense, Hill has developed above average blocking skills, though at his size he could be better

77 OG Omoregie Uzzi*
-Found it odd that with Georgia Tech’s offense it seemed like Uzzi was asked to simply get in the way of defenders on the 1st level and not engage a defender until the 2nd level
-Ineffective when attempting a cut block, dove into ground and not into the defender
-Seemed to struggle to engage blockers on any level
-Athletic enough to get to the 2nd level
-Better blocker on the move than inline
-Maybe be a ZBS only OG at the next level

40 LB Julian Burnett*
-Even though he’s not asked to blitz much he had a very effective delayed blitz in this game that resulted in a sack
-Classic read and react style LB
-Not a fan of his tackling technique, he too often tried to just drag the runner down
-Not aggressive enough when trying to fill holes

33 RB Perry Jones*
-Quick and athletic
-Showed good agility when making a move and lost little to no speed when changing direction
-Really accelerated well and seemed to explode out of the hole and into the 2nd level
-A very sudden athlete who had the ability to make you miss
-Was very slippery when in traffic would duck and dodge around bigger defenders to pick up extra yardage
-Good hands out of the backfield

18 WR Kris Burd
-Solid hands
-Runs strong routes, really fights for the ball
-Above average speed but definitely not elite
-Showed off some good strength working through press coverage from GT CB’s.

72 OT Oday Aboushi*
-Effective cut block on screen pass, chopped DE down and got his hands out of the lane
-Looked raw, doesn’t use his hands well, and needs some technical work
-Doesn’t get consistent arm extension
-Looked athletic, could be an effective pulling OT
-Bends with his knees and does a good job of not getting over extended
-Needs to work on anchoring better, he sets up well but doesn’t have the strength to hold off the power rush

63 OG Austin Pastzor
-Was by far the most effective pulling OG on the team
-Was smooth in his pull and was always out in front of the play
-Displayed very good athleticism
-Does a good job locating targets on the 2nd level
-Blocks extremely well when on the move
-Does a good job of locking on once engaged
-Holds his own at the POA, but struggles to find the strength to consistently move his man

56 DE Cam Johnson
-Did a good job fighting through a chip block to get to the QB and deliver a nice hit
-Has impressive closing speed
-Really is an underrated athlete for a man his size, he moves around very well
-Absolutely destroyed OT Paul Smith on his rush, got great push, disengaged and made a play
-Showed off impressive strength at the POA
-Consistently got push into the backfield which really disrupted the triple option attack

94 DT Matt Conrath
-Was extremely quick off the ball
-Got constant pressure in the backfield by understanding GT’s blocking scheme and shooting the gaps appropriately
-Showed off good backside pursuit
-Does a good job staying low despite his height (6’7)
-Very strong at the POA and GT lineman struggled to even stop him
-He did show a tendency to get too high while engaged and this wasn’t a huge deal against GT’s undersized OL but v. a bigger and more accomplished interior lineman he will be shut down by doing that

13 CB Chase Minnifield
-Did a fantastic job getting off the blocks and making plays
-Did a very good job of wrapping up the backs off the option
-Was key in the pursuit if a reverse he chased all the way across the field
-He became so effective at shedding blocks that Georgia Tech’s WR started holding him
-Displayed great strength and used his size well to dominate the leverage battle
-Dominant press coverage ability, really shut down every WR he tried to press

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