Film Room Session: Tulsa v. Marshall

The Golden Hurricanes Came To Play Last SaturdayWe came into this game hoping to evaluate Marshall DE Vinny Curry but instead were blown away by Tulsa’s ability to handle him and a couple other surprise prospects. Here are the reports:

3 WR Aaron Dobson*
-Great adjustment to poorly thrown ball
-Actually fought through blatant pass interference to make the catch
-Victim of poor QB play, if Dobson can get a QB who can consistently get him the ball he will make a lot of noise next season.

99 DE Vinny Curry
-Getting cut on nearly every passing play
-Seeing double teams and chips
-Got shook by Kinne
-Pursues plays all over the field
-Adjusting to cut blocks and using hands better
-You can see his burst off the line but he’s getting cut on every rush
-Visibly frustrated
-Not Curry’s best game but it wasn’t because he did anything wrong, the Tulsa scheme just kept him completely bottled up.

47 LB Tyson Gale
-Good range to get to sideline and make tackle on bubble screen
-Limited athlete when asked to move laterally
-Looked uncomfortable dropping into coverage
-Needs to get better depth when dropping into zone coverage
-He’s leaving a big gap between himself and the safety
-Breaks down and tackles well in the open field
-Limited LB who may get  a look as a reserve LB or special teamer early on

25 SS Devin Arrington
-Ripped football loose off a completion
-Limited foot speed
-Moves well left to right, very smooth
-He’s a bit of tweener in terms of is he a LB or SS at the next level

4 QB  GJ Kinne
-Very quick decisions with the football
-Great play fake and toss to TE Sears for a TD
-Slightly off target with some of his early passes
-Not driving through his throws
-Short arms a deep throw that bounced well short of WR (5-7 yards short)
-Much better throw on quick slant, put his foot in the turf and had some zip on the throw
-Putting much better zip and accuracy on the ball now
-Shows off some of his athleticism and scrambling ability
-Jukes Vinny Curry out of his shoes
-What a TD throw to Carter on a skinny post route
-Threw the ball right over the LB and in between the split safeties
-Read the coverage pre-snap and delivered the ball on a 3 step drop
-One of his best games of the season
-Knew what kind of pass rush Curry presented so he made quick reads and decisions
-Got the ball out in a hurry and was really on fire for the majority of the game

34 HB Willie Carter*
-Great hands to snatch the ball one handed
-Dropped a pass that was slightly high but hit him in the hands
-Dropped another pass on the next play
-Doesn’t drop the TD pass, ran a great route to get behind the LB quickly
-Want to see his hands get a little more reliable
-Not quite the blocker you’d like him to be but he has the size to get better
-With the success of Charles Clay there is no reason to think that Carter couldn’t have a NFL future

82 TE Clay Sears
-Snuck out from line in the red zone and got wide open in the back of the end zone for an easy TD
-Solid blocker who helped with Curry on his rush
-Not the athletic freak other TE’s are but has under the radar athleticism
-Strong hands
-Ideal #2 TE in the NFL, can help block and be a dangerous pass catcher over the middle, he will need to get a little bigger

78 OT Tyler Holmes
-Does good job reading Curry’s moving and riding him out of the play for a huge rushing gain
-Putting on a cut block clinic
-Not allowing Curry to get into his rush before he cuts him
-Getting help from the TE when trying to drive Curry off the ball
-Needs to get a little stronger at the POA
-Did an incredible job on Curry all day long
-Showed off his athleticism and potential that made him a top pick in the CFL draft last year, will begin to get noticed more as scouts review more tape

93 DE Cory Dorris*
-Showed some athleticism on a stunt move
-Needs to stay more disciplined on zone read
-Shed crack back block by a WR
-Kicks inside on 3rd and pass
-Bit hard again on the zone read
-Showing some leadership, saw a teammate get shoved late and he’s the first one to step up for him
-Continues to bit on fakes this time a pump fake had him leaving his feet
-Does a good job holding up at the POA, likely a 34 DE prospect at the next level

94 DE Tyrunn Walker
-Kicks inside on 3rd and pass
-Offers little to no change of direction ability
-Good speed off the edge to beat the OT around the outside
-Struggling to get off blocks once engaged
-Came into this game thinking he was a 34 DE prospect but saw some burst off the edge that we didn’t realize he had
-A much more intriguing prospect who could have late round potential, we will make sure to watch Walker some more

32 LB Curnelius Arnick
-Floats well in zone coverage
-Tackling a little high
-Missed a tackle but stuck with it and recovered to finish the tackle
-Very recovery after seeing the play fake for a tackle
-Down hill LB, filling holes very well
-Fluid in maneuvering through traffic
-Slips blocks exceptionally well
-Does a great job getting his hands into passing lanes
-One of the most underrate LB prospects in the 2012 draft, an absolute monster

26 BAN Dexter McCoil
-Big hit on crossing WR
-Great open field tackle on Van
-Got low and drove through the RB’s hips
-Seemed to be back more in this game than we’ve seen before and did not stumble in coverage
-More in the box safety based on our projections but a very good tackler who will deliver big hits over the middle

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