Film Room Session: Washington v. Utah

RB Chris Polk was a dominant force v. Utah

In a game that was turnover riddled the Huskies were able to control the ball and really wear down the Utes with RB Chris Polk. We were excited to see both offenses in action but disappointed in some of the key players performances.


1 RB Chris Polk*
-Has the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield
-Runs hard, keeps his legs churning through contact and breaks arm tackles
-Has impressive speed for a back his size
-Shows good vision in the open field, sets up his blocks, and makes cuts that pick up extra yards
-Gets low through the hole, does a good job lowering his shoulder and delivering the blow
-Very smart runner, rarely takes a big hit
-Easily one of the most complete and top backs in the 2013 class

15 WR Jermaine Kearse
-Had three drops in this game
-Took his eyes off the ball and started to look upfield before the he had secured the ball
-Showed off soft natural rands when he concentrates
-Went down and got a low throw
-Did a great job making a catch and the making a defender miss on his way to a TD
-Has plenty of athletic ability as he tightroped the sideline for his TD

3 WR James Johnson*
-Has good strong hands, caught a pass while elevated and held on despite taking a big hit
-Runs hard after the catch, effective on bubble screen
-Is a really big target who uses his body well
-Strong player who took over the starting spot from a senior
-May be a more reliable but less explosive option than Kearse

56 OT Senio Kelemete
-Gets to the 2nd leve really well
-Completely ineffective when asked to cut block, simply throws himself into the ground
-Also ineffective when asked to block on the move, does not get his hands on the defender, only screens hem
-Gets a great kick step off the snap and easily runs speed rushers out of the play
-Very athletic and was used to consistently pull and trap
-Not strong enough at the POA, had trouble moving his man once he was engaged

74 DT Alameda Ta’amu
-Is aware of how the play is developing and does a good job getting his hands up and trying to bat down passes
-Athletic guy for his size, was used on the inside move on a lot of stunts and twists
-Doesn’t offer much change of direction ability and really struggles to get down the line and make plays on outside runs
-Has more than enough strength to handle the double team
-Did a good job giving chase to Jordan Wynn after he beat his block
-When left one on one with a blocker he routinely won the battle

31 LB Cort Dennison
-Is an all-out player who was constantly moving and making tackles in pursuit
-Has questionable range as Utah was able to run outside of him utilizing sweeps
-Wraps up well
-Ineffective as a blitzer, looked too hesitant
-Struggled to disengage from blocks and fight through traffic
-Limited athlete who looked slow to react on counter plays

6 CB Desmond Trufant*
-Got beat deep by Devonte Christopher despite solid coverage, needs to learn to turn his head and locate the ball sooner
-Has poor press coverage technique, too quick to bail
-Read a throw back screen pass and blew it up in the backfield
-Solid tackler in the open field
-Took two bad penalties (fair catch interference, and defensive pass interference)
-Recovered a fumble

15 RB John White*
-Has good speed, was able to turn the corner consistently
-Goes down too easily and is unable to run through contact
-Most effective running inside when coming off misdirection or counter
-Solid hands when asked to catch the ball

10 WR Devonte Christopher*
-Had great concentration on a deep ball
-Tracks the ball well over his shoulder, and made the catch despite solid coverage by Trufant
-Very good hands, very reliable
-Pushed off on a deep ball that fell incomplete, got away with offensive pass interference
-A possible slot WR in the NFL, a key third down WR who runs routes to the sticks

89 TE Dallin Rogers
-Was Utah’s most effective offensive weapon
-Soft natural hands that allowed him to make catches out away from his body
-Was decent at blocking but played with poor leverage
-Does a good job of feeling for the soft spot and sitting down in it
-Not very athletic and will struggle to seperate one on one
-Was destroying the Washington zone throughout the game

77 OT John Cullen
-Asked to crash down on DT a lot, leaving DE wide open to rush the QB
-Beat by a speed rush pretty cleanly
-Waist bender who can get over extended when sliding
-Locks on well in run blocking
-Very strong, will run you right out of the play once he locks his arms out
-Finishes his blocks with tenacity
-Took a bad false start penalty on 4th and 1

90 DE Derrick Shelby
-Active hands, uses them well to keep tackles off his body
-Has a decent speed move
-Comes off the ball with some quickness
-Split double team with a pretty swim move that led to a sack
-Closes on the QB very quickly
-Very effective with his inside pass rush moves
-Sets up the OT well with a combination of outside speed rushes and inside power moves

92 DT Star Lotuleli
-Didn’t do much to push the pocket consistently
-Strong at the POA as he was able to take oin double teams
-Impressive awareness as he read a PA screen pass to the RB and chased it down in coverage
-Was really trying to key on snap anticipation and when he guessed right he came off the ball like a freight train

32 LB Chaz Walker
-Was decent at fighting through blocks
-Reads plays exceptionally well and was able to fill holes quickly
-Wraps up well, but had a tendency to dive at a players legs too often

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