Film Room Session: Oregon v. Stanford

On saturday night, just like In The Mighty Ducks movies, the Ducks flew together

The matchup of this past weekend was in Palo Alto, CA when two Pac-12 power houses met up. Oregon came to Stanford looking to spoil the Cardinals unbeaten season while Andrew Luck and company had other plans. In the end, just like in all the Mighty Ducks movies, the ducks fly together as their speed and athleticism proved to be too much for the Cardinals. Here are the prospects reports:

12 QB Andrew Luck 6’4, 235 lbs.*
-Telegraphing throws early
-His accuracy does not drop off when rolling out
-Forcing throws, taking some unnecessary risks against a very fast defense
-Poor read and completely stared down his intended WR when he threw his INT
-To his credit he chased down the defender and saved a TD with his tackle
-Shows ability to roll right or left with accuracy and touch
-Loss WR’s to graduation and injury clearly affecting his ability
-Great TD throw to Griff Whalen for a TD, read blitz and coverage to hit WR when he broke into his post off the double move
-Showed leadership by talking encouragingly to kicker right after he missed the PAT
-Showed athleticism to avoid DE in the backfield and escape the sack
-Throws are coming off his hand high
-Footwork has been inconsistent
-Needs to drive through the throw
-Great throw to the back of the end zone that went incomplete, WR needs to high point ball better
-It was a back foot throw that showed off his arm strength and touch
-So effective at being methodical and taking what the defense will give him
-Reads coverage so well, knows what defenses are doing
-Drops are hurting his numbers and confidence in his WR’s and TE’s
-Standing in v. pressure to deliver accurate passes during 2 min drill
-Below average game for Luck , made plenty of mistakes but none that we have seen him make constantly
-Footwork consistently is a slight concern
-Still by far the best prospect in the nation

33 RB Stepfan Taylor 5’11, 210 lbs.*
-Questionable field vision, seems more concerned about staying North and South
-Must realize its ok to bounce some runs outside
-Powerful back who knows how to fall forward
-Lowers his shoulder very well
-Struggling to find much room when the hole is not apparent
-Has the strength to move the pile
-Shows some nice hip flexibility by making a few Oregon defenders miss and cutting him run back inside for a first down
-Running to daylight more than just trying to stay North and South now
-Similar to other backs we’ve seen this year, Taylor’s game appears to us to be better suited for the NFL than college
-Strong runner who loves to lower his shoulder and deliver the blow

82 TE Coby Fleener 6’6, 244 lbs.
-Solid hands
-Strong runner, taking multiple defenders to bring him down
-Good blocker
-Locks on to target and works him out of the play
-Very tough to get disengagement from
-Great body control and concentration on deep ball v. Pleasant
-DB was all over him, Fleener squared himself to the ball and looked it in
-Saw lots of blanket coverage v. Oregon because he was Stanford’s only reliable target
-Talented TE who is athletic enough to split out into the slot and strong enough to block inline
-Could make a run for the top TE spot

55 OT Jonathan Martin 6’6, 297 lbs.*
-Does a good job getting a block and getting off the block and onto the next one
-Beat on inside rush move by DE
-Saved himself by batting down the ball Luck threw up for grabs
-Doing a good job v. the athletic Jordan, not biting on fakes and using an effective punch to stall him
-Shows ability to stay low when run blocking, gets good push v. Turner to drive him off the line
-Doing a good job of not losing many battles in the run game but too often it’s a stalemate
-Lack of strength is very apparent
-Stonewalling Turner
-Seems to be more comfortable v. less athletic DE/LB
-Looked stuck in the mud as LB used inside spin move to get off the block
-Off balance from his kick step, got too deep and when he the DE cut back inside, he fell down
-Mixed reviews for Martin who has the athleticism to be a LT but is not always coordinated or comfortable handling the speed rush
-Needs to put on weight no matter where he ends up, far too light

52 OG David DeCastro 6’5, 307 lbs.*
-Pulls well
-Strong and powerful
-Has to lock down Turner when pulling instead of just trying to getting to the 2nd level
-His missed block on Turner allowed the play to get shut down
-Crushed LB on the pull block in the backfield
-Delivers the blow to the defenders
-Will often run right behind DeCastro because of his ability to open up the hole, especially in short yardage situations
-Great 2nd level block to spring Taylor for more yardage
-Absolutely man handling his defender when pass blocking
-Gives up minimal ground when anchoring and is almost impossible to get away from
-There is a reason that DeCastro was our #1 2013 OG coming into this game and he embodied that ranking in every sense of the word on this night
-Will challenge Cordy Glenn for top OG in next April’s draft should he declare

44 LB Chase Thomas 6’4, 240 lbs.*
-Great job getting off block and stuffing James for TFL
-Good blitz up the middle
-Missed tackle in the backfield on James
-Well timed blitz up the middle
-Good snap anticipation
-Must work harder to get off blocks
-Doesn’t have elite level athleticism and he needs to show us more effort in chasing down plays that run away from him
-Will need to bulk up and work on his ability to disengage

26 S Delano Howell 5’11, 189 lbs.
-Shoestring tackle on James to save TD
-Good job filling cut back hole and stuffing Barner
-Used his clubbed hand to jar ball loose from D’Anthony Thomas
-May have re-injured himself
-Sad to see Howell deal with so many injuries this year but there is no doubt he is a playmaking S
-He also fills incredibly well in the run game and the forced fumble just goes to show how good a playmaker he is

5 QB Darron Thomas 6’3, 212 lbs.*
-Loose hips
-Can make defenders miss in the backfield
-Got completely bailed out by whistle
-Threw an INT when he was in the midst of being sack, refs ruled that he was in the grasp and down
-Thomas was 20 yards back from the LOS and should never have thrown that ball up like that
-Fantastic TD throw on the move
-Showed off great timing, accuracy, and zip to fit the ball into a window
-Putting lots of zip on his throws to the far side of the field
-Great throw in the face of a blitz for a big first down to Paulsen
-Very inaccurate throw down the sideline, WR cut in, throw went to out cut
-Pocket presence and poise to scan the field and make smart throw
-Rushed pass on bubble screen and threw the ball poorly, WR made catch but fell down for loss of yardage
-Good job v. outside blitz to wait for screen to develop and then drop the ball off to D’Anthony Thomas for an easy TD
-More game manager than game changer right now as a passer
-Very Dennis Dixon like with his play but he throws better underneath
-Will be interesting to see how much he grows this off-season and if Kelly gives him more passing looks next year

21 RB LaMichael James 5’9, 195 lbs.*
-Suffering from a lack of holes early on
-Great block to try and spring the WR on the reverse
-Gets skinny in the hole
-Seems to slow down at the line when the hole is not apparent, this prevents him from being able to move the pile
-Very slippery in traffic
-Waited for his block on the 2nd level and was gone
-Speed to burn
-Accelerates to full speed in 1-2 steps
-Knowledge and leadership to score his TD, go to the whiteboard and work with Barner to break down what he saw in the defense to try and exploit it later
-Great speed back who can absolutely fly up the field
-He’s never going to be a pound the rock between the tackles style runner but with the way the Falcons have made Jacquizz Rodgers work this year there is easily a place for James in the NFL

24 RB Kenjon Barner 5’11, 180 lbs.*
-Chased down from behind in the backfield by DB
-Great speed and open field vision
-Doesn’t look comfortable running between the tackles
-Has the frame to add plenty of weight and become a bigger and more versatile back

80 WR Lavasier Tunei 6’5, 206 lbs.
-Great TD catch and awareness to get his feet down for the TD.
-Big bodied WR who is under utilized by Oregon thanks to all the speed around him
-Underrated athlete with good hands who could be a diamond in the rough late or as a free agent for some NFL team

42 TE David Paulsen 6’4, 241 lbs.
-Good catch with DB all over him
-Want to see more from Paulsen as a route runner and blocker
-Asked to do very little completely because of Oregon’s scheme and speed
-Still have plenty of questions about what kind of  TE he would be in the NFL

79 OG Mark Asper  6’7, 322 lbs.
-Good seal block to clear hole for James to get through
-Has ability to get to 2nd level
-Athletic for a man his size
-Gets high out of stance
-Great block to spring James
-When he stays low he can really drive block
-Got the key block to spring Thomas for a big TD
-Moved inside from OT because of his lack of athleticism, Asper shows the makings of a good OG
-He has the ability to pull and get to the 2nd level and thanks to his work in Oregon’s scheme he knows how to block in space

77 OG Carson York 6’5, 286 lbs.*
-Pushed into backfield off snap, redirected running play
-Athletic enough to get into 2nd level
-Good job to seal off running lane from 2nd level
-Must do a better job getting off the ball
-Got beat off the ball and allowed the penetration by the DT for a big hit in the backfield
-The worst performance of any prospect in this game, York was beaten a number of times and at this point we don’t see him as a NFL caliber prospect

45 DE Terrell Turner 6’3, 261 lbs.
-Seems to lack power at point of attack
-Slipped the DeCastro block to make a tackle
-Focused on shooting the gap, got caught inside and allowed Taylor easy outside run
-Completely locked down by Martin
-Didn’t see much in Turner to tell us he’s a draftable prospect at this time, he’s an above average athlete with good size but struggles to disengage and lacks the power to have an effective bullrush

96 DE Dion Jordan 6’7, 240 lbs.*
-Standing up out of 2 point stance
-Uses his hands very well for a young player
-Beat Martin on outside rush
-Very athletic
-Showing an array of pass rush moves
-Lack of strength is hurting him v. Martin though
-Good pursuit effort
-Got off block to make a tackle
-Promising prospect who we really look forward to watching this postseason and into next year, thought he was better as a 34 OLB than as a 43 DE

56 LB Josh Kaddu 6’3, 235 lbs.
-Lining up at blitz LB when Oregon goes into a 34 alignment
-Struggling to get off block from TE
-Needs to add more size to his frame
-Ineffective blitz efforts early on
-Fluid in his drop into coverage
-Did a good job staying with H-Back out of backfield
-Did a much better job shucking the block from the TE and collapsing the end on Taylor
-Was the most intriguing prospect coming into this game for us, but didn’t show a whole lot
-Good athlete who can move well, but didn’t see that elite burst off the edge from a pass rusher and he struggled in traffic to find the ball

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