The Morning After: Bills v. Bengals


Marcell Dareus has been one of the Bills biggest bright spots this season

We know this feeling all too well Bills Nation. Like many of you across the country we woke up this morning with an uneasy nauseas feeling in our stomachs as we set out to write this piece. What an ugly game this was and as we said on Twitter, we played down to our opponent yesterday afternoon. I know the Bengals won the game and we give them all the credit but they are not the better team at this point.

The Good:

DB Bryan Scott-We want to commend Scott for the way that he has played not only as a safety but in the Nickel package as a weak-side LB. He has been key in dropping into zone coverage and really taking away part of the field. He was rewarded on Sunday with a big INT return and has been stellar almost all season. Outside of Chris Kelsay he may be our second best LB. Did we just say that?

P Brian Moorman-High and Far, that’s all we really need to say about Moorman. A 51.6 yard average on his punts, and a long of 65 show that he is finally back to his old self. His leg helped make Cincinnati start deep in their own end. Unfortunately our defense could do little with that field position advantage.

DE Marcell Dareus-What can you say about rookie DE? He’s been an absolutely dominant beast all year long and has already made us look good for taking him. He’s our most talented defensive player by far and has been the key in making our run defense much improved. He also passed Aaron Maybin yesterday for career sacks as Bill!

The Average:

S George Wilson-Wilson led the team in tackles and added an INT, but he’s still getting beat in coverage too often and is getting looked off routes by the QB. He needs to show more discipline and awareness in his coverage.

Needs Improvement:

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick-Where did the old Fitzy go? Yes it was only one game but the total reversal in his play was disturbing to say the least. He was inaccurate with the football, stared down WR’s and was not effective in his distribution. Where did his looks at Scott Chandler and David Nelson go?

CB Leodis McKelvin-Anybody who knew us back during the 2008 draft knew how much we liked CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie coming out as compared to McKelvin. Is there any question as to why anymore? McKelvin is getting burnt at a disturbing frequency and his athletic ability does not appear to be enough to make up for his mental mistakes.

DT Kyle Williams-Last year this guy was by far our MVP, and this year he’s been barely noticeable. His quickness looks gone and he was never the DT who could generate the necessary power to win the battle at the POA. We all thought that by adding Dareus, Williams would get even better, so far that’s not happening.

LB Shawne Merriman-First off congrats on your first sack, now how about getting a few more and becoming some kind of a force in the run defense? To be fair we don’t think Merriman is at full strength and we don’t see that burst off the edge that he used to have. However we signed him to be a pass rush threat and thus far he has produced minimal results.

Finally we want to talk about some fans insistence that bad calls lost us the game or that there is some kind of a conspiracy against our Bills in Vegas. In football it is never a bad call that loses you a game, there are always things that had you executed better could have won you a game.

In short as a team you should never be in a position that one call will cost you a game. Yes we think the Steve Johnson call was garbage, and we think it could have been the difference, but the fact is it never should have mattered.

We had a 14 point half time lead and we blew it, plain and simple that’s why we lost, not because of some call.

Furthermore the idea that somehow the fix was in because Vegas won big on this game is even more ridiculous. Vegas is Vegas because they consistently win games, the house is supposed to win more times than not and they set the odds for that purpose.

The guys who do this are good and that’s how they keep making money. Those mammoth casinos aren’t paid for with IOU’s.

We got beat, the end.

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3 Responses to “The Morning After: Bills v. Bengals”

  1. NEPD says:

    I guess you still own the tiebreaker over the Patriots, so you’ve got that going for you. This Bills team is going to be feisty all year long.

  2. JASON S SIMPSON says:

    The Bengals took us out of are game plan. Lets hope every team falls asleepin their film room. But I have said we are a 8-8 team. We have to get more out of Spiller. Our Safetys play is sub par.

  3. JASON S SIMPSON says:

    AKA SImpson5631

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