The Rapture is coming to Buffalo

Tebow comes to Buffalo on Christmas Eve

Alright so maybe it’s not fair to poke at Tim Tebow’s Christianity in this way but we swear it’s all in good nature. If he wants to be the most open and honest Christian football player there is then have it. We don’t care about that and we find it kind of annoying we had to start our piece off explaining that because if we didn’t we get a dozen emails complaining about it. So now on to the game analysis…

You’ll notice here at BBD doing Bills games previews is not something we do consistently, we did one for the Patriots game and we felt like this one deserved some love given the gravity of the situation. After all the chosen one lost, or rather his team around him lost it for him, and that injustice must be righted. In all seriousness the Broncos are in a fight for the Division while the Bills appear to be fighting to see how far they can push this fan base until they make the streets of Buffalo explode in a riot.

The reason we say the rapture is coming is because we all know what happens with Tim loses a football game. The kid is an absolute gamer and he can never be accused of leaving anything out there when the final whistle blows. We all remember the last time Tebow spoke after a loss and his word became the gospel;

After that statement was made Tebow lead his team (Florida Gators) to a 7-0 record and a National Championship. To this day that pledge and promise are still one of the greatest moments in modern day college football history. It gives us is insight into how this young man works, into how thinks, and what he does when he’s faced with adversity.

Coming out of college we were never big fans of Tim Tebow as a passer, and to this day we still aren’t really that impressed with him in that regard. However what you can’t discount or talk negatively about is his heart, his will to win, and his leadership in doing so. The kid is a winner and he’s doing the same thing now for the Broncos that he did for the Gators for four years in college.

That’s not to say Tebow is doing it all on his own or even carrying this team because he’s not. The reason the Broncos have been so impressive through their last nine games is because of their defensive play. You have rookie LB Von Miller playing out of his mind with 63 tackles and 11.5 sacks. Miller was taken one spot ahead of our own Marcel Dareus and many fans wanted Miller should he have become available. Then you add DE Elvis Dumervil to the mix who is already one of the most feared pass rushers in the NFL. Dumervil has an additional 8.5 sacks on the year and both he and Miller funnel players into the middle where Wesley Woodyard cleans up (92 tackles).

Individually the Broncos have enough defenders that we could write an entire preview just on them but when you look at them collectively three numbers pop out at you. First this Broncos team has forced 19 fumbles, comparatively the Bills have only forced 11. They have also gotten 39 sacks this year which ranks 5th in the league, the Bills rank 32nd. Finally the Broncos only have 9 INT’s on the year, but they have returned 3 of them for scores. So one in every three INT’s they take back for a TD.

This game is likely going to end up as a box score type of game for Tim Tebow. The Bills defense right now is in shambles, decimated by injuries and lack of depth Tebow should be able to run rather freely and the passing game should open up. It would not surprise me to see him set career highs in this game both rushing and throwing.  However it will be his defense that will be the show. I don’t think this will be a pretty game for Buffalo. CJ Spiller is going to have a difficult time getting outside against one of the most athletic defenses in the league and Ryan Fitzpatrick may want to call in sick v. this pass rush.

This is likely going to be a tough one to stomach for Bills nation but then again maybe that explains why there will be so many empty seats in the stadium on Saturday.

Merry Christmas to all of our readers and their families, hopefully the Bills can give us all a Christmas Miracle!

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2 Responses to “The Rapture is coming to Buffalo”

  1. Michael says:

    Anything about eating crow??????

    • Matt Elder says:

      I was wrong about it and ecstatic that I was. It’s important to remember that despite maybe calling for the Bills to lose or saying they are playing poorly we are still as big a fan as everybody else. We have that same painful disease of Bills fandom that all of us have that keeps us coming back year after year despite 12 consecutive years of no playoffs. On this game though we were dead wrong and couldn’t of been happier about it.

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