Breaking Down Bills Scouting: Noting Trends

Want to know where and who the Bills are scouting this season? We got you covered!

Welcome to Week 8 and the midway point of the college football season, from here on out things will get very interesting as conference games become all that much more, rivalry games begin to kickoff, and where every week sometimes National title hopes are either one step closer or dashed completely out.

This is the time of year we live for, but it’s also one of the most important times of the year in terms of scouting, and with the Bills on the bye this week there is good chance they will be doing the same review session we plan to do over the course of this next week.

We have been able to confirm that the Bills scouts were either in attendance or expected to attend 21 games thus far this season heading into tonight’s Rutgers v. Louisville game where the Bills are reportedly going to be. They have seen 30 teams play so far this season and have seen a number of teams play 2 or 3 times thus far.

Here is the breakdown of who the Bills scouts have seen thus far this season;

One Game: Murray State, UC Davis, ECU, California, Colorado, Central Michigan, Fresno State, Nebraska, Iowa, Iowa State, Virginia, Rice, Baylor, USC, Auburn, SMU, TCU, Air Force, Notre Dame, Miami, BYU, and Rutgers

Two Games: Arizona State, Kentucky, UCLA, and Arizona

Three Games: Louisville, South Carolina, UNC, and Oregon State

Now some of this may be by coincidence of logistics and scheduling where a scout had to see a team for a second or third time simply because they wanted to see their opponent. However the fact remains that they have seen some of these teams multiple times and that cannot be overlooked or overstated.

As we move forward over the course of the next week in addition to our Film Room Breakdowns, our Prospect Previews and a new article next week on an under the radar QB at a BCS school we will break down each game the Bills scouts have seen and talk about who they were likely targeting and what players stood out.

Before we did that though we wanted to show our readers this breakdown and see if anybody noticed certain trends that stood out before this season began that seem to be holding true in our scouting.

For instance many of us noticed this offseason that we added a number of players from the University of North Carolina. We drafted Johnny White, and Da’Norris Searcy and then signed Zack Pianalto, and Anthony Elzy to come into camp and compete. Well in keeping with that trend the Bills scouts have also already seen UNC play three times this season including last week’s huge matchup with Miami.

Another trend that we noticed is that given both our head coach and general manager’s ties to the south eastern region we have looked at 9 teams in that geographic region, and four of the eight teams we have seen multiple times come from that region. It’s also interesting to note the other four teams are all west coast teams which would make sense given Buddy Nix’s time spent out there from when he was with San Diego.

Now does all this mean that we will definitely be able to deduce who the Bills are targeting coming next April? Not for sure but we feel confident that by following the trends, tracking the meetings and pro-days along with understanding the deficiencies this team still needs to address that we can come pretty darn close to picking the guy before he’s picked.

Also it doesn’t hurt that we have a scouting director who has nailed the Bills first round pick each of the last two years on Coach Sal’s popular Bills Now annual draft podcast.

Stay tuned as we will take a look at who the Bills looked at and what they saw in weeks 1 & 2 later this week.

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4 Responses to “Breaking Down Bills Scouting: Noting Trends”

  1. Tim says:

    I started reading your website this fall and I am impressed with the work you do. Really enjoy your insights and analysis.

  2. Tim says:

    Oregon State Prospects?:
    * Jordan Poyer, CB – 6’0″ 190lbs – Junior (handles kick & punt returns)
    * Mike Remmers, OT – 6’5″ 303lbs – Senior (31 consecutive starts)

    Louisville Prospects?
    * Josh Chichester, TE – 6’7″ 250lbs

  3. Tim says:

    Kentucky Prospects?:
    * Winston Guy, SS – 6’1″ 216lbs (Bryan Scott type? Plays some LB)

    Arizona Prospects?:
    * Nick Foles, QB – 6’6″ 240lbs
    * Juron Criner, WR – 6’4″ 215lbs
    * Robert Golden, CB – 5’11″ 200lbs

    Arizona State Prospects?:
    * Omar Bolden, CB – 5’10″ 195lbs (coming off an ACL)

  4. Tim says:

    Baylor Prospects?:
    * Kendal Wright, WR – (Wes Walker type, plays wildcat)

    Iowa State Prospects?:
    * Leonard Johnson, CB – 5’10″ 200lbs
    * Kelechi Osemele, OL – 6’5″ 347lbs (late 1st or high 2nd rounder?)

    Rice Prospects?:
    * Kyle Martens, Punter – 6’5″ 230lbs

    ECU Prospects?:
    * Lance Lewis, WR – 6’1″ 209lbs
    * Emanuel Davis, CB – 5’10″ 185lbs

    BYU Prospects?:
    * Matt Reynolds, OL – 6’6″ 322lbs (Age 24)

    UC Davis Prospects?:
    * Robert Ayotte, OT – 6’5″ 295lbs

    Virginia Prospects?:
    * Cam Johnson, DE/OLB – 6’3″ 270lbs
    * Chase Minnifield, CB – 6’0″ 185lbs

    Murray State Prospects?:
    * Mike Harris, RB – 5’11″ 200lbs

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