BSN Collegiate Showcase Watchlist

Earlier this year Beyond Sports Network (BSN) announced their intention to put on the BSN Collegiate Showcase. This showcase will be an all-star style event that will involve the best players from around the country at the FCS, DII, DIII, and NAIA levels. In recent years we have seen the interest in small school football rise by leaps and bounds.

Fans are more in tune with the teams and players and this has led to a greater emphasis being put on these players evaluation by NFL teams. What BSN is offering is a chance for those teams, and their fans to see these players all in one setting.

Earlier today the initial watch list was put out that listed 219 players that the BSN Selection Committee are currently looking at and evaluating for this event. No other game or event offers you that kind of inside access.

Furthermore it is BBD’s honor to say that our Editor and Scouting Director, Matthew Elder, is a part of this selection committee and is known for his knowledge and passion in regards to Small School football.

 BSN Collegiate Showcase Watch List

Here are some of the notes BBD Scouting Director Matthew Elder had on some of these players;

-QB Patrick Witt of Yale (FCS) is solid QB with good fundamental, going to need to add some bulk but has the arm to play at the next level.

-DIII RB Levell Coppage (Univ of Wisconsin-Whitewater) is never going to be more than a small scat back but his ability to catch out of the backfield could be the difference between him getting a shot or not.

-DII WR’s Thomas Mayo (Cal. Pa) and WR Derrick Hector (Morehouse) may be the two best WR’s in the country that nobody knows about yet.

-He may be from the NAIA level but Ottawa WR Clarence Anderson knows how to flat out catch the football, he is not one to be overlooked.

-Morehouse OT Jarvis Canty reminds me of a slimmer version of David Mims from last year.

-I really like the potential of DII DT’s Charles Deas (Shaw), Randy Colling (Gannon), and Caesar Burton (Virginia Union) as pure 34 NT’s.

-ILB Kadarron Anderson (FCS) absolutely flies to the ball and his Furman teammate CB Ryan Steed is a going to be a fast riser on some team’s boards.

All of these players along with many more will continue to be evaluated through this season before invitations go out. 

To learn more about the event click here.


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