Film Room Session: Michigan v. Ohio State

Could Shoelace be a NFL QB?

Some call it the greatest rivalry in all of sports, some have had their families divided because of it. There is no question that when Ohio State and Michigan take on each other the college football world watches. That included us as we broke down the prospects.

16 QB Denard Robinson*
-Explosive acceleration
-So effective on the zone read play
-When he smells open air, he’s as good as gone
-Took hand-off from WR position on a sweep
-Decent vision but struggles to power forward for short yardage
-Inaccurate ball when rolling out to his right, pass was very low
-Great read and touch to hit Hemingway just over the LB
-Had a really ugly zone read play that he was bailed out of on because of his athleticism
-Drifted with the RB while trying to make his decision, nearly lost big yardage
-Can take off at any time, so dangerous
-Better pocket passer than on the move
-Robinson isn’t going to be a QB in the NFL but he could make a good RB/WR option who plays some Wildcat

28 RB Fitzgerald Touissant*
-Catches the ball well out of the backfield
-Slipped two tackles, not powerful enough to break tackles though
-Doesn’t have great initial burst but when he gets into the open field he can pull away
-Good vision on trap play
-Not afraid to challenge DB near sideline
-This was our first time seeing Touissant in extended action and we saw something we liked and some we didn’t
-We definitely want to see his initial burst improve, but when he gets into clean air he’s fun to watch

21 WR Junior Hemingway
-Catches a TD with a defender literally taking a piggy back ride on his back
-Incredible concentration
-Maybe the biggest game breaking threat on this offense after shoelaces
-Really like his potential projecting forward, would like to see him get a bit bigger and more physical

12 WR Roy Roundtree*
-Good catch going down to his knees to bring it in
-Not going to get a lot of balls in this offense but shows good athleticism and routes from what we saw.
-Going to fly under the radar due to the offense he plays in.

86 TE Kevin Kroger
-Ineffective blocking Sabino on the outside
-Good hands out in the flat
-Decent athleticism for a TE but not one of these new age hybrid TE/WR types
-Can split out though
-Needs to get better at locking out when engaging as a blocker
-Great receiving TE who we want to see work on his blocking skills

50 OC David Molk
-Lead the hole for 3rd and short run for a first down
-Good velocity on shotgun snaps
-Good block one on one on the DT, stood his ground and didn’t give up an inch off the QB draw
-Would like to see him tested v. a more veteran DT

53 DE Ryan Van Bergen
-Beat Shugarts inside but missed sack on Miller
-Slid down to the DT position and split the A gap double team for TFL
-Good job getting his hands up when he knew he wasn’t going to get to Miller
-Not quite the same caliber athlete Roh is
-Does use his hands effectively, reminds us of Phil Hansen
-Very strong DE at the POA who won’t collapse the pocket but can hold an OT in place before disengaging and making the play.

88 DE Craig Roh*
-Held up at POA v. Adams
-Beat Adams off the ball and got held for automatic safety
-Great first step got him on Adams inside shoulder and he forced his way down the line to make the tackle
-Caught in space one on one v. Braxton Miller and he lost badly
-Using his bull rush to get under Adams pads and push him almost into the backfield
-Definitely one to watch for in 2012, generates great power and really does a good job collapsing the pocket from the outside

68 DT Mike Martin
-Animal to block
-So active with his hands, constantly fighting
-Beating OSU interior OL despite not being overly athletic
-Amazing strength
-Dominated Brewster one on one when attempting to pass block
-Generating majority of his power and push through leverage
-Severely underrated prospect who is going to make some teams look very foolish for passing on him.

32 SAF Jordan Kovacs*
-Has to get off block when Miller breaks contain
-Cleans up sack after Van Bergen fell off
-Playing in the box more as a ROV than SAF in this game
-Came flying down off the edge to drill Herron in backfield
-Thought he was much better in the box playing the run than in coverage.

Ohio State

1 RB Dan Herron
-Gets low through the hole
-Runs with good balance
-Missed hole and got taken down at line, better N-S runner
-Likely not a good back for ZBS
-Much better picking whole when running straight forward
-Runs with good power
-Gets his shoulder pads square and low
-Seems to have shaken all the rust off and finally back to form, some questions about his short area burst though.

44 FB Zach Boren*
-Called for holding as Miller tried to escape the pocket
-Never saw a crashing Kovacs off the edge
-Struggling to see the defenders through the traffic created by Michigan’s front line
-Not Boren’s best game, seemed to really struggle to ID his blocks in the hole and that’s a concerning trait for a FB.

8 WR DeVier Posey
-Worked back to the QB on the hitch route
-Being given extra attention by Michigan defense
-Needs to high point the ball better
-Waited for ball to get to him and DB under cut the route and got his hands on the ball
-Great corner route to sell the CB on the post
-Sold the double move and the CB bit badly, Miller missed the throw though
-Accelerates very well out of the screen play
-Got deep and beat one on one coverage by Woolfork
-After missing 10 games to suspension he has a lot of work to do to repair his stock, this game was a good start.

75 OT Mike Adams
-Getting set very quickly v. Roh
-Allowing no pressure thus far
-Holding penalty in the end zone led to automatic safety on Roh
-Roh blew right past him
-Struggling with Roh’s first step, seems unsure of what he is going to do, beat badly inside on running play
-Great drive block against backup DE, good leverage and leg drive
-Mixed bag for Adams, was effective for the most part in pass protection but struggled with inconsistent technique in run blocking

50 OC Mike Brewster
-Struggling to keep his hands on Martin
-Getting help on Martin on the 2nd Drive
-Does a very good job getting to the 2nd level
-Moves well and locates his blocks on the move
-Key block on Miller’s QB draw for big yardage
-Still struggling with Martin one on one
-Getting too high and Martin is using great leverage
-Much better early on run blocking when he can initiate the contact
-A disappointing effort from Brewster who really struggled v. Mike Martin

54 DE John Simon*
-Gets off the ball extremely quickly
-Good recognition and pursuit on zone read
-Comes out of a two point stance and easily slaps down a cut block
-Wraps Robinson up and gets him to the ground for a sack
-Gets off the ball very quickly
-Beat OT to the inside off a wide split
-Reads misdirection play very well
-Good read and coverage on Kroger as he slips out into the flat
-Extremely underrated athlete with a good first step, really does a good job catching the OT off guard and unbalanced.

6 OLB Etienne Sabino*
-Good gap fill
-Got juked out of his shoes by Robinson on his first TD run
-All over the field, making plays
-Very athletic, flies all over the field
-Plays a bit out of control at times, needs to be more aware of what is going on and slow it down
-Much better job a couple of drives later taking on the block, disengaging and being aware of where the ball was
-Effective blitz flushed Robinson but not the ultra quick pass rusher
-Like what we saw from Sabino thus far in his development, but want to see him do more in terms getting his awareness up and understanding the play as it develops around him.

19 SAF Orhian Johnson*
-Good tackle on WR bubble screen
-Matched up man on man with WR
-Great read and stick by Johnson on Robinson in the hole
-Textbook tackle, put his facemask right between the numbers
-Also forced fumble on the hit
-Very active in the box as Ohio State devoted extra defenders to stop Robinson.

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