Film Room Session: SEC Championship – LSU v. UGA

LSU and CB Morris Claiborne Snatched the SEC Title from UGA

LSU had only one hurdle left before it got its date in New Orleans for the National Championship game. All it had to do was travel to the Georgia Dome and handle the Dawgs. It did that in typical LSU form as their defense was dominant and their offense struggled. Here are the prospect notes:

89 FB Bruce Figgins
-Whiffed on Adams in the hole, allowed for a TFL
-Struggling some with his block awareness early
-Missing guys in the hole
-Dropped pass out in the flat
-Nice block on Adams this time around, sets up a nice seal for the RB to run through
-Clearly still learning the FB position, but shows some promise
-Must improve his overall awareness.

12 WR Tavarres King*
-Great route to beat Claiborne and get open deep
-Sold the double move and had Claiborne falling down
-Drops TD catch on the first drive
-Ball was high but it went right through his hands
-Doesn’t offer much wiggle on his hips
-Solid route runner
-Long strider who struggles to accelerate quickly
-King had a good year but considering AJ Green’s shadow it looks worse than it was
-He must improve his hands and get over the drops issue

7 TE Orson Charles*
-Soft hands
-Strong runner after the catch, dragged a couple of LSU defenders with him for a few yards
-Solid job blocking Edwards one on one on an off tackle run play
-Good second level block to spring Thomas run
-Continuing to show off impressive blocking skills, this time on a bubble screen pushing the LSU defender 10 yards off the line of scrimmage
-Needs to break his hitch off a little sharper and work back to the QB when he knows he has a defender on his back
-Rumored to be leaving early and with the improvement he’s made in his blocking he should go in the first two rounds and be the first TE taken.

71 OT Cordy Glenn
-Doing a good job using his opponent speed rush to run him out of the play
-Absolute stone wall thus far
-Has allowed zero pressure from his side
-Got beat off speed rush by smaller DE who got under Glenn
-Glenn got caught waist bending but his arm length allowed him to give Murray enough time to climb the pocket
-Again caught waist bending and this time v. Montgomery it results in a sack
-Great run block by Glenn to push Edwards all the way into the 2nd level
-Beat off the snap by Montgomery who split the B gap and almost sacked Murray
-Much better OG prospect than OT, has elite OG tools where he can avoid the speed rush from the DE

60 OC Ben Jones
-Does a good job getting out of his stance and into 2nd level
-Called for holding
-Watching the LSU defense for alignment and blitz packages
-Having the LG watch Murray for snap cadence
-Working well so far as he picks up correct blitzer
-Does a really good job when run blocking moving his man out of the way
-Stays low out of stance and really generates good power from his lower body
-Doing a good job chipping DT and then getting to the 2nd level
-Good awareness to see the Thomas fumble, find the ball, and jump on it all while blocking
-Great leader in the middle who will be a starter quickly in the NFL

13 P Drew Butler
-Booming punts all night long
-Gets plenty of height and distance on his kicks
-Has a tendency to out kick his coverage at times
-Best P in the country without a doubt

57 PK Blair Walsh
-Good FG attempt, needed that for confidence
-One of the best onside kick efforts Ive seen all year long
-Missed a 45 yard FG, it was never close
-Kickoffs are 3-5 yards deep in the end zone
-Confidence issues will continue to haunt Walsh who prior to this year was considered automatic

93 DE Abry Jones*
-Needs to shed his block better
-Slow out of  his stance
-Good pursuit to catch RB from behind
-Giving LSU OT’s all they can handle
-Showing some burst off the line now, seems to really be in tune with the LSU cadence
-Excited to see more of Jones who started off a little slow but came on in the middle of the game
-Has a real feisty demeanor to him that makes him a pain to block

6 DT John Jenkins*
-Good push up the middle v. double team
-Great pressure on Jefferson straight up the middle
-Shed Lonegran at the line and then shoved Ware off
-Good job fighting off Lonegran block to make tackle on Ford
-Good first season for the JUCO transfer who is a force in the middle

29 LB Jarvis Jones*
-Good swim move to get inside OT and push the pocket
-Explosive athlete off the edge
-Very good first step
-Great assignment play on option, drilled QB
-Generates good power off his speed rush
-Really pushes the TE or RB back into the pocket when staying home to block
-Exciting player who we hope returns in 2012, should be a top level prospect then

83 LB Cornelius Washington*
-Lining up at DE, beat Hurst off the snap on his speed rush and gets a big sack
-Good job beating Peterson’s block to stop Jefferson short on a QB Draw play
-Rotates in and out a lot, would like to see what he can do with more consistent playing time

2 CB Brandon Boykin
-Got beat by Randle but recovered well enough to break up deep ball
-Terrific break on a hitch route to get pass breakup
-Good job coming up on screen pass for a TFL
-Muffs punt return but recovers
-Horrendous tackling in the hole
-Missed tackle on Hilliard allowed a TD
-Muffed yet another punt
-Misses another tackle on Hilliard that leads to another TD
-Boykin’s struggles to play a physical brand of football are what hurt him in the eyes of NFL talent evaluators

18 FS Bacarri Rambo*
-Great job coming up in run support on third and short
-Made a big tackle after holding outside contain
-Good tackle on Randle coming up from his FS spot
-Got completely shook by Mathieu on a punt return, took a poor angle and then got his ankles broken on a juke
-Needs to stop trying to put a shoulder into somebody and just wrap them up
-Has improved his coverage greatly but he needs to take that next step in his development

9 QB Jordan Jefferson
-Under threw Randle and cost his team an early TD
-Throw was very sloppy, ball was extremely wobbly and looked like it died in flight
-Over throws an open Randle, nearly picked
-Has been woefully inaccurate early
-Looks uncomfortable in the pocket
-Great awareness to dump the ball off to Ware despite Jenkins hanging on him
-2 of 8 in the first half though most of his issues had to do with UGA pressure
-Good run up the middle, has been more effective with his legs than his arm thus far
-Continues to be off target with his throws
-Good throw off play-action to hit Hilliard for a TD
-These kinds of games are why Jordan Jefferson will not be a legitimate QB draft prospect

2 WR Rueben Randle
-Beat Boykin on Post Route, but ball was poorly thrown
-Solid deep route and got Boykin committed before slanting in for an easy first down
-Randle has the short area quickness to make you miss on screen passes and pickup good yardage
-Randle was not a factor in this game mostly due to Jefferson’s inaccuracy

72 OT Alex Hurst
-Slow out of his stance
-Lacks proper depth on his kick step
-Getting beat by Jones consistently
-Effective when run blocking but most do a better job of staying engaged
-Fails to lock out his arms consistently and lets DL get free too easily
-Haven’t been impressed with Hurst yet this season after watching him three times, we don’t see a NFL future

94 DE Kendrick Adams
-Standing up as an OLB in 34 front
-Covering RB in man coverage
-Left unblocked in the hole, he slips the Figgins block and tackles Crowell for a loss
-Good read to stay home on end around
-Missed first shot at a tackle but stayed with it and got to Mitchell again and still for a loss
-Does a good job staying home on the fake and putting pressure on Murray who was rolling to Adams side
-Again stayed home and got after Murray on the play-action roll out
-Good job stringing out toss play, allowing LB to make play for loss
-Phenomenal game by Adams, playing the way we thought he would when we named him a Sleeping Senior

22 LB Ryan Baker
-Needs to get more aggressive on his blitz
-Too willing to go out wide of the DE despite the OT pushing the DE out wide
-Good job filling the gap and taking Crowell down for minimal gain
-Not impressed with his blitzing ability, struggles to shed blocks
-Another so-so game for Baker, he’s just doesn’t make enough of an impact

17 CB Morris Claiborne
-As we noted last week (v. Arkansas) Claiborne falls down off a double move by the WR
-He must learn to maintain his balance better
-Called for holding on King, was hugging the WR, bailed out UGA on 3rd and 20
-Great closing speed to get his hands on a deep ball intended for King
-Did a great job using his body in coverage to shield King from the ball
-Locates the ball while in flight exceptionally well
-Dropped a deep INT that looked like it was thrown more for him than for the UGA WR
-Makes a fantastic INT using inside technique
-Got physical with Mitchell at the line, stuck in his hip pocket and then high pointed a pass
-Returned the INT for a TD
-Showed why he should be in the running for the top CB spot should he decide to declare early

13 CB Ron Brooks
-Seen playing CB, and OLB so far, very versatile
-Not used in coverage much early on in this game
-Good play as a gunner to hit Boykin right after he caught the punt
-Want to see him more as cover CB before fully buying into the hype

18 SAF Brandon Taylor
-Hurt himself on tackle of Charles
-Perfect position to contain the Murray roll out
-Great blitz and good job taking Ogletree on and shedding quickly
-Haven’t seen Taylor blitz much, but looked very good doing so
-Again being left very deep to limit UGA’s deep passing game after WR’s got behind the defense a couple of times

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