The Morning After: Bills v. Eagles


Bills S George Wilson certainly came to play on Sunday v. the Eagles

Well we’ve had the comeback, we’ve had the dominating victory, so we suppose it was time have the heart attack win where we barely hold on. This was a tale of two halves, in the first half the Bills were dominant. They forced the issue both offensively and defensively and controlled the line of scrimmage.

In the second half we went into a shell offensively during a good chunk of the thrid quarter, our defense stopped blitzing and we were bleeding away points at every turn. Thankfully we held on for the victory and the bounces are still going our way.

The Good:

SS George Wilson-We said it during the game yesterday but he played the game of his career against the Eagles. Not only was he very good in coverage the whole game (which has been suspect at times) he was active both in the box and in the open field making tackles in run support. Wilson played like a man possessed and that’s exactly the kind of inspired effort we needed coming into this pivotal game.

The important thing to note about Wilson’s play that will likely be overlooked are not just his tackles but the way he made them. These were not drag down tackles where the ball carrier got extra yardage after the hit, they were tackles were he stopped forward progress and then brought the ball carrier to the turf.

ILB Nick Barnett-Barnett came up big last week in terms of his number of tackles but this week it was his ability to drop into coverage and make plays in the passing game. Barnett’s pick six in the 2nd Quarter couldn’t of come at a better time and seeing him leap into the stands was priceless. Barnett has done a good job of filling holes at his ILB spot and has been a huge upgrade over Poz.

RB Fred Jackson-What more can be said about this guy? He’s the unquestioned leader of this offense, he is the most consistent weapon we have, and will somebody please for the love of God pay him!!


The Average:

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick-After starting off the season red hot, Fitzpatrick has been relatively average. He had only four incompletions yesterday so some will claim that we are nitpicking but the game plan we called was very vanilla. Most of his passes were set for under 10 yards and the completions were low risk ones. His INT was about as poor a read as a QB can make, and he appeared to not even be looking down the field. Another thing we found odd yesterday was in the 2nd half when PHI loaded the box and was keying on Jackson and the screen passes he would not check out of the play. Now does he have that authority? That we don’t know, but we’d be curious to find out.

OT Chris Hairston-For a rookie he had a very good debut game, his run blocking was as good as advertised and we thought his pass blocking needed some work. They definitely schemed around this with the passing game as Fitzy was almost exclusively on three step drops. The one sack that we gave up was Hairston’s man but the sack wasn’t on Hairston. It was a coverage sack and Fitzy has to have his mental clock ticking away and get rid of that ball.

The Needs Improvement:

Zone Defense-Let’s not let the stats fool us, of our four INT’s every single one of them came off a tipped ball, odd bounce, or a hit on Vick that led to a bad throw. These were not our CB’s or LB’s being in great position or coverage. If we continue to blitz with the ILB and OLB as we did in the first half of yesterday’s game we’ll be ok, but when George Edwards goes into a Cover 2 scheme, and allows offenses to abuse Reggie Corner all day we are going to see comebacks like this. We had a lack of discipline in the middle of our zone as defenders were getting run off their coverage and we saw gaping holes that not only led to big pickups for Vick through the air but also for Vick on the ground.

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One Response to “The Morning After: Bills v. Eagles”

  1. NEPD says:

    First of all, Fred Jackson is ridiculous.

    Secondly, the Eagles are so unlikable that I found myself cheering for the division rival of the Patriots in this game. Craziness.

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