Open Thread: Mock Draft

Who wants him bad enough to Suck for Luck?

Make sure you check out our latest Mock Draft and then come back here to tell us what you think!

Did we drop Blackmon to low?

Whose going to win the Suck for Luck sweepstakes?

Who did we miss on?

Who is your team going to pick?

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10 Responses to “Open Thread: Mock Draft”

  1. NEPD says:

    I love the DE / S combination for the Patriots.

  2. Phil says:

    one safety won’t cut it. i would like robert lester and teammate mark barron…already have chemistry. but i don’t want to spend the first 2 picks on two safety’s

    • Matt Elder says:

      When we add a second round, we may consider that. But the Pats starting two rookie S’s doesn’t seem very New England to us.

  3. william says:

    dont think the jags would go with Floyd and all his character concerns. i would say Blackmon would be the better choice as a wr

    • Matt Elder says:

      You dont think Blackmon’s issues are as bad if not worse than Floyd’s? Floyd’s are off the field but the stunt Blackmon pulled to me is worse.

      • william says:

        i personally think Blackmon is the better wr than FLoyd. but i personally prefer jeffery to both of them. far as i know Blackmons only lil blemish was the DUI which he got arrested for because state law in texas says if ur under 21 u get arrested regardless of how much u drink.

        some other choices that make some good sense would be a T like Johnathan Martin as we have been having bad play IMO at RT. we are starting guy whimper there with Eben Britton at lg. i think we can keep Britton at guard to make the line better and have martin take over whimpers job and give Gabbert some time to throw. the biggest issue from wat i saw is that our o-line seems to struggle on blitz pickup which is why gabbert had some crappy numbers vs the saints.

        another guy would be a DE but i dont see any that might be worth it but a guy like Melvin ingram could be the pick because gene does tend to pull a suprise pick.

        another choice would be a CB. im personally a big fan of chase minnifield and i believe Gene would love him especially with his Very Nice off the field record.

  4. D Hawk says:

    The Good:
    *The 49ers taking Mark Barron
    *Baltimore taking Dont’a Hightower

    The Questionable:
    *Jared Crick falling to spot 32
    *Colts not taking a QB
    *Reiff going ahead of Kalil

    The Bad:
    *Landry Jones falling to 17
    *Seattle taking the over-hyped Dre Kirkpatrick…he doesn’t have the cover skills and would be best served at FS in the NFL.
    *Rams taking Coples…especially that high. He’s not looking like a top-five pick and in addition to Quinn they have Chris Long.
    *STL not taking a WR.
    *I like PHI taking Burfict, but how do they end up with a top-10 pick? They will rebound.
    *Michael Floyd could have too many issues to be a top-10 pick.

    The “are you kidding me” ugly:
    *Buffalo picking at spot 31.
    *Stephon Gilmore, Cliff Harris, Jerel Worthy, Alameda Ta’amu, Manti Te’o and Luke Keuchly not being taken in the 1st Round
    *Seattle not taking Jones or RGIII…neither is a reach there and there is no way Seattle takes a so-so CB that will be a FS in the NFL over a franchise QB. Sorry – that is terrible.

    • Matt Elder says:

      -Crick has not had the year many assumed he would have, his stock is definitely in question to some degree.
      -Peyton isn’t done yet, if he comes back I dont think they will take a QB that early.
      -Reiff over Kalil and its not close for me.
      -Not a fan of Landry he’s 4th amongst Jr QB’s
      -Completely disagree on Kirkpatrick, see our ARK-ALA game notes
      -Agreed he isn’t looking the part now but we want to wait a couple of weeks before we drop him. Also don’t forget Spags is a D coach.
      -The draft order is based on current standings
      -Disagree, in the end for players like Floyd all you have to do is produce
      -Addressed the Bills picking position already
      -No thanks on those guys in Round 1. Just watched Ta’amu good 2nd Rounder but not in Round 1.
      -They could take a QB, but they gave money to TJax, and they really like Josh Portis behind TJax so Im not sold on them going QB unless its Luck.
      -Finally thank you for the good points

      I think I hit on all your points. If I missed any let me know.

  5. Mike J says:

    I don’t know that Tampa will go FS. They actually like Grimm;he just keeps getting hurt.
    Blackmon, he has some real strengths, but he is not a deep threat and I doubt he will go top 10.

  6. rdf63 says:

    Pats 2012 picks
    1. LB – Zach Brown – UNC
    1. DE/OLB – Courtney Upshaw – Alabama
    2. DT – Jerrell Worthy-Michigan State
    2. DE – Vinny Curry-Marshall or Melvin Ingram – SC
    3. S – Mark Barron-Alabama or T.J. McDonald- S-USC

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