Film Room Session: Ohio v. Temple

WR Lavon Brazil is always a tough cover

If you haven’t been watching MACtion on Tuesday and Wednesday nights on ESPN you are missing out. Another great mid-week game from the MAC as Temple took on Ohio with first place in the East Division on the line. In the end the Bobcats took the game and the division lead. Here our the prospect reports:

30 RB Bernard Pierce*
-Not enough power to move the pile inside the 10
-Good strength to shake tackles and get positive yards after being hit in the backfield
-Showed off the speed to bounce the run outside and go untouched into the end zone
-Outshined a little bit by his own QB, but Pierce quietly put together an 84 yard night with a TD
-As good as he is in college we think he could be a better pro, runs with a low base, moves smoothly, and doesn’t have a big weak spot in his game
-Want to see more of him because of how smoothly he runs

88 TE Evan Rodriguez
-Great job getting into the flat for a TD pass off play-action
-Decent blocker who could be more effective if he was taught to chip block the DE
-Good size and speed, and definitely effective when flexed out
-Love his hands and the way he catches the ball away from his body
-Not much wiggle but he can stretch the seam and be effective in space

63 OG Derek Dennis
-Strong at POA
-Left area and gave LB free lane to blitz
-Moves well and can block in space
-Stiff in his hips, doesn’t move laterally
-Waist bender
-Strong interior OL who doesn’t move exceptionally well but knows how to do the most important thing and that’s block the man in front of him
-Needs to work on his awareness a bit but he’s got the size and strength you want

18 K Brandon McManus*
-Low line drive kick-off, one bounce about 5 yards deep and through the back of the endzone
-Doubles as punter
-Line drive punt as well, barely four seconds by hand count
-Very near shank on FG attempt but it got through despite being ugly

43 DE Adrian Robinson
-Not very explosive out of his stance
-Good inside stunt to pull OT with him
-Good outside move to get around Strum
-Only average athleticism
-Misread zone read and got caught too far inside on QB TD run
-Better against the zone read but got too far inside and the pulling OG crushed him
-Offside on next play
-Much better get off when playing the 9 tech
-Great inside spin move on rush
-Great play on the option, stayed home and crushed QB
-Good pursuit when QB flushes the pocket
-Not really sure what Robinson is right now, he showed some burst when he played the 9 tech but other times he was almost lethargic off the snap
-Has a lot of developing still to do but we think 34 OLB for now

2 LB Tahir Whitehead
-Good job shooting the gap
-Needs to wrap up better
-Getting zero pressure off his blitz
-Looks very small on the field
-Disciplined play the zone read very well
-Completely shut down by Strum on the blitz
-Over pursued and got caught too far up field on sweep, left a wide open lane
-Unimpressive game for a guy we’ve heard a lot about, definite concerns about his lack of bulk, if an OL gets a block on him he can’t get off of it.

7 WR LaVon Brazill
-Great catch in traffic, good concentration skills
-Drips athletic ability
-Loose hips
-Dangerous punt returner but needs to focus on getting north and south quicker
-Strong hands
-Tracks the ball over his shoulder so well
-Full extension to catch an off target ball
-Great body control to adjust to ball
-Underrated WR whose athleticism is just below that of a guy like T.Y. Hilton, will get more looks as draft season gets here

78 OT Joe Flading
-Chased Robinson inside and let DT get free run at QB
-Doing very well v. Robinson
-Running him out of play on speed rush, and standing him up on his bull rush
-Athletic enough to get outside, though not enough so to be a LT prospect
-Sprung Harden to the outside when he pulled and hit the DL in the open field
-Blocks really well on the move
-Very strong and uses that to make up for his lack of athleticism
-Heavy handed and punches well
-Long arms
-RT only prospect who could kick in to OG, late round developmental type of a plauer

79 OT AJ Strum
-Gets over extended, especially v. Whitehead
-Overplaying the speed rush
-Beat for sack by Youboty on speed rush
-Very strong at POA
-We head a lot about Strum coming in but when matched against Robinson he struggled, Robinson started taking wider splits for a better angle and Strum didn’t have the athleticism to stick with him

47 LB Noah Keller
-Good job filling the hole
-Tackling machine
-Very good technique when wrapping up
-Neutralizes the defenders ability to wiggle out of the tackle
-Scrapes really well
-Sheds exceptionally well for his size
-Questionable range
-Good instincts and anticipation
-Heady LB who plays smart and has all the making of an ideal 34 ILB except for his size, plays bigger than he is and will be a ST demon in year one

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