Film Room Session: Auburn v. Ole Miss

Ole MIss RB Brandon Bolden made his case for the top 2012 RB spot v. Auburn

In a battle of two SEC West teams Auburn hosted Ole Miss and was able to hand them their 5th conference loss. Here are how the prospects did:

Ole Miss
34 RB Brandon Bolden
-Decent blitz pickup off play action fake
-Bowling ball style of running
-Bouncing off tacklers for extra yards
-Nice field vision to see cut back lanes and his blocks being set up
-Good speed once he got through the hole
-Carries tacklers who try and go high on him
-Got low on goal line run to squeeze through hole for TD
-HB Pass complete to QB but for minimal gain
-A little stiff in the hips but has enough wiggle to make you miss
-Finally look healthy and like a complete back, running over, around and through people

78 OT Bradley Sowell
-Beat by speed rush but stuck with it and when the DE tried to turn the corner he re-engaged
-Way down the field blocking on reverse play
-Underrated athlete, can pull and get in front of outside runs
-Much better v. power rushers than speed rushers
-Still gives up some ground but recovers well enough to keep the QB upright
-Great job getting to second level and blocking Freeman on counter player
-Playing both LT and RT
-Likely RT in the NFL who could fill in at LT in a pinch
-Strong but limited athletically which will hurt his stock some

79 OT Bobby Massie*
-Struggling slightly with the speed rush, looks to be half a step slow out of his stance
-Shallow kick step
-Shows off good athleticism to get to the 2nd level and locate his block
-Locks out DE on deep drop by QB, gave no pressure
-Long arms, uses them to control his opponent
-Drove his man way off the ball
-Great tech on speed rush to get out in front of him and run him out of the play
-Flipped sides of the line to RT after starting at LT
-Had a very good game overall, was dominant for the most part and showed the ceiling that makes us think he’s a better overall prospect than Sewall

40 DE Kentrell Lockett
-Recovered Dyer fumble
-Good pursuit and effort on his rush
-Not getting much pressure v. Mosley
-Good play v. option
-Shows disciplined to stay home on misdirection to get by TFL
-Quick player
-Appears to finally be getting back into shape and looking like his old self

3 CB Charles Sawyer**
-Great read on Blake bubble screen
-Beat the block to the spot and got the TFL
-Was avoided by Auburn
-Bit the Blake deep ball, turned his hips and Blake hitched the route
-A RS-Soph who is draft eligible Sawyer has the size, speed, and cover skills scouts crave, absolutely a name you need to watch

1 S Damien Jackson
-Always around the ball
-In the box style safety who is better in run support than in pass coverage
-Tackles well
-Read and react style of play
-Lacks top notch instincts
-Could find a role as a ST’er to start off but will need to improve his overall cover skills

23 RB Onterio McCalebb*
-Quick and shifty
-Accelerated very quickly to full speed
-Good reliable hands out of the backfield
-Ideal 3rd down/change of pace back with his speed and pass catching ability

80 WR Emory Blake*
-Underrated down field blocker
-Locks out his arms and defenders struggle to disengage
-Seals outside lane for Dyer first down run
-Good acceleration
-Strong hands to hold on through contact
-Looks back to 100%, likely 3 or 4 WR in the NFL who can pick up big first downs or burn slow nickel/dime defenders

43 TE Phillip Lutzenkirchen*
-Soft natural hands
-Runs with low center of gravity and great balance
-Bounces off tacklers
-Poor field awareness when run blocking never could locate defender in the hole
-Appears to be very raw when asked to block
-Looks uncomfortable blocking
-Used more like an H-Back which fits his skill set well, very effective in the flat or down the seam

75 OT Brandon Mosley
-Stood strong v. power rush
-Engaged DE and it was over
-Strong at POA
-Is able to consistently stand the DE right up
-Good drive block by Mosley to clear out end on running play
-RT only prospect but one who with a year or two of work could eventually become a starter

71 OT AJ Greene
-Gives ground on a power rush, allowed DE to nearly get to Moseley
-Much better v. speed rush
-Natural athlete
-Shuffles his feet very well
-Needs to lock out better
-Failing to fully engage defender
-Needs to show better hand placement and punch
-Allowing his hands to get slapped down far too often by defender
-Gotten finish your blocks
-Still very raw but developing, he’s a 2012 sleeper at OT, we put his development on par with other SEC tackles like Xavier Nixon and Dallas Thomas

25 LB Darren Bates
-Great play on option to force pitch and then chase RB to stretch the play out
-Split out wide to cover the slot WR
-Undersized and it shows
-Struggles in traffic
-Needs to get more aggressive in attacking the LOS

21 LB Eltoro Freeman
-Filled gap very well, sniffed out and beat trap block
-Pursuit pays off with forced fumble
-Great blitz on the delay for the sack
-Effort player
-Constantly in pursuit
-Love his motor
-He’s a coaches kind of player
-Great speed
-Very athletic
-Lacks strength at POA
-Cover 2 only OLB at the NFL level

22 CB T’Sharvan Bell*
-Great job to look back for ball, see a short throw and break off his coverage for an easy pick
-Was in the WR’s hip pocket the whole way down the field
-Even with a good throw they aren’t beating Bell
-Left feet on KR tackle attempt, completely whiffed
-Wasn’t challenged much but is quickly developing into one of the SEC’s top cover corners

15 FS Neiko Thorpe
-Whiffed on tackle
-Tackles head down, susceptible to missing in the open field because of that
-Again put his head down and misses a tackle
-Poor technique and discipline is costing the Tigers big time
-Misses another tackle
-An unimpressive night for a prospect who consistently frustrates us with his poor tackling technique and unwillingness to change

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