Film Room Session: Appalachian State v. Georgia Southern

Photo Credit to ASU athletics/Keith Cline

In what was a battle for SOCON and national supremacy Appalachian State hosted Georgia Southern and took down the #1 ranked Eagles. Appalchian State showcases one of the top small school players in the country in Brian Quick, here is the report on Quick and the other prospects from this game.

Appalachian State
8 WR Brian Quick
-Body control
-Uses his size so well
-Goes up and gets passes
-Bobbled two passes that should have been caught without the bobble but he did bring both in
-Field awareness to tape his toes on game winning TD catch
-Physically imposing his will
-Has all the makings of a potential dominant size WR

7 RB Travaris Cadet
-Very soft hands out of the backfield
-Has loose hips and can really make you miss
-We didn’t see much field vision from him when running the football seemed to struggle to see through the muck
-Showed inconsistent acceleration, needs to get going quicker

93 LB John Rizor*
-Was very disciplined v. the option, stayed home and made Jaybo Shaw commit
-Had an impressive speed rush that worked well when used infrequently with his power move
-Beat a block inside and caught too far inside and lost contain
-Gave great pursuit all day
-Strong tackler who looked far more comfortable at DE than at LB

18 DB Demetrius McCray*
-Had two INT’s on the day though both were off of poor throws from Shaw
-Tackles way too high
-Got run over by a smaller player because of his poor technique
-We would of liked to see him have gotten more aggressive in trying to stop the run

2 DB DeAndre Presley
-What can you say about this kid, four weeks ago he was the starting QB and now he’s a nickel CB
-Knifed through beautifully on an option pitch for a nice TFL
-Showed off good speed at CB and the discipline to not be fooled by the option

Georgia Southern
66 DT Brent Russell*
-Simple a dominant performance by Russell every time he takes the field
-Unblockable 1 on 1
-Saw consistent double teams and chips from the OC or OG
-Power swim move beat the OG and got him a sack
-Rarely gets moved off the ball, at worst he ends up in a stalemate
-Quick off the snap, his first step isn’t quite elite but its very good

10 LB Josh Rowe
-Flows well laterally
-Gets caught up in traffic
-Doesn’t shed well
-Seemed to lose the ball at times when App State ran the zone read plays
-Was effective dropping into coverage and when asked to zone blitz

13 LB Darius Eubanks
-Great pursuit all over the field
-Did a good job sticking on Jamal Jackson despite the pitch fake on the option
-Blitzed extremely well
-Gets his hands up if he knows he’s not going to get to the QB

34 CB Laron Scott
-Field awareness
-Did a good job using the sideline as a second defender when going up against Quick on a fade route
-Got himself into good positioning and didn’t give much up despite the height disadvantage
-Great vision on the kick return
-Showed great balance, took on multiple hits and bounced off would be tacklers
-Very impressive vision to set up his blocks and spring him for a big return

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