Film Room Session: LSU v. Arkansas

CB Morris Claiborne showed some flaws but also had a big pick v. Arkansas

On Friday the SEC West was decided as Arkansas visited Baton Rouge to take on the Tigers. LSU defense was dominant as usual and they earned the right to play in the SEC Championship game next weekend v. UGA. Here are the reports on the players:


8 QB Tyler Wilson*
-Good job to avoid pressure and throw ball away
-Above average athleticism, pulled ball down on draw play for 14 yards
-Looking for big plays early, not feeling the pressure
-Good patience to wait on Hamilton crossing route even though he was going to take a shot from Baker
-Delivered a good ball in stride to Hamilton
-Doing far more with his legs early rather than his arm
-Able to roll left or right and delivering accurate balls on the move
-Read CB blitz and go the CB in the air but did not throw the ball away and took a sack that he didn’t need to
-Good strong throw to Childs on quick out route
-Plenty of arm strength on that pass
-Played a good game v. LSU taking what the defense gave him
-Saw plenty of the turf and still has some things to work on but he’s the best QB in the conference

29 RB Broderick Green
-Running hard
-Hitting the hole with strength no other back is offering early
-Gashing defense with north-south running style
-Doesn’t offer much laterally
-Good north south runner who was effective in short yardage situations, hit’s the hole very hard

33 RB Dennis Johnson*
-Looked hesitant without a clear hole
-Good field vision to cut run back inside and avoid DB coming up
-Don’t see the shot area burst to blow through the hole
-LSU front seven is getting great penetration and making his job very difficult
-Took shot from Simon and dropped a pass
-Want to see him hit the hole harder, seems to dance into the hole
-Blocking appears to be far better for Green than Johnson early on
-Hard running, doing a good job running through arm tackles
-Sees the field exceptionally well in the open field
-Started slow but got better as the game wore on, team still misses Davis though

20 RB Ronnie Wingo*
-Trying to pick his way through a stacked box
-Struggling to find holes
-Stays low when running through traffic
-Met Mathieu and pushed him back 3-4 yards
-Saw so few snaps had to wonder about an injury or if he’s in Petrino’s dog house

3 WR Joe Adams
-Good concentration to bring in bobbled catch
-Great route to clear out middle on Wright TD
-Great catch by Adams over the middle
-Elevated to high point the ball
-Beat Claiborne’s press technique with some shake
-Big time block to spring Hamilton on his big pass gain
-Not quite the fluid pass catcher Wright is, he may be the harder worker
-Wright should get drafted higher but don’t be surprised if Adams has the bigger career

4 WR Jarius Wright
-Good job bringing in high throw from Wilson, lowering shoulder and getting into the end zone
-Showed off acceleration and athleticism on TD route, the outside fake got the LSU DB on the ground
-Dropped first down catch he had to make
-Great potential in the NFL as a slot WR, love the way he moves on the field and how slippery he can be

11 WR Cobi Hamilton*
-Good crossing route, got proper death and immediately after catching the ball got up field for a first down
-Great speed
-Good lower body strength to run through Baker’s arm tackle, got to the outside and took off up field
-Should only get better next year
-Struggled to get open deep v. LSU’s DB’s, needs to work on being more effective underneath

91 DE Jake Bequette
-Good assignment football on option play
-Take the QB and force the pitch
-Good pursuit after Jefferson broke the line of scrimmage
-Getting good push on his rush
-Clean hit on Jefferson but didn’t wrap up and Jefferson stayed on his feet
-Out working Faulk in trying to get pressure
-Never quits on a play, tries inside and outside constantly
-Limited athletically will hurt him in the long haul as he tries to proves he’s a NFL player
-43 DE only

34 ILB Jerry Franklin
-Completely out of position on Hilliard run, got way too far outside
-Flowed well on screen pass into flat
-Rarely is he in the proper hole to make a play
-Spends little time around the ball
-Late to the hole and RB gets 1st down on 3rd and 1
-Better dropping into pass coverage than when filling on run defense
-Did a good job v. zone read to see the hand off and fill the hole
-Great delayed blitz and leveled Jefferson
-Good man coverage on the TE deep down the field
-Showed up much better in the 2nd Half than in the 1st, still not impressed with him overall

5 SAF Tramain Thomas
-Came on blitz, got picked up by OC and he went nowhere
-Good tackle on Hilliard to get into hole and minimize the gain
-Read the zone read play beautifully
-Came flying up from his SAF spot to hit Ford at the line of scrimmage
-Cracked Ford and sent the ball flying into the air
-Ball was caught by LB Highsmith and went for a TD
-Textbook play by Thomas
-Delivers big hit on Ford off option but doesn’t wrap up and Ford gets another 1-2 yards
-Missed tackle on Sheppard that would of saved a TD
-Good job reading Jefferson as he flushed out of the pocket and breaking in front of the TE for an INT
-Underrated prospect who is prototype for what you want out of a safety


9 QB Jordan Jefferson
-Decent athleticism
-Needs to throw ball away, and know where he is on the field
-Took unnecessary sack on first drive, was outside the tackle box inside his own 10 and could of thrown the ball out of bounds
-Awareness issues have plagued Jefferson his whole career
-Better job in second quarter, throwing the ball away
-Clearly coached up on the sidelines
-Good throw on the roll out in the face of pressure
-Dropped next snap after fumble play
-False start on very next play after dropping snap
-Horrible, Horrible decision to just flip the ball into the middle of the field with defender around his ankles
-Fumble on the pitch was not his fault, good pitch that RB dropped
-Great balance and lower body strength to take hits by both Wright and Bequette but not go down for a sack
-Good read v. zone coverage to find TE in a soft spot
-Good throw by Jefferson under pressure to put it up for Randle to go get it
-Ill advised throw by Jefferson for an INT, just throw the ball away
-I thought Lee made better throws for the most part this season but Miles wants to go with Jefferson
-Limited potential, and has still not gotten it to fully click upstairs

2 WR Rueben Randle*
-Good hip wiggle
-Shook out of tackle by Arkansas DB who went high
-Was able to get first down and a few more yards
-Strong hands
-Being used a lot on short routes in space
-Runs with great balance and power after his catch
-Very hard to tackle high on, will break the tackle and get YAC.
-Great deep out route
-Great sell on fly route to get CB to turn his hips just as he Randle cut outside
-Good job holding onto the ball despite taking big hit
-Great job out jumping Thomas for the pass
-Again continues to run hard and get rewarded with more yards
-Developing into a true #1 WR

10 WR Russell Shepard*
-Allowed ball to hit hands and deflect off
-Speed allows him to slip tackle in open field and get into end zone for a TD
-Still very raw and nowhere near ready for the NFL
-World class speed who has to learn to run better routes and catch the ball more consistently

19 TE DeAngelo Peterson
-Good route to find soft spot in the zone and sit down in it
-Flashed target to Jefferson and caught a ball with some zip on it
-Seeing his snaps go away to some of the younger players at his position
-Less of a factor in the passing game
-Weak TE class will help his stock

72 OT Alex Hurst*
-Missed block when trying to move pocket on LB Wright, led to a sack
-Lucky to not get flagged for holding on the play
-Got caught cheating outside by DE who used swim move to the inside to get a clean shot at Jefferson
-Questionable agility and ability to quickly change directions
-Great block and push on Hilliard TD run
-Inconsistent in the amount of push he gets on running plays
-RT only prospect for the NFL who is a better run blocker than pass blocker, must get stronger

94 DE Kendrick Adams
-Good power rush v. RT to get into backfield
-Saw limited snaps and was for the most part ineffective

22 OLB Ryan Baker
-Filled hole really well
-Great gap blitz
-Needs to wrap up better, let Dennis Johnson break through one of his arm tackles
-Undersized and unimpressive for the most part
-Gets hyped because of how good LSU’s defense is, but is one of its weakest links

17 CB Morris Claiborne*
-Got shook by Adams when trying to press
-Fell down on the route
-Beat again by Wright off his press, fell down again
-Needs to improve his strength if he wants to be more effective pressing smaller WR’s
-Great coverage by Claiborne v. Wright
-Bailed on press coverage fake and was in perfect position for an easy INT
-Some flaws started to show with his press coverage issues but still a top notch CB who will go Round 1

18 SAF Brandon Taylor
-Great job shooting through the line to make the stop behind the line
-Playing very deep for most of the game, did a good job eliminating the Arkansas deep passing game

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4 Responses to “Film Room Session: LSU v. Arkansas”

  1. jacob says:

    did you watch that game? This is the worse recap I have ever seen. Arky’s Offense scored 10 points. Are you freakin serious? There was nothing good about anytyhing Wilson or any player on Offense did. As far as their Defense, it was worse.
    Claiborne will be a top 5 pick.

    • Matt Elder says:

      Yep twice actually. The results in terms of total points or yardage are not always the only thing to read. Wilson had a rather good game actually. His OL did him no favors and LSU’s DB’s are the best in the country.

      LSU dominated the game but that does not mean there aren’t positives (and negatives) to extrapolate from Wilson or any other Arkansas players play.

      • Jacob says:

        I have seen it twice as well. You picked every positive point about every arky player and very few about LSU. Jo
        Where is your evaluation of the National Defensive Player of the Week Again Mathieu? He dominated the game, yet all you point out was he was pushed? By the way, Mo Claiborne is a better cover corner than Patrick Peterson and will prove that out in the combines. He was better last season than Peterson and is proving it again this one.

        • Matt Elder says:

          You need read the post again, I point out plenty of negatives about players like Jerry Franklin, RB Dennis Johnson, and even some about QB Tyler Wilson.

          The point of these pieces and the others like it is not say Player X had a bad game or sucks. Its to evaluate their current skill set when projecting forward to the NFL.

          As for the lack of any notes on Mathieu, we are not currently evaluating any 2014 or 2015 prospects so guys like Mathieu will not be included in the notes.

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