Breaking Down Draft Options

Today marked a disappointing end to a very disappointing season for the Bills. The year started out with so many hopes and dreams but ended with the all too familiar feeling of heartache and despair.

There should be many changes on the horizon including both on the roster and on the coaching staff. A philosophy change on defense may also be coming but we’ll get to all of that in the coming weeks and months as we try our hardest to forget about 2011 and look forward to 2012.

Here is what we do know as of now though, the Bills finished an unacceptable 6-10 that included losing 8 of their last 9. They got beat by every divisional team, and swept by the Dolphins and Jets. We have an emerging dual back threat in Fred Jackson, and CJ Spiller but lack an identity at QB and we have no idea what will happen with our best WR in Steve Johnson who got benched today.

One could reasonable expect lots of roster turnover with a scheme change and even without it Buddy Nix and Doug Whaley need to let players go who aren’t working and get somebody in here who will.

We pick 10th or 11th in this April’s NFL Draft and the first focus must be at addressing the anemic pass rush that left the Bills ranked dead last in the NFL in the sacks category.

With that in mind here are a few of the top pass rush prospects to look at who could fit in either a 34 or 43 scheme;

DE Vinny Curry-Marshall

DE Quinton Coples-UNC

DE/OLB Brandon Jenkins-FSU*

DE/OLB Ronnell Lewis-Oklahoma*

Others are going to want to address the QB position which will be tough with so few top level prospect s available but here are the top guys;

Robert Griffin III-Baylor*

Landry Jones-Oklahoma*

Ryan Tannehill-Texas A&M

And still others are going to want to add a big play wide out and get lucky like the Bengals did with AJ Green. Here are the top WR’s available:

Justin Blackmon-Oklahoma State

Michael Floyd-Notre Dame

Dwight Jones-UNC

Kendall Wright-Baylor

No matter the direction the Bills go in, there is no doubt that they will have plenty of options from which to choose.

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4 Responses to “Breaking Down Draft Options”

  1. RockyTopBill says:

    Where do you think Courtney Upshaw fits as a Bill pick? If Bills went WR I like Alshon Jeffreys opposite of Stevie (hopefully if front office is smart). Alshon had down year but had noone throwing to him in an anemic offense. Last year some thought he was a better prospect than Julio and AJ.

  2. mob16151 says:

    I think the Bills should take Nick Perry, in the first,Nick Foles in the second, and sign Robert Meachem in Free Agency, and theirs 3 holes filled right there.

    • Matt H says:

      I love the Meachem Signing with another WR from the 4th round. In the First I like Couples or Upshaw right now (Couples over Upshaw slightly) unless Kirkpatrick falls then have to pick him. Second I love Foles, then less Tannehill falls that far. Then after that depends on the first rounds.

  3. Mike T says:

    Well first of all we need a defensive player, someone who is really going to punch through the defense and get to the quarterback. We have Nick Barnett and Marcell Darius who can do this, but we are weak as far as other parts of the defense goes. We also need a consistent WR, I mean David Nelson, Scott Chandler and the rest of them were good this year but they’re of no use if they get injured every game. If we get a deeper WR core we might do better than if we have three good players that get injured then pick up scrubs from god knows where. We keep the two top running backs and we also keep Choice and turn him into a receiver. Spiller has proven to be a good catch and run receiver so we have a receiving core that will be great underneath. Brad Smith also had a great year I think he would make a great outside receiver, we just trade Steve Johnson and get another really tall receiver and we’re set. Thats not to say we couldn’t use a more consistent offensive line but you cant fix it all in one go.

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