Holiday Homework: Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl

The Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl will kick off a quadruple header of college football bowl action on Friday as BYU and Tulsa square off. While there aren’t any top level prospects to watch in this game there are a number of mid to late round guys who could develop into contributors with time and coaching.


OT Matt Reynolds

We consider Matt Reynolds to be an interior lineman when projecting him forward into the NFL. He has above average athleticism and good strength. Reynolds can struggle against the outside speed rush which could present issues if LB Shawn Jackson goes up against him. When asked to block the man in front of Reynolds does a good job locking on and extending his arms once engaged.

OG Braden Hansen*

Hansen is probably BYU’s best pro prospect. He is a very good drive blocker who plays with great leverage and knows how to move his man off the ball. He displays good hand placement when blocking and does a good job delivering a strong punch. We’d like to see him anchor a bit better v. the bull rush but there isn’t an interior DL on Tulsa that should be able to expose that.

DT Hebron Fangupo

The space eater for BYU is basically just that, he’s a massive body who doesn’t offer much movement. He will take up two blockers in the interior of the line from Tulsa which should free up some space for other defenders. We don’t think he’s nearly active enough in the defense though, he doesn’t make many plays and when he does its on plays that he either overwhelms a single blocker at the POA or when a play is run straight at him. He’s a big body who would need a lot of work in technique and conditioning before even being considered a legitimate prospect.


QB GJ Kinne

Kinne had a quiet year this year compared to his previous, his numbers were down as some semblance of a running game finally developed and he lost his go to WR in Damaris Johnson to injury. Kinne is a big armed gun slinger who is athletic enough to get outside the pocket and make plays with his feet. Kinne at times will still try and force balls down the field but for the most part he has shown more control and better decision making this season. He’s a mid to late round draft pick with plenty of upside and potential to a team that will work on his footwork and smooth out his mechanics.

FB Willie Carter*

Carter leads the Golden Hurricanes in receptions and yards this season. The Charles Clay clone is a big bodied FB who can move down the field and is very effective running routes v. zone defense. Was very effective running a wheel route to get behind the LB’s v. Tulane. Carter may not be quite the same level of athlete that Clay is but he’s still quite accomplished in his own right. His soft hands and big body will make him a likely H-Back position switch once he enters the league.

FB Alex Singleton*

Carter may have replaced Clay’s pass catching ability but its Singleton who has replaced his short yardage and power rushing. Singleton leads all rushers with 8 TD’s on the year and Tulsa isn’t afraid to rotate him in on any down or in any situation. He is a good blocker on passing downs and uses his size extremely well to occupy defenders. We want to see him develop into a slightly more polished pass catcher and see him becoming more of a traditional FB who can carry the ball projecting forward.

OT Tyler Holmes

The Tulsa LT has quietly had an excellent year for the Golden Hurricanes. The Canadian import is a sleeper for this year’s NFL draft but won’t be for much longer as more scouts go back and review his tape. He has good size for the position, long arms, strong hands, and above average athleticism. He may need to kick over to the right side in the NFL but he has all the makings of a guy who could one day develop into an excellent swing tackle or even starter.

LB Curnelis Arnick

This guy is an absolute monster on the field. He is all over the place making tackles and being involved in the defense. He has above average instincts and if he can continue to hone them he has a change to go from good to great. Arnick excels at filling holes in the running game and we would like to see him become a little more aggressive and stop filling holes and start blowing them up for tackles in the backfield.

SAF Dexter McCoil

McCoil plays the hybrid BAN position in the Tulsa defense which has him lining up close to the line of scrimmage on many of the plays. As you would expect he does a good job dropping into coverage from this position and is a very fluid athlete. He’s one of the team’s top tacklers and is considered the hitter on any WR or TE who dares to attempt a crossing pattern into his zone. McCoil’s hip flexibility will be highly scrutinized as they aren’t as smooth as some safety prospects.

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