Film Room Session: Oklahoma State v. Oklahoma

Justin Blackmon may have played in his final Bedlam game

The Battle of Bedlam is one of the greatest football rivalries we get to see every year. This year however it took on special meaning as Oklahoma State attempted to make enough of a statement to convince the BCS voters that they deserved their shot at LSU.

Oklahoma State:
3 QB Brandon Weeden
-Gets rid of the balll very quickly
-Forced sideline throw to Blackmon that he shouldn’t have
-Does a good job hitting his WR in stride to let them run with it.
-Really putting some RPM’s on the passes of the middle
-Strong arm and he knows how to step into his throws and generate even more power
-Fundamentally very strong
-Seeing the field very well
-Looks calm, cool and collected in the pocket, not rushing anything
-Came into this game wanting to Weeden to show us something and while we didn’t quite get that he did show us enough to know we want to see more of him

81 WR Justin Blackmon*
-Good balance coming off high bubble screen pass to bring it in and gain positive yards
-Bobbles a pass that he took his eyes of  but holds on and takes a shot
-Accelerates so quickly, only takes two steps to be at full speed
-Good field awareness to get his feet in bounds
-Effective in every zone of the field
-Like Weeden were hoping for more but it was just a ho-hum 90+ yard day
-You can see the potential he has every time he touches the ball though

73 OT Levy Adcock
-Good job standing up the DE on his bull rush gave up no yardage
-Struggling with the DE when he changes of directly quickly
-Drove Alexander right off the ball on a rushing play
-Stict RT only in the NFL, does not have the footwork to play LT and is not athletic enough to slide outside and stick with speed rushers

68 OG Lane Taylor
-Finished block v. Travis Lewis, may have been after the whistle
-Strong at the POA took on the DT one on one and gave up no room
-Got beat inside by DT but Taylor did a good job to recover and seal off the DT from the RB
-Got out in front of the screen pass and got a good block on the DB
-Has some nastiness to him and in a pure power rushing attack he could be an effective reserve who could develop into a spot starter

50 DE Jamie Blatnick
-Playing out of the two point stance a lot
-Dropped into zone coverage, read screen and broke on the play to deliver a good hit to the RB for a short gain
-Not generating any pressure off the edge
-Jumps offsides at the worst possible time on 3rd and long
-Scoops up fumble from Jones on the sack and takes it done to the one yard line
-Likely 34 OLB in the NFL but we question his ability to explode out of his stance and get after the passer

99 DE Richetti Jones
-Good pressure off the edge to Jones blind side
-Played great assignment football, doesn’t bite on play-action after being left unblocked and buries Landry Jones for a nice QB hit
-Good stunt with LB Shaun Lewis, confused the OT and allowed Lewis to spring free for another hit on Jones
-Once engaged Jones does have the ability to get off the blocks
-No counter move if his primary pass rush move is stopped
-Unimpressive game for a guy we liked a lot in the preseason, backup DL for us as of now

19 CB Broderick Brown*
-Big INT outfighting the WR in the air and on the ground for the ball
-Mistimed his jump and still made the INT
-Good open field tackle on RB
-Closes well on a slant route to break up the pass
-Underrated tackler
-Very strong when trying to take bigger WR’s down
-Not the most gifted CB athletically or physically but he is always around the ball and making plays

10 SS Markelle Martin
-Good hit on TE over the middle, however had he looked for the ball over the hit he could of made an INT
-Did well to force Stills out of bounds but you’d prefer to see him wrap him up and take him to the ground
-Didn’t really see much from Martin, he was in the picture a lot but rarely making the actual play
-Despite OK State’s huge INT totals he hasn’t gotten one and too often looks for tackles and hits over turnovers

12 QB Landry Jones*
-Making good decisions early, getting the ball away quickly
-Started off with two good throws then made three really poor ones
-Good job getting rid of the ball with Jones in his face
-Double clutching on nearly every deep pass, wasting too much time
-Best throw of the night was to his FB on a wheel route
-Has to deliver a more accurate ball to the RB in the flat who had the chance to get plenty of yardage
-Jones is killing many of these screen passes with poorly placed throws
-Getting no help from his WR’s
-WR’s are getting open but Jones is failing to hit them consistently
-Finding some rhythm late in the 2nd quarter, looks to be in control and making good throws
-Throwing with good timing and pace on this drive
-Throws a near INT on a fade route, has to get more air under the ball and put it towards the back of the end zone
-Trying too hard to aim his passes
-Has really regressed since the loss of Broyles to injury, you still see flashes of his talent but he appears to be over thinking the game and forcing throws

59 OT Donald Stephenson
-Good pushed back right into Landry Jones face
-Getting way too high out of his stance
-Called for holding
-Gets poor depth on his kick step
-Appears to be guessing out there at what the DE will do, does not appear comfortable
-Really struggling with speed rushes despite being a pretty athletic OT
-Don’t see much NFL future right now, just not quick enough to stick at OT or strong enough to move inside to OG

61 OC Ben Habern
-Lost his block on the DT who made the
-Good job recognizing and picking up the blitz
-Not getting nearly enough push in the running game
-Had one of the worst games of any of the ones we’ve watched of his, failed to maintain his blocks and was getting out powered at the point of attack

84 DE Frank Alexander
-Very active with his hands
-Lining up at DT early on
-Great swim move on OG to get past him and into Weeden’s face
-Got hurt in the middle of the game and was for the most part ineffective before that

28 LB Travis Lewis
-Step slow to the hole, Randle ran right past him
-Good penetration into backfield to redirect running play
-Good job in coverage on Blackmon on shallow crossing route
-Read draw play on 3rd and long and made the play in the open field
-A classic read and react LB whose instincts we wish were just a half step better
-Good athlete who can string plays out with his range, likely a 43 OLB in the NFL

32 CB Jamell Fleming
-Good coverage on Blackmon to know pass away
-Good job fighting through block to make play on bubble screen
-Mixed bag on Flemming, he looked better in this game than when we watched him earlier in the year
-Much more aggressive in coverage and when trying to tackle, very good game for him

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