Live Film Room Session: HBCU Bowl All-Star Game

Our scouting director Matthew Elder is live at the Georgia Dome this afternoon for the third annual HBCU Bowl, which matches up all-star players from the SWAC, MEAC, CIAA, and SIAC  in an East v. West All-Star match-up.

Matt has been with the HBCU Bowl all week long going through the weigh-ins, combine, and multiple practices. If you missed any of his prior coverage here it is.

HBCU Bowl Weigh-In

HBCU Bowl Combine Results

HBCU Bowl Practice Day 1

HBCU Bowl Practice Day 2 – East

HBCU Bowl Practice Day 2 – West

HBCU Bowl Practice Videos Day 2

HBCU Bowl Practice Videos Day 3 West

HBCU Bowl Practice Videos Day 3 East

He will be running this live film room session from the Dome and updating it throughout the game along with being on Twitter @Matthewcelder to take any and all questions you might have, and now we’ll hand it off to his coverage and who he is going to be watching;

Hello to everybody from the Georgia Dome!  As previously stated I’m Matt Elder the director of scouting for Buffalo Bills Draft and a passionate supporter and fan of small school football. I’ve been with these HBCU All-Stars all week long and if you’ve missed any of my work its linked above. Here are the players I’ll be keeping a close eye on today:

East Team:

5 WR Kevin Elliott-Florida A&M
-Physical WR after the catch, fights through tackles for extra yards
-Couldn’t get much separation from coverage, doesn’t have the long stride to separate

7 DB Dominique Ellis-South Carolina State
-Good work as a gunner to beat his block off the line and then beat the punt down the field and force a fair catch
-Great block on return reverse, had the block that sprung Babb up the sideline
-Gave up inside position to Amey and got beat down the field
-Recovered well on the next play to blanket Cox
-Cox gets him to hold on a double move and that draws a pass interference penalty
-Active in run coverage and loved his effort on ST, was very good in coverage for the majority of the day

10 DE/LB Delano Johnson-Bowie State
-Saw OL flinch and he jumped the snap to draw the false start call, good awareness
-Stutter step outside and then ripped back inside to beat OT and get pressure on the QB
-Keeps working through the block, he never quits till the whistle blows
-Taking the punch from the OT off his intial rush but he’s working through the blocks
-Good job by Johnson to get down the field and lead block for Babb, got the block that got him into the end zone
-Outside pressure forced QB to step up in Deas for a sack
-Hard work pays off as he gets the sack to force the ball over on downs late in the 4th quarter
-Johnson is a 34 OLB and he struggled some this week with his strength when asked to play in a 43 but love his effort and potential

11 LB Reggie Sandilands-Bethune Cookman
-Strung out rushing playing and made good tackle
-Good awareness to see the pitch outside coming
-Read the play and made the tackle in the open field for a loss
-Has to make the tackle on Stanley Jennings in the open field on 3rd down
-Strong tackler who had a good week, he’ll have more chances to impress and he’s one to watch

12 WR Willie Carter-Howard
-Goes up over DB for big catch, had a step but the ball was slightly under thrown
-Good body control to adjust to the pass
-High pointed the ball
-Shielded defender from the ball and then got up field quickly
-Good concentration to look ball in between defenders
-Shrugs off tackle attempt and gets 4 more yards
-When Walley went down it he never got another target, looked good when he got the ball thrown at him, most impressive WR on the day

13 QB Chris Walley-Norfolk State
-Good athleticism to turn the corner on Nigel Carr and get a big first down on 3rd Down
-Telegraphing passes, very nearly got picked off by LB on an underneath crossing route he stared down
-Good zip on a ball to fit it between the CB and SAF coming down
-Looks like he’s in good rhythm when he can find Carter
-Has hit Carter three times on this drive
-Goes down with an ankle injury
-Never returned from his ankle injury and was seen on crutches later in the 2nd half

14 QB Michael Johnson-North Carolina Central
-Good job avoiding pressure, getting outside pocket and throwing the ball away
-Stepped up in the pocket and delivered a good seam throw, his best of the day
-Good job rolling out and keeping his eyes down the field for a big gain
-Good job staying up with a defender at his ankle to find Babb and complete a pass
-Threw pretty well but doesn’t have the consistency yet, could be a long term developmental project

22 DB Rick Volcin-Norfolk State
-Read slip screen perfectly and forced Barber to go east and west instead of north and south, resulted in loss of a yard
-Had an INT in his hands and couldn’t hold on
-Undercut Cox quick hitch route perfectly
-Great timing on his jump to break up pass intended for Hector
-Closed like a missile when in zone coverage, watched the QB very well

24 RB Justin Babb-Savannah State
-Got the reverse pitch on the return and took it up the field for a big gain
-Showed good speed and vision
-Saw his QB was in trouble and worked back into an open area for a 1st down completion
-Grabbed missed FG that was short and returned is 109 yards for a TD
-Exploded up the sideline and out ran almost every player on the West team
-His FG return gave the East the 2nd half boost they needed to withstand the West push, great speed

25 RB Jaashawn Jones-Delaware State
-Running with a purpose
-Keeps legs churning
-Has some good burst through the hole
-Powerful runner who will lower his shoulder into defender
-Gets skinny in the hole and bursts into the open field
-May not get much ink but was the best RB in this game and has fantastic size, deserves more chances

28 DB Antonio Dennard-Langston
-Good awareness in zone coverage, saw the slot WR under cut outside and let his man slanting inside go to pick up slot WR
-Playing mostly off man coverage
-Great tackle on the bigger Evans, drove through his hips, textbook
-Held inside position on the fly route and got his hands on the under thrown ball for a breakup
-The jump up in competition didn’t see to affect him at all, made plays and didn’t get beat all game

49 DL Ryan Davis-Bethune Cookman
-Good inside spin move to force QB out of pocket
-Speed rush to the outside beat the OT and then crushed the QB for a big sack
-His first step is too fast for the OT, he is getting pressure at will
-Good swim move to get inside OT and flush Jennings out, nearly chased him down for the sack
-Whether going inside or outside, Davis is consistently beating his man with speed and quickness
-The OT is barely getting his hands on Davis
-Canty doing a better job in the 2nd half using his size and getting wide to force Davis to take the long route
-If I had a vote he’s my defensive MVP, was almost impossible to block and did a great job using an array of pass rush moves to get after the QB

52 LB Donovan Richard-South Carolina State
-Flying all over the field
-Came to practice a little late in the week so didn’t get to see much of him, he moves well in the open field and did a good job of filling holes

65 OL Juavahr Natahn-South Carolina State
-Doing a good job with Gray to double team the DE and clear out a passing lane for Budd
-Never noticed him after this drive and that’s a compliment, shut down the West DT’s all game long

66 OL Branden Curry-Florida A&M
-Good trap block to get into the hole and blow up the waiting LB
-Blocking through the whistle
-Struggling to handle Johnson’s speed rush similar to what happened with Newell, just not fast enough off the ball
-Good job running Johnson out of the play
-Got caught holding Johnson as he tried to work back up the field
-Struggles with the speed rush are well documented may need to kick inside to OG where he can pull, trap and utilize his strength

71 Julian Gray-North Carolina Central
-Working in tandem with Anthony to clear out the DE and give Budd the run/pass option
-Good depth on his kick step
-Set up quickly and stone walled DE
-Good pull and seal block on the second level to open up a hole for Jaashawn Jones
-Really like his potential and athleticism, he’s a little thin but if he can put on weight and maintain his athleticism he could be a OT project

72 Keith Newell-Delaware State
-Effective pulling to the inside
-Located well and engaged on the move at the 2nd level
-Going up against West DE Michael Johnson and giving Johnson nothing
-Locking out his arms well and controlling Johnson
-Beat by Johnson and forced to hold, then beat again by the speed rush
-Very slow out of his stance the best two snaps
-Better drive here for Newell who didn’t allow any pressure or give up any ground on his blocks
-Probably the OT I liked the most, has the size, strength and athleticism to be successful, needs coaching to smooth out his rough edges though

80 TE Lamont Bryant-Morgan State
-Smooth in his routes, gets in and out breaks very well
-Gets into with DB Ricky Johnson after the whistle, punches are thrown and he is ejected along with Johnson

90 DT Charles Deas-Shaw
-Taking on the double team and doing a good job of holding his ground
-Stunts in the middle and got some pressure on the QB
-Got the sack but grabbed the face mask for a 15 yd penalty and a first down
-Deas shows the most potential as a 34 NT prospect who can occupy the middle and get some push

West Team:

7 DB Ricky Johnson-Fort Valley State
-Playing the CF single high safety role early
-Locking down Kevin Elliott one on one
-Good job to stay in zone coverage, see Budd escape the pocket and make a touchdown saving tackle
-Gets into it after the whistle with Lamont Bryant and is ejected from the game for fighting

8 WR Nick Andrews-Alabama State
-Did a good job working back to QB after he left the pocket, caught big pass though it got called back
-Works his way into the middle of the zone, finds the soft spot and slows down so the QB can hit him
-Needed a big week to overcome the size and had a solid week, shows good awareness in zone coverage and reliable hands

9 WR Jared Green-Southern
-Good catch and juke move to shake the CB and get enough yardage for the first down
-Good power coming off the bubble screen to pick up an extra 5 yards after the catch
-I think he has more potential that he showed us, he has speed that others would kill for, want to see him again

12 LB Nigel Carr-Alabama State
-Flowing to the ball well early, doing a good getting the defense in proper position pre-snap
-Delivers a hit to RB Justin Babb to dislodge the ball on a would be completion
-For missing so much time Carr looked good, his instincts are still coming along but he is getting them back, needs to bulk up some more as well

15 WR Demario Barber-Fort Valley State
-Catches ball out away from his body
-Good job to work back to his QB and flash open in the end zone for a huge TD grab
-Gets such great separation out of his breaks, leaves the DB on the hitch route
-Consistently getting behind the DB out of the slot
-Like Green I’d like to see more of him, not as big as Green but his short area quickness is among the best here

16 DE Michael Johnson-Arkansas Pine-Bluff
-Very effective speed rush
-Dips the shoulder and gets under the Newell block
-Fakes outside gets Newell going and shoots the inside B gap for a pressure and forced intentional grounding penalty
-Continuing to get pressure with his speed
-Showing good pursuit
-For a late add he showed out, he was a guy I was high on in the preseason and this game validated why

25 RB Martin Gilbert-Texas Southern
-Speed to burn
-When he turns the corner he can really get up the field
-Didn’t get a ton of touches but showed good speed and some power

60 DT Jonathan Hollins-Texas Southern
-Worked through block to get to QB and get a sack and forced fumble
-Stayed low and drove through block
-Impressive rip move to beat OG
-Held the middle well and controlled the gaps effectively, the transfer down needed to dominate and for some drives he did

75 OL Jarvis Canty-Morehouse
-Quick set up out of his stance
-Getting a little too high and and allowing the DE to get under his pad level and get some push
-Needs to be more consistent in extending his arms
-When he locks his arms out its all over for the DE, if he can do this more consistently he could be a dominant force
-Needs to clean up his footwork in order to maintain better balance
-Hold by Canty calls back long run
-Using his size really well to force Davis all the way around
-Canty trying to lead his lineman, getting them to hurry up and line up
-Needs to move inside to OG, but with his size and power he could be a very good OG

80 WR Paul Cox-Mississippi Valley State
-Has a pass go right through his hands, throw was a little high
-Good job on bubble screen to get the ball and get up field, wasted no time
-Gets behind the defender and picks up a huge reception
-Did a good job looking in the bomb
-Uses his long stride to eat up the cushion and run by the DB
-May have done the most to improve his stock as any prospect this week, long strider who can get past you with deceptive speed, he must bulk up though

82 WR LaQuinton Evans-Southern
-Takes short kick off the bounce and returns it past the 40
-Showed good speed to come all the way across the field
-Didn’t get a lot of chances in this game but showed up in practice plenty, has size and speed to be considered amongst the best in this game at WR

84 WR Derrick Hector-Morehouse
-Got behind defense and did a good job to track the ball over his shoulder.
-Working well out of the slot
-Reliable hands and seems to have the faith of his QB
-Not very clean in and out of his breaks but uses his frame well to shield defenders
-Had the most reliable hands of any WR this week and shows why when I called him one of the most underrated prospects people need to take notice

It’s important to remember these guys are all All-Stars and worthy of watching.

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  1. meianecole says:

    Did Adrian Hamilton for west playvh

  2. Tyree Clark says:

    How did Kynjee Cotton do in the game and the hole week?

  3. Billy McDonnovan says:

    What was your scouting report on the defensive end from Lane College
    Kyle Hurt I believe he wore #94 this game. I saw a few of his games this season and he caused havoc in the 3-4 system

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