Bills Senior Bowl Targets

As the Senior Bowl continues in Mobile, Alabama here is a quick breakdown of who  are some of the players the Bills will likely be taking a long look at. Hint: You’ll see plenty of lineman on both sides of the ball.


WR Brian Quick-Appalachian State

The #1 Small School player on our soon to be updated Small School Top 100, Quick has the size, and ability to make big plays happen down the field. The Bills currently lack this kind of a WR and it makes him a perfect target for their scouts.

OT Mike Adams-Ohio State (Scouting Report)

Mike Adams came in at a massive 6’7, 323 pounds, with 33 ¾ inch arms. With that kind of ideal size you could be looking at a potential LT of the future for us.

OT Jeff Allen-Illinois

Allen is a bit of an under the radar guy who has good size and really good athleticism. He’s a little light at 304 pounds but if he can stay with some of these pass rushers today he could be a target for the Bills as a mid round LT option.

OL Kelechi Osemele-Iowa State

You’ll notice we have Osemele listed as a OL because we aren’t sure if he’s a RT or OG in the NFL. Either way we know he’s strong as an ox, can blow open holes in the run game and has great size, something this Bills offensive line needs badly.

OG Kevin Zeitler-Wisconsin

Zeitler is your classic Wisconsin offensive lineman, he’s technically sound, he’s strong at the point of attack and he’s well built. He’s got a bit of a mean streak to him and that would be a welcome addition in Buffalo.

DL Jack Crawford-Penn State

I don’t know that you’d really call Penn State a local product for the Bills but he’s at least in the region and with his size and athletic ability you would think he would have dominated. However he’s struggled with consistency during his career at Penn State and needs a big week.

DL Vinny Curry-Marshall

Curry is one of the most hotly contested players when it comes to Bills fans, some love him, so not so much. He’s a classic 43 DE who would fit a big need for us if we make the system switch.

LB Lavonte David-Nebraska

A bit of an undersized LB prospect who plays bigger than he’s listed and loves to blow players up. He plays like a missile out there and can fly to the ball. He’s gifted athletically and can make plays v. both the run and the pass.

DB Donnie Fletcher-Boston College

A nice size CB who would be a changeup many of the under 6’0 guys we currently have. Fletcher is physical on the line and could be effective in press coverage.

DB Leonard Johnson-Iowa State

Quite possible the brightest star of any coming into this week, the only issue is not many people had ever heard of the feisty CB from Ames, Iowa. He can play and he’s showing you how this week.


QB Brandon Weeden-Oklahoma State

He’s 28 in Mobile and he’ll be 29 before he even takes one NFL snap, but he’s also the top senior QB available and could be ready to go from Day 1.

QB Ryan Lindley-San Diego State

Lindley is a four year starter for the Aztecs who has a nice arm and great size. There are some questions about his accuracy and people want to further examine his throwing motion.

QB Nick Foles-Arizona

Foles is another big armed kid who played in a spread style offense. He’ll need to do something this week to avoid the Blaine Gabbert/Trent Edwards label with his propensity to check down nearly every throw.

WR Dwight Jones-UNC

Jones is one of our favorite WR’s in this class, he’s got a NFL ready body, and he’s not afraid to fight for the ball. After a disappointing bowl game though, he needs to come in here and answer some questions.

WR Jeff Fuller-Texas A&M

Fuller is a guy that you either love or hate as a prospect, personally we think he’s a bit overrated. He’s got the size and strength to beat press but we’ve rarely seen him do it.

WR Juron Criner-Arizona

If Fuller is overrated we think Criner is underrated. He’s not going to beat you with foot speed but he has soft hands, good athleticism, and incredible concentration down the field.

TE Ladarius Green-Louisiana-Lafayette

A former WR who hulked up and has kicked in to TE, Green is pretty thin and will have to get bigger in order to be anything close to an inline TE. Right now he’s a good slot option with size.

OT Zebrie Sanders-FSU

Sanders was the opening day starting RT for the Seminoles but when Andrew Datko went down he flipped to LT and has been holding that down ever since.

OT Matt McCants-UAB

One of our favorite prospects, McCants has the size, strength, and athletic ability to possible become a LT one day. He is still a little raw in his technique and elite level speed rushers can still run the arc on him.

OL James Brown-Troy

A bit of an unknown coming into this week, Brown is another big bodied RT prospect who has plenty of brute strength and size. Browns overall athleticism raises some questions that he will need to answer.

DE Courtney Upshaw-Alabama

Quite possible the best prospect in Mobile, Upshaw should continue to dominate with his speed and power. He didn’t have the best weigh-in but that was somewhat expected. He’s the kinda player who can be the exception to the rule.

DE Quentin Coples-UNC

If ever Coples needed motivation to start dominating again it would be this week. The lights are all on and he’s not even considered the best DE in this game. He had an impressive weigh-in but he needs to fan his fire again.

DL Melvin Ingram-South Carolina

We aren’t sold on Ingram, and honestly we haven’t been all season. His numbers are great but we just don’t see a position for him in the NFL right now. He’s a classic tweener who needs to show us something.

LB Zach Brown-UNC

Brown is an athletic LB who should be dominant in this kind of a setting. Really took big strides forward this year going from being just a fantastic athlete to a well disciplined defender.

CB Brandon Boykin-Georgia

He won’t be the tallest, strongest, or fastest prospect in this game but he may be the most ready to go. Boykin is a gamer once that chin strap goes on and nothing or nobody will stop him.

CB Ryan Steed-Furman

Steed is considered one of the top small school CB’s in this class and has the accomplishment of previously shutting down fellow Senior Bowl invitee Brian Quick. The issue here is that all the WR’s here are as good if not better than Quick.

CB Janoris Jenkins-North Alabama

Jenkins may be coming from a small school but nobody has forgotten than he’s a former Gator. After spending a year at UNA when nobody would throw at him he needs to come in here, shake the rust off and get after it.

CB Casey Hayward-Vanderbilt

Hayward made a big jump in our last rankings and it’s because we believe he can play in almost any system. He’s got good size, great athleticism, and has a nose for the football. He could be the most lock down CB in this game.


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2 Responses to “Bills Senior Bowl Targets”

  1. mk says:

    Your not sold on Ingram? He did not get blocked once on 1 on 1 drills. Not once.

    • Matt Elder says:

      True but you have to keep in mind 1 on 1 drills heavily favor the defense given all the room they have to operate.

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