Film Room Session: UNC v. Miami

QB Jacory Harris is putting himself back on NFL radars

After a very rough offseason and opening to the season Miami is finally back and they are looking to make a statement. This defense is extremely good and Jacory Harris looks like a new QB this year. Below is the report on how each prospect did.

83 WR Dwight Jones
-Works back to his QB
-Strong hands
-Does a good job of flashing a big target to the QB when working in zone coverage
-Used his body very well to shield the defender on his TD catch
-He has deceptive athleticism, he never looks like he’s running that fast but he’s getting by defenders
-He’s not extremely quick but he does show off good agility when trying to change direction and he has some suddenness to his movement.

90 DE Quinton Coples
-Quick off the ball
-Strong rip move
-Forced pitch back inside after beating his block (TE)
-Disengaged and drew a hold
-Double teamed
-Went extra wide on his split out to take the quickest angle to the QB, was 3-5 yards out from the DT
-Unimpressive swim move, was mostly ineffective and he used it only when he was winded
-After getting some pressure, he saw a triple team of the OT, TE, and RB all helping to block him
-Again drew a hold after blowing by Washington
-By far the best game of his season 

91 DT Tydreke Powell
-Sudden burst off the ball, but its not consistent
-Giving Miami OG’s lots of trouble with his quickness
-Strong enough to hold the POA but he’s not getting much push on the pocket
-Did a good job of plugging the middle, it won’t show on the stat sheet but he’s had a big hand in controlling Lamar Miller 

47 LB Zach Brown
-Injured early but came back into the game
-Showed off impressive speed and athleticism as he raced all over the field
-Questionable instincts, we don’t think he recognizes plays as well as other LB’s
-Can get too aggressive at times and will over pursue
-Had a great hustle play when tracking down QB Jacory Harris on a broken scramble
-Love the intensity he plays with but he needs coaching on the mental aspect of the game.

12 QB Jacory Harris
-Forcing ball far less, seems comfortable with check down
-Needs more air under the fade route
-Plenty of arm
-Getting rid of the ball quickly
-Very accurate with the football early
-Rolling out effectively to both his left and right
-Looked uncoordinated and choppy on his three step drop and throw, you could tell he was rushing it
-Loved the way he recognized his WR’s giving him room down the sideline and he threw it so that only they could get it, appeared as though this was done by design in practice
-In the second half he started telegraphing his targets when he rolled out and the UNC LB’s started getting their hands on the ball
-Bobbled a shotgun snap
-Showed great pocket presence and composure, trusted his OL to hold blocks while he stood and surveyed
-Looked like a more mature QB, seems to have embraced the pro style offense

6 RB Lamar Miller**
-Loose hips
-Gets skinny in the hole
-Very good vision
-Very powerful runner
-He never stops churning his legs and will break through arm tackles
-Falls forward
-Great balance, he took on a big hit from Reddick and stayed up

3 WR Travis Benjamin
-Great COD
-Versatile, been used four different ways in 1st quarter alone
-Destroyed Charles Brown on a deep route
-Great adjustment near sideline to come off go route and adjust to fade throw
-Great concentration, does a good job looking the ball all the way in
-Still very small, got drilled by Brown on a screen pass

8 WR Tommy Streeter*
-Ran right by defense on double PA TD pass
-Strong hands
-Good double move on post
-Showed off the ability to adjust to the ball when it’s in the air
-Impressive body control
-His acceleration is a little slow but he can separate when at top speed

97 DT Adewala Ojomo*
-Hits A gap well, gained solid penetration
-Saw some time flexed out as a 34 DE, set the edge well
-Lacks the power to generate a consistent rush into the pocket
-When he times his jump right he can split double teams, got a sack off of this
-He doesn’t use his hands very well and struggles to disengage
-Ojomo is still trying to get by on just athleticism, his technique is very raw and under developed

54 DT Micanor Regis
-Strong at POA
-Good speed
-Consistently beat his man off the snap and was able to gain penetration
-Did a good job using his power to split the A gap once he beat his man
-Very impressive strength did a good job plugging up the middle
-Doesn’t shed well, a couple of time Bernard ran right by him while engaged

31 LB Sean Spence
-Filled hole but needs to finish the attack and make the tackle
-Was inconsistent on his wrap, allowed RB to fall forward for more yardage too often
-Very athletic
-Smooth in his drops and lateral movement
-Has a very good understanding of zone coverage, reads the QB eyes well, mirrors his movement, and feels players enter his zone
-Lacks the strength to take on blockers at the POA
-His lack of size is clearly going to be an issue he will have to overcome at the next level, needs to get lower on his tackles and drive through the hips

7 S Vaugh Telemaque*
-Good read on screen pass
-Wraps well in the open field, a very consistent tackler
-Went for INT on jump ball late in the first half, needs to knock it down
-Was unimpressive as an in the box S, was mauled at POA by FB and taken completely out of the play
-Excellent spy on Renner near the goalline, did a good job mirroring his roll and giving him no chance to run for a score

26 S Ray Ray Armstrong*
-Was very impressive coming off a delayed blitz
-Solid tackler who seems to be around the ball all the time
-Has very good awareness to read the play as it develops
-Shot the gap to beat RB and OL to the spot on an outside run near the goal line
-Very fast and athletic, a remarkable athlete
-Great size and speed combination really made a difference after not starting the game

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