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We aren't playing around with these rankings

As the College Football season continues to tick by we have begun to be asked when we were planning on going over our rankings again and to be honest we had put it on the back burner for a while since we were busy scouting games and getting some stuff set up for our readers for the coming months. However we finally forced everybody to sit down and take a long look at our rankings they have been completely redone.

QB / RB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC

We will be releasing our new rankings in three sets. First up is the 2012 Offensive Rankings, later this afternoon we will release the Defensive Rankings, and sometime over the course of the next few weeks we will release the 2013 rankings.

So here are our thoughts on the new rankings:

-We had a very tough time selecting a number 1 QB, not because there was a plethora of good candidates but rather because nobody stood out enough. There is little doubt that if any of the top 2013 QB’s declare that they will immediately ascend to the top QB spot.

-We moved Cyrus Gray off the top RB spot and gave it to Doug Martin who we’ve steadily moved up since the preseason. His low center of gravity and balanced way of running make us think he is going to be a good fit in the NFL.

-Terrance Ganaway is a new name on our rankings but its deserved, we’ve seen some scouts hesitant about moving him up given his one year wonder type of allure but we see a big back in that Brandon Jacobs mold and we won’t hesitate to move up a player who deserves it.

-Brandon Bolden is a back who up until last week we were ready to drop but v. Auburn he showed us his 2010 form that made us wonder about his potential. He could move up in coming weeks.

-We will continue to defend Michael Floyd as the #1 2012 WR to anybody who wants to challenge it. He’s been our #1 since the end of the 2010 season and we have seen nothing to knock him off that perch.

-We doubled the WR rankings from 20 to 40 because it’s that deep, we felt like we were doing both the players and fans a disservice by only naming off 20 guys.

-The TE class is as jumbled a mess as the QB class, no clear #1 and lots of guys who are all along similar values, going to be a very hard class to scout.

-Mike Adams who was our preseason top OT is now back on top after taking a slight dip due to his suspension and conditioning worries. He’s been a dominant OT since being back.

-We added a bunch of new names overall to these lists, we expanded every ranking from 20 names to 25 and have added 10 FB’s who we’ll list below.

Use the tabs above to cycle through all our offensive rankings! Make sure you check back this afternoon for our new Defensive Rankings along with our notes on what is coming up on BBD later this month!

FB Rankings:

1. Bruce Figgins-Georgia

2. Chad Diehl-Clemson

3. Cody Johnson-Texas

4. Joe Suhey-Penn State

5. Bradie Ewing-Wisconsin

6. Taylor Gentry-NC State

7. Eric Breitenstein-Wofford

8. Joe Halahuni-Oregon State

9. Joe Martinek-Rutgers

10. Drake Dunsmore-Northwestern

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