Film Room Session: Bell Helicopter Armed Service Bowl

In what was a wild ending to this game BYU came away with a big victory over Tulsa in Dallas. Here is how the prospect stacked up:


70 OT Matt Reynolds

-Does a good job getting his arms extended once engaged

-Does not block well when trying to move the pocket left

-Good cut block on DE to clear throwing lane for WR screen

-Allows his man to get up field and out of position for the running play to his side

-Got beat up the field by DE but recovered to make a block and prevent a loss of yardage

-Got overpowered by DT on a stunt move, poor footwork and balance allowed for him to be tossed aside

-Still don’t see him as an OT at the next level, his too limited athletically and I think he best position is still at OG where he can pull and be protected from speed rushers

76 OG Braden Hansen*

-Got beat inside by DT on swim move

-Good cut block on Arnick blitz

-Good combo block with RT to prevent the DE from getting back inside and into the pocket

-Working well in pass pro to keep Nelson clean

-Does not generate enough push in the running game

-Will need to work on getting stronger in the offseason but the technique and size is there to become a legit NFL prospect if he works his butt off in the weight room this offseason

91 DT Hebron Fangupo

-Staring outside at DE

-Reads Kinne’s scramble and strings the play out for no gain while having his face masked yanked on

-After this play he basically disappeared the rest of the game, he’s a big body who can set the edge and won’t give up much ground but he’s limited athletically and doesn’t make enough plays


4 QB GJ Kinne

-Forces throw across his body while rolling right

Strong throw on the quick slant to Sears, fit it into a tight space

-Improvised throw with a defender tackling him for a would be sack

-Flipped ball out to WR while falling down

-Stays on the balls of his feet while scanning the field, always bouncing around

-Takes more big hits than he needs to

-Runs the ball like he’s a RB, will lower his shoulder and try and pick up extra yards

-Throws across his body again but find a WR open in the back of endzone for a TD

-Has no wiggle in the open field to make defenders miss

-Kinne displays his arm strength on an over thrown deep ball that lacked any touch

-Short armed throw to TE that bounced well short

-Way off target on next throw, way too fast and too far ahead of slanting WR

-Fell back while throwing a deep ball, still put 40 yards on the throw

-Good zone read play action to Clay Sears for a TD

-Kinne has wildly inconsistent mechanics that won’t work in the pros, he has more than enough arm and athleticism to play in the NFL but will need time to develop

82 TE Clay Sears

-Handles high pass well

-Watches ball into his hands

-Good open field block to get RB a few more yards

-Good seam route to get past the LB and look for the ball for a TD

-Decent free agent target who has some nice hands and can block a little

78 OT Tyler Holmes

-Sets up very quickly

-Blocks his man in excess of 5 seconds giving his QB all day to scan the field

-Stayed with his block as his QB rolled to his side and gave Kinne the time he needed to find the WR for a TD

-Not getting much push in the running game

-Gets out in front of a screen pass well but completely missed on the cut block and the play goes nowhere

-Struggling some with BYU’s blitzing LB, just not fast enough to engage him

-Must get stronger for the next level and maybe a RT prospect

32 LB Curnelis Arnick

-Great blitz and hustle get up from a cut block to still make a sack

-Read zone read, beat the WR to the spot and got a TFL

-Not great in traffic, seems to struggle to find the ball at times

-Beginning to become very active in the run defense, keying Nelson

-Shows great awareness to not bite the fake and stay with the ball carrier

-All over the field right now, making plays on the opposite side and showing off his athleticism

-Really like Arnick projecting forward into a 34 scheme at ILB, he has good range and breaks down well which should make him an attractive LB in the 5th-7th Round range

26 SAF Dexter McCoil

-Cleans up a tackle that CB was struggling to finish

-Perfect position in Cover 2 coverage, easily picks off over thrown ball but its wiped out by off side penalty

-Good job flowing to ball on pitch play and was part of crew of defenders who got the play in the backfield

-McCoil with two picks where he was again in good position but the INT was more due to poor throws by Nelson than anything McCoil did to make a play on the ball.

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