Film Room Session: Chattanooga v. Georgia Southern

QB Jaybo Shaw lead the Eagles to a narrow victory over the Mocs

Any time you are able to push the #1 team in the country to the brink it’s a very impressive game, whats more impressive is that the Mocs did it without their star QB in BJ Coleman. Coleman whose injury early in this game gave way to RS Freshman Terrell Robinson and he lit a spark under this team. They ended scoring a TD to draw within one point late in the 4th Quarter but on the road Coach Huesman decided to go for two and the win. The conversion failed and the Eagles escaped to hold on to the #1 spot in the country. Here’s a breakdown of how the prospects faired:


QB BJ Coleman (6’5, 220 lbs.)

-Was accurate with his underneath throws but really struggled to hit his reads in the intermediate zone

-Was injured in the 1st Quarter and did not return, reports said it was a shoulder injury

WR Joel Bradford (6’0, 175 lbs.)

-Effective WR who works the underneath zone extremely well

-He does a good job looking the ball in and securing it before he start upfield

-Very quick in and out of his cuts, allows him to get separation on the field

-Does not seem to possess the breakaway speed that some categorized him as having

-Looks smaller than his listed height and weight

-Does not offer much in terms of make you miss, he adds YAC by running to space and outrunning slower defenders at his level

S Jordan Tippitt (6’0, 205 lbs.)

-Made a couple of TD saving tackles in this game on the dive play

-Did a good job staying home due to the unpredictability of the Triple Option attack

-Was steady in the back end and was not caught out of position

-Went high on JJ Wilcox TD reception and missed the tackle allowing him to score

LB Ryan Consiglio (6’1, 215 lbs.)

-Was all over the field from the first snap on Saturday

-Was effective in plugging the gaps on the dive plays in the 1st half

-Strung out a number of option plays where he made Jaybo pitch the ball well after he wanted to

-Strong tackler who wrapped well

-Got sucked in when Southern went to pass because of their triple option look, he does not have the speed to recover from false steps

DE Joshua Williams (6’2, 235 lbs.)*

-Held the edge well v. Southern, but did get off his block consistently enough to make a pla

-Showed good pursuit on the running plays after they broke the line of scrimmage

-Solid discipline to stay home when left unblocked, showed good film study to know that Southern will run misdirection and reverses off their option

Georgia Southern-

QB Jaybo Shaw (6’0, 200 lbs.)

-Really showed a fantastic grasp of the option offense, he rarely made an incorrect read

-Was a very solid athlete who had enough burst to outrun the lineman and turn the corner on the defense

-Stiff in the hips, he offers very little in terms of ability to make defenders miss

-He is not a very impressive passer, ball often came out wobbly and off target

-Did show an effectiveness to hit players in the middle of the field but that often occurred once Consiglio was sucked in thinking it was a run

-Not an NFL QB at all

RB JJ Wilcox (6’0, 215 lbs.)*

-Was the 2nd most impressive prospect we saw on the day

-Only gets limited touches per game but very effective at making plays happen when he has the ball in his hands

-Not very explosive out of his stance, questions linger about his acceleration

-Powerful runner who runs through contact and stays low

-Knows how to get skinny through the hole

-Churns his legs throughout contact and is able to continually fall forward

-Broke three tackles on his TD catch as the UTC defenders all went high and Wilcox stayed low

-Could be a sleeper 2013 prospect that not many will know about due to his limited touches

DT Brent Russell (6’2, 291 lbs.)*

-Was a monster to try and block all game

-Showed off an impressive swim move that would give most FBS interior lineman trouble

-Was powerful enough to take on multiple blockers at the POA

-Also showed off good quickness and snap anticipation as he shot the A gap and got into the backfield

-Doesn’t offer much in terms of pursuit but does wash down the line effectively

-By far the most impressive prospect of the day and considered to be one of the top small school players in the country

LB Josh Rowe (5’11, 219 lbs.)*

-An effective tackler whose role changed when Coleman went out and Robinson came in

-Had to switch from dropping into coverage to playing more spy with Robinson’s ability to take off and make big plays with his feat

-Really attacked the line of scrimmage aggressively, was not afraid to get after plays

-Did a good job shooting gaps on delayed blitzes and was effective putting pressure on Robinson

-A typical read and react style LB who fills holes and anticipates extremely well.

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