Film Room Session: Michigan State v. Wisconsin

Montee Ball is a back to reckon with from the 2013 class

Sparty came to play when they hosted the Badgers a couple of weeks ago, even down their best pass rusher the Spartans were able to harass and get after QB Russell Wilson and eventually hand Wisconsin their first loss in stunning fashion. Here is a report of how the prospects faired:

16 QB Russell Wilson
-Really showed an effectiveness working out of Wisconsin’s bread and butter play action attack
-Quick Release
-Had a miscommunication with Nick Toon early in the game that led to an INT
-Does a good job moving around in the pocket and avoiding pressure but he’s not as mobile as some make him out to be
-Got a decent to above average arm, he can’t throw it 50-60 yards but he can probably put it out there past 40
-Good zip on his throws, shows off the velocity needed to hit some of the tight windows
-Uses a range of arm slots and throwing deliveries
-Has inconsistent footwork
-Does not look as comfortable on the rollout as others
-Struggles to see the middle of the field under pressure
-Took a very poor intentional grounding penalty for a safety, he lost all awareness of where he was on the field and where the routes were being run to
-Seemed to fall apart after taking a few shots, accuracy fell off and seemed almost timid

28 RB Montee Ball*
-Strong, and powerful running style
-Great vision for the cutback lane
-Impressive acceleration through the hole, really hits it hard
-Delivers the blow to defenders
-Lowers shoulder very well
-Not a make you miss kind of a back but he will run you over
-Terrific balance
-If you don’t wrap him up he’s going to break through the tackle
-Underrated in terms of junior backs, should be 3rd or 4th behind backs like Richardson, and Davis

34 FB Bradie Ewing
-The kind of football player every coach loves
-Lives to hit people
-Does a good job on blitz pickup
-Finishes his blocks
-Terrific lead blocker who blows open the hole

1 WR Nick Toon
-Showed off some nice versatility working both outside and in the slot early and often
-Did a good job beating the press coverage from Adams, uses his hands effectively to get the defender off his body
-Was not aware of the coverage he was going against when he stuck on a post route even though the coverage (and throw) dictated the flag
-Showed off impressive hands, looks the ball all the way in
-Thought he could go used his body better down the field, he has the size but needs to learn how to better shield defenders
-Serious questions exist about his ability to separate at the NFL level

57 OT Ricky Wagner*
-Took a false start penalty early
-Strong at the POA
-Locked on well, but did not consistently extend his arms, needs to work on locking out
-Very good athleticism, we did not see him get beat once on a speed rush, would of liked to see Gholston out there
-Natural knee bender
-Didn’t see the finishing tenacity that we saw from other Wisconsin lineman
-Good awareness against Michigan State’s slanting attack, helped out with the DE and then waited for potential late blitzer

70 OG Kevin Zeitler
-Elite level strength
-Does a good job getting under the DT on the bull rush and standing him up
-Has the athleticism to get to the 2nd level or pull to the outside
-Locates extremely well when on the move and is quick to engage and overwhelm the LB or DB
-When he locks on its all over
-Had a fantastic seal block on Worthy to open a big hole for Ball on a draw play
-Has exceptional balance
-He probably has the best footwork of any interior lineman in this draft
-Anchors very well
-Nasty finisher

66 OC Peter Konz*
-Great drive blocker, took Worthy and drove him 5 yards off the ball
-Quick set up from the snap
-Very athletic
-Beat Worthy one on one nearly every time
-Anchors well
-Head on constant swivel
-Does a good job helping pass along slanting defenders to his OG’s
-Good blitz recognition

93 DE Louis Nzegwu
-Better stand up 34 prospect than a hand down 43 prospect
-Good in pursuit
-Fluid zone coverage drop
-Doesn’t have that elite first step or explosive athletic ability
-Not a very fundamental tackler, more of a drag down style
-Could be situational pass rusher in the NFL

7 FS Aaron Henry
-Sound tackler who drives through the players hips
-Reads the QB’s eyes well
-Questionable range and deep speed
-Good discipline, is very rarely out of position
-Stiff hips

Michigan State
8 QB Kirk Cousins
-Spins a tight spiral
-Very accurate with the football
-Does a good job leading his WR with his throws in space
-Underrated arm strength, puts plenty of air on his deep ball
-Showed off that NFL caliber arm early when he put plenty of velocity on a 14 yard out
-Put too much air on a deep ball for Martin, allowed the CB to recover
-Inconsistent footwork under pressure, blew a screen pass to Caper that would have been a TD
-Locked on to his primary WR too often and need to go through his progressions quicker
-Looked much better in the 2nd half than in the 1st
-Streaky QB whose confidence can be shaken by turnovers and big hits
-When he’s on however he’s one of the best in the country
-Coming into this game we were hoping he would give us a reason to put him ahead of Tannehill but we didn’t see it

4 RB Edwin Baker
-Early fumble when he did not properly secure the ball and held it out away from his body
-Needs to hit the hole harder, we saw him do so last year v. Northwestern
82 WR Keshawn Martin

-Quick twitch athlete who has very good acceleration
-Not as effective deep down the field as his athleticism would indicate
-Dangerous players after the catch and can be used effectively on bubble screens, quick slants, and crossing routes
-Soft hands, shows good concentration and tracking ability
-Needs work on his route tree
-Will adjust route depth in order to avoid LB in zone, this has cost them 1st downs in the past
-Lots of YAC ability but he’s also heard footsteps before when going over the middle

3 WR BJ Cunningham
-Underrated athlete
-Does a good job high pointing the ball
-Very effective in jump ball situations
-Uses his size well to put himself between the defender and the ball
-Works back to his QB effectively
-Good blocker for a WR
-Strong enough to beat press coverage
-Does not have great down the field speed and may struggle with getting separation

88 TE Brian Lithicum
-Classic Michigan State TE, who does everything well but nothing elite
-Catches the ball very well, natural hands
-Limited athlete, he is not a threat to stretch the seam
-Good blocker who is best when asked to chip and peal
-Could be a very effective red zone target in the NFL

67 OG Joel Forman
-Strong player who needs to learn to play with better leverage
-Can get caught waist bending
-Not very athletic
-Unimpressive in this game, fringe prospect

99 DT Jerrel Worthy
-When he wants to be he is very quick off the snap
-Explosive first step that allows him to be a disruptive force in the gaps
-Lines up at a number of position including both the A and B gaps and directly over the OC
-Was encouraged to over pursue on his slant attack early in the game made for easy cut back lanes for Ball to find
-Completely destroyed OT Josh Oglesby on a slant rush into the B gap, Oglesby was too slow to pick up Worthy as Zeitler chipped him before heading into the 2nd level
-Still don’t see that every down motor that we prefer in 1st Round DT’s
-A big concern that we saw him too often stop rushing after his initial burst, didn’t see him work to get off the block nearly enough
-He’s going to be a first round pick because of that first step but we aren’t sold on him

5 CB Johnny Adams
-We love the way this kid plays football
-Plays bigger than his size indicates
-Needs to do a better job in his press coverage technique, Nick Toon ran right by him
-Tackles extremely well, shows good fundamental based wrapping technique
-Size limitations do exist but he has the athleticism to play nickel CB in a couple of years and spot start on the outside

39 FS Trenton Robinson
-Right place at the right time for the INT on Cousins
-Solid range
-Very steady as the last line of defense, sound tackler
-We wanted to see Robinson get a little more aggressive and anticipate Wisconsin’s PA attack a little more, unfortunately the defensive scheme didn’t call for that

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