Three Days In April Podcast – Episode 3 with special guest Matt Miller

Special Guest Matt Miller from Bleacher Report and New Era Scouting joined Eric Galko, James Christensen and our own Matt Elder tonight.

The guys first talked a little bit about the HBCU Bowl coverage done by Matt Elder last week, hit on some risers and fallers along with talking about guys like Ryan Davis, and can Adrian Hamilton transition out to a 34 OLB?

Then the guys all talked about if they were the Colts would they draft Luck? What do you do with Peyton Manning? And just how much would it cost to trade for the #1 overall pick?

From there it was on to Robert Griffin III where Matt Miller did his thing and really broke down the film on Griffin and explained exactly why there is reason to be so excited for about this guy.

To wrap the show each one of the guys took a team, explained why they think they will target a QB early and who would be a good fit for that team.

Tags: 3DIA, Andrew Luck, Bleacher Report, Colts, HBCU Bowl, Matt Miller, Robert Griffin III

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