Film Room Session: UConn v. Syracuse

Last week’s Big East tilt saw UConn beat Syracuse at home. The big battle to watch in this game was 2013 DE Chandler Jones (Syracuse) v. 2012 OT Mike Ryan. Here are the reports on Jones, Ryan, and all the other prospects:

12 QB Ryan Nassib 6’2, 227 lbs.*
-Short armed the handoff and lost a fumble
-Questionable arm strength
-Lots of air on his deep ball, giving defense time to close
-Horrible throw for an INT
-Rushed his drop
-Overthrew TE by a good bit for an easy pick
-Pretty post throw against zone coverage, fit the ball between the LB and S

80 TE Nick Provo
-Impressive hands
-Is able to grab the ball out away from his body
-Seems to be drifting some on his routes will need to get more disciplined
-Athletically he’s above average but not elite

74 OT Michael Hay 6’5, 279 lbs.
-Blocks through the whistle
-Allowed the DE to run right by him
-Looked like he was stuck in cement
-Has decent strength when he is able to engage
-Will need to put on 25-30 pounds and kick inside
-Absolutely no flexibility, looks stiff as a board out there

66 OG Andrew Tiller 6’5, 328 lbs.
-False start penalty
-Does a good jump helping to double Reyes but keeping his head to look for potential blitzers
-Strong at the POA
-Looks really good in pass pro
-Very balanced
-Best pure OL prospect of the day in this game

99 DE Chandler Jones 6’5, 247 lbs.*
-Extremely wide splits
-Good inside cut when he noticed the OT leaning
-Giving pursuit 60+ yards down the field
-Not enough strength to take on Ryan when run blocking, Ryan moves his off the ball with ease
-Great job stringing out toss play
-Great rip on the RB to force a fumble
-Got off block, located the RB, and made the play
-We loved where this kid was headed developmentally, has the frame to add more size and could absolutely blow up next year.

1 S Phillip Thomas 5’11, 196 lbs.*
-Undercuts route for INT
-Went full extension for the ball
-Good extension and concentration
-Touchdown saving ST tackle on a punt return
-Undersized S prospect who has a knack for making plays this year, he runs well and seems to read the QB very well but not sold on his tackling ability

71 OT Mike Ryan 6’5, 333 lbs.
-Athletic enough to get to 2nd level
-Going up against Jones early, and getting the better of him
-Poor balance
-Caught cheating by Jones who faked outside and cut back inside and Ryan was lost
-Needs to get off the ball quicker, Jones is across the line before he gets out of his stance
-Works well on tandem blocks with the TE to move the DE out and then get off the block in the 2nd level
-Not offering much on his punch
-Does not look fluid moving laterally
-Getting too high coming out of his stance, losing leverage and getting pushed into backfield
-RT only prospect who will probably kick insider at the next level

63 OG Adam Masters 6’4, 283 lbs.*
-Good drive blocker
-Lots of runs being run off his back
-Getting too high
-More of a redirectional blocker when in pass protection
-Looks a bit thin, could use to add some more weight

57 OC Moe Petrus 6’2, 293 lbs.
-Limited athletically
-Not able to get in front of the pitch play
-At his best when to simply block whose in front of him
-Needs to add weight in order to get a better anchor

99 DT Kendall Reyes 6’4, 298 lbs.
-Not impressed early with his power early
-Getting chipped by OC and then blocked one on one by the OG
-Generating zero push so far
-Facing full double team now
-Great strength to fight through double team and clean up a sack
-Big DT who many were high on but he failed to really impress us, decent DT depth with some potential if he can learn to use his hands better

4 DT Twyon Martin 6’2, 292 lbs.
-After pushing the pocket early, seeing some double teams
-Quick first step
-Multitude of pass rush moves
-Below average power
-Effort player, works through blocks, never quits on the play
-We thought he actually looked better and played harder than Reyes, he was the more athletic