Film Room Session: Baylor v. Texas A&M

QB Ryan Tannehill showed us all why he deserved to be BBD's #1 2012

In what was one of the more highly anticipated matchups of the year Robert Griffin III and his Baylor Bears traveled to Texas A&M to take on Ryan Tannehill and his Aggies. In the end it was Tannehill who emerged by putting up big numbers and executing consistently. Here are how the prospects faired:


10 QB Robert Griffin III-6’2, 220 lbs.*

-Amazing athleticism, he hurdled Judie

-Just missed Wright on a go pattern down the sideline, slightly overthrown

-Still struggles with footwork when throwing the bubble screen will lose accuracy and let it get high

-Showed off an effective roll out to his right, kept his eyes down the field, squared his shoulders, and delivered an accurate ball

-Went through two reads and then checked down

-Read blitz of zone read and hit wide open TE

-Quick release, amongst the fastest in the country

-Has the arm strength and accuracy to effectively needle the ball into tight coverage like on his TD throw to Wright

-When he escapes the pocket he keeps his eyes down the field and is patient before taking off

-Taking a decent amount of snaps from under center as opposed to all shotgun

24 RB Terrance Ganaway-6’0, 240 lbs.

-Making the majority of the sideline adjustment relays to the offensive line

-Power style of running

-Runs too high at times, ineffective when lowering his shoulder

-Looks hesitant when a hole doesn’t materialize, needs to blow through the line

-Decent blocker but doesn’t set up with a balanced base

1 WR Kendall Wright-5’10, 190 lbs.

-Quick, smooth, and athletic

-Makes moves in the open field look effortless

-Loses almost no speed when changing directions

-Usually has reliable hands but had a drop in this game

-On the Griffin overthrow he beat Judie one on one with a cushion

2 WR Terrance Williams-6’3, 190 lbs.*

-Quickly became RGIII’s favorite target on the day

-Did a good job flashing open v. zone coverage, recognizing holes in coverage

-Worked back to QB once Griffin broke the pocket

-Reliable hands

-Uses his size well to box out defenders

79 OG Robert T. Griffin-6’6, 335 lbs.

-Was getting beat with consistency by Eddie on the inside

-Looked flat footed and unathletic

-Was slow out of his stance and struggled to redirect blitzers

-Was getting minimal push against smaller defenders in the running game

74 OC Phillip Blake-6’2, 315 lbs.

-Looks stronger this year, was holding up well at the POA

-Didn’t have much of a test against a big 34 NT

-Athletic enough to get to the 2nd level and seemed to identify blocks well

-Was one of the only lineman who had the awareness to ID blitzers pre-snap

-Snaps his head up quickly off the ball

78 OT Ivory Wade-6’3, 300 lbs*

-Rather poor game for the RT as he was beat by multiple Aggies and hung Griffin out to dry more than a few times

-Got completely confused by a zone blitz package and let a defender get by him without being touched

-Struggled to stay with speed rushers

-Kick step was slow

-Ineffective punch

-Needs to get stronger at POA.

90 NT Nicolas Jean-Baptiste-6’2, 335 lbs.

-Good strength at the POA, did a good job holding his ground

-Washed down the line effectively

-Struggled to collapse the pocket

-At times was blockable 1 on 1

-Has some potential as a developmental project

Texas A&M-

17 QB Ryan Tannehill-6’4, 219 lbs.

-Looked comfortable rolling right but not left

-Delivers an accurate ball when on the move

-Didn’t properly set feet and made a poor throw on a post that was almost picked off

-Made a very poor decision on his INT, threw short pass to RB in lots of traffic

-Showed off some athleticism on a PA bootleg where he picked up a first down

-Threw a very nice out route to the opposite side of the field, showed plenty of arm strength

-Would like to see him try harder to sell the PA

-When under center he is not reading the defense very well, failing to ID blitzers

32 RB Cyrus Gray-5’10, 198 lbs.

-Seemed to be playing the second fiddle role to Michael in this game

-Shows good athleticism but not seeing the burst we know he has

-Needs to show more of a willingness to pick those tough yards that Michael consistently gets

-A disappointing game for Gray v. a defense he should have had big numbers against

33 RB Christian Michael-5’11, 215 lbs.*

-Hits the hole hard

-Didn’t show much in term of wiggle in his hips to make you miss

-Showed off enough burst to get to the outside and turn the corner

-At his best when asked to make one cut and get north and south

-Does a good job lowering his shoulder and delivering the blow to the defender

8 WR Jeff Fuller-6’4, 215 lbs.

-Good hands

-Smooth athlete who is at his best when allowed to work down the field

-Does a good job watching the ball in

-Has enough athleticism to make defenders miss

-Coming off injury and was not a dominant as we have seen in the past

-We have questions about his deep speed and ability to separate at the next level

25 WR Ryan Swope-6’0, 204 lbs.*

-Very effective double move for a TD

-Runs good routes

-Strong hands

-Not afraid to lay out or give full extension to bring a ball in

-Underrated athleticism

83 DE Tony Jerod-Eddie-6’5, 301 lbs.

-Very powerful DE

-Was getting good push against OL

-Showed off his athleticism utilizing a swim move to come from the DE spot and get into the A gap

-Was a big part of helping to stuff the run game and gave the OT’s more than they could handle in the passing game freeing up space for his LB’s

-Appears to have found a new level to his game this season

10 LB Sean Porter-6’2, 230 lbs.*

-Athletic LB who will be flying under the radar no more

-Fluid athlete who can change direction quickly and utilizes that on the rush

-Sets up an inside stutter step move with his speed rush to get the OT cheating to the outside

-Does a good job exploding off the ball

-Not sure if he has the same caliber athleticism as Von Miller or Vontaze Burfict but he’s not far behind

-Want him to become more of a factor in run support

-Struggles to locate the ball after its handed off

-Too quick to crash the edge v. zone read

 5 CB Coydell Judie-5’11, 188 lbs.

-Got beat a few times over the top when given one on one coverage

-Must do a better job of wrapping up when coming up in run support

-Had solid coverage v. Williams on TD pass but needs to show the speed to stay in the WR hip pocket

-Got completely burned by Wright despite a five yard cushion and Judie being halfway between his sprint and backpedal

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