Film Room Session: BYU v. San Jose State

OT Matt Reynolds has been a prospect of hot dicussion is he an OT or OG in the NFL?

Any time you go into Provo you are asking for your team to overcome a lot to escape with a win and on this night the Spartans just could not pull it off. BYU was all over them from the early stages and really seemed energized by the insertion of new QB Riley Nelson to the lineup. A dominant game all night for the Cougars who pick up a much needed win to get a little momentum going.
San Jose State-

82 TE Ryan Otten (6’5, 230 lbs.)*
-Split out into slot when on the field
-Not overly athletic but very soft and consistent hands
-Understands coverages and flashes open at their weak points right where the QB needs him
-Limited YAC ability

76 OT David Quessenberry (6’6, 290 lbs.)*
-Good push on Run Block
-Choose not to engage DE at POA, instead wanted to get to 2nd level and play was made by DE
-Not very good blocking while on the move
-Recognized CB blitz off his side and was able to get back fast enough to attempt a cut block

43 DE Travis Johnson (6’3, 235 lbs.)*
-Seems frustrated by Reynolds blocking, unable to get any pressure.
-Trying to beat Reynolds with his speed rush but he lacks the necessary burst off the line
-Has gotten absolutely no pressure today.
-Does a good job avoiding the cut block to get a hit on Nelson.

81 FS James Orth (6’2, 190 lbs.)*
-Converted WR whose still raw in his tackling, going too high and more of a drag down tackler
-Does a good job reading the QB’s eyes but will float towards where the QB is looking, this leads us to believe he can be looked off by veteran QB’s.
-Got a gift of an INT, with Nelson over throw of the WR, good concentration to bring the INT in after it got tipped.

2 SS Duke Ihenacho (6’1, 210 lbs.)
-Flowed well on QB rollout, plenty of film study done on Nelson’s ability to run
-Delivered big blow to Nelson
-Needs to wrap up more consistently
-Was forced to provide lots of help for his CB’s and that kept him out of a lot of plays

70 OT Matt Reynolds (6’4, 316 lbs.)
-Locks on well
-Generates minimal push, lacks power to blow defender off line
-Athletic enough to get to second level and make blocks
-Struggles with his quickness
-Not fluid enough moving laterally to stay with speed rushers
-Does not use proper technique when trying to cut block
-Showed poor awareness on stunt and got stuck blocking air
-Still see him only as an OG in the NFL who will pull and be effective on screens and traps

76 OG Branden Hansen- (6’6, 310 lbs.)
-Good 2nd level cut block on screen pass
-Not very athletic
-Good strength
-Gets under the DT’s pads and forces him up

75 OT Braden Brown (6’6, 300 lbs.)
-Engulfing smaller DE
-Does a good job staying low and clearing out DE on short distance rush
-Very strong at POA
-Gets too tall at times, but uses his strength to compensate.

91 DT Hebron Fangupo (6’1, 300 lbs.)
-Slow off the snap, shows no fire
-Good power, giving up no ground at the POA
-Solid 5 tech prospect who will need some developmental time

25 CB Corby Eason (5’8, 180 lbs.)
-Great jump on ball
-Too aggressive, got flagged for PI
-Got beat deep by WR but incomplete

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