All-Star Week Introductions

Welcome everybody to all-star week! Starting this evening we’ll be bringing you the best and most in-depth coverage that we can offer you without actually being at the events. Unfortunately given the youthful age of BBD the powers that be have determined that the travel budget would not fly us out to Arizona, Los Angeles, Tampa Bay, Boca Raton, or Mobile this year. There is always next year though!

With that in mind we will however be bringing you daily link posts to our favorite scouts and writers who are at these games. We will also be tweeting questions to them and RT their notes so be sure to follow both @Matthewcelder and @BillsDraft for the tweets and RT’s.

We will have more in-depth previews of each roster later on this week. But for now we want to introduce some of our favorite writers and twitter followers who will be on location all week long.

Shrine Game

Eric Galko-Optimum Scouting

Eric has written some very impressive previews going over each roster and will be live tweeting all week from Tampa. Look for his updates, his interviews, and of course his live appearance on Tuesday night as part of the “Three Days in April” podcast. Eric is a small school specialist who runs his company like a well oiled machine. There won’t be a prospect at this game that he won’t know something about.


East-West Shrine Game Headquarters

East Offense

East Defense

West Offense

West Defense

Wes Bunting-National Football Post

Wes is considered to be one of the foremost NFL Draft analysts in the game. He covers the draft year round for NFP and does a phenomenal job of it. We had the pleasure of meeting Wes at this year’s HBCU Bowl in Atlanta and can say he’s also one of the most genuine and nicest people in the business. He’ll have reports all week long.


East-West Shrine Prospect Preview

Tom Melton-Tom Melton NFL Draft Blog

Tom Melton may be a guy you’ve never heard of but in terms of fast rising younger guys who are looking to get into this game, he’s one to watch. He runs his blogs independently of any major sites and gives some of the most in-depth notes you’ll ever read. He’s a phenomenal writer and a good scout.


East Roster Preview

West Offense Preview

West Defense Preview


National Football Authority has you completely covered on this event as they have three staff members at the game to cover it. This will be important to note as there are no NFL scouts allowed at this game. Practices are supposed to be streamed online (not sure about archiving) so any notes from the following people will be crucial.




We suggest following all three people starting today and getting all the updates you can.

Battle of Florida:

We may or may not have a guy down at the Battle of Florida this week during practices but we do know that we’ll have somebody at the game. Damond Talbot is a scout for Eric Galko’s Optimum Scouting and is somebody who is very well connected in the state of Florida and will be able to bring great notes and tidbits thanks to his connection to the players.

Make sure you follow him at his twitter account drocksthaparty

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