Film Room Session: Casino Del Sol All-Star Game

Tonight’s Casino Del Sol game ended in an exciting fashion as the Jarrett Lee got redemption for not getting shot in the BCS title game only to be out dueled by Matt Faulkner from San Jose State who took the lead with under a minute left and then the Stars kicked an onside kick to ice it! Here are the player reports;

Stars (West):

5 Lance Dunbar North Texas University RB
-Good run by Dunbar, lowered his shoulder and rode MLB for an extra 5 yards
-Cutback run leads to to a big hole and run
-Showed off some 2nd level burst
-Takes screen pass, makes a guy miss and gets 7 yards

6 Zac Dickey Pittsburg State QB
-Good run to the edge on zone read to pull and get the first
-Throws a rope v. Cover 3 to hit streaking Pflugrad down the seam
-Throws out route with more than enough pace
-Doesn’t have much pocket presence but that’s because of the system he ran in college
-Really only being used a rushing threat
-Runs over DB for a go ahead TD

11 Royce Pollard Royce Hawaii WR
-Good hands
-Some strength after the catch
-Good speed to take reverse and turn the corner for 25 yards
-Goes up and gets a pass, high pointed it well

17 Lamark Brown Minnesota-Mankato WR
-Good hands
-Good size, and uses his body well to shield the defender
-Gets up field in a hurry
-Drops TD pass that was a little off but hit him in the hands
-Much do a better job being consistent with catching the ball with his hands and not his body
-Caught game winning TD in traffic and took a shot but held on

43 Rodney Stewart Colorado RB
-Quick hips
-Good vision to see cut back lane and get big gain
-Great one handed grab in the middle of the field

45 Adrian Hamilton Prairie View A&M DE
-Dips under Holmes block and flushes Kinne from pocket
-Has to get off the block from the TE, can’t allow the cut back run to come across his face so easily
-Shed his block and made the play in the running game
-Exploded into the backfield and flushed Kinne on 4th down led to incompletion.
-Speed rush to the outside beats the OT and gets the sack, he’s been in the backfield more than a few times
-Steps outside gets OT to commit and then shoots the inside gap for the pressure

82 Aaron Pflugrad Arizona State WR
-Incredible catch, goes up for the ball and gets full extension
-Good route to freeze the LB
-Another great catch, and again he lays out for it.

94 Jerome Long San Diego State DT
-Holds up at POA pretty well
-Doesn’t get a lot of push though
-Looks like he could add weight to his frame, maybe bulk up some more

Stripes (East):
2 Jeremy Lane CB
-Good break on the deep hitch route
-Sound tackling
-Delivered a shot to receiver
-Has been all over the field

4 GJ Kinne Tulsa QB
-Good control of offense, very smooth back there
-Superior athletic ability
-Nice arm on a throw to Dontrell Johnson
-Steps into a throw and delivers a strike to Gray

6 Wayne Dorsey University of Mississippi DE
-Slow out of stance
-Got good pressure there, but left his feet on a pump fake and didn’t get the sack
-Good read and pursuit from the backside for a TFL
-Has looked better as the game as gone on
-Lacks explosion out of his stance

12 Jarrett Lee LSU QB
-Off target on passes over 15 yards, no touch
-Much better throw on his 2nd drive
-Checks down well and finds TE in a soft spot
-Bootlegs right off play-action and hits TE Alex Gottlieb for a TD
-Good throw between LB and SAF for a big play to Gottlieb
-Showing better touch now then he did on the first drive
-Threaded a needle for a go-ahead TD pass

21 Stephfon Green Penn State RB
-Burns LB on wheel route but drops a wide open TD pass
-Has speed to turn the corner and get the first down
-Another missed pass, went through his hands on a screen
-Running tough
-Picking through traffic well
-Great speed

24 Dontrell Johnson Murray State WR
-Shows great speed in getting down the sideline after making the catch

25 Broderick Green Arkansas FB
-Powerful run, got hit at the line and carried multiple DL 3-4 yards

32 Jake Trantin William and Mary ILB
-Dropping into coverage well
-Got up and almost made an INT
-Needs to get more aggressive against the run, sitting back and waiting too long

40 Austin Johnson Tennessee ILB
-Good coverage down the field
-Got up high to tip a pass and nearly get a INT

44 Noah Keller Ohio University ILB
-Jumps off-sides and ruined a scoop and score
-Good job stringing out Stewart for minimal gain

46 Alex Gottlieb William & Mary TE
-Good job sitting down in the zone defense and being available for his QB
-Drags across defense on play-action and sticks with the route to catch an easy TD pass
-Catche the ball, takes a shot and holds on

46 Dexter Heyman Louisville OLB
-Good crash down on the goal line from the backside. Nearly made the play.
-Very good on kickoff coverage, has made a few tackles
-Could be an immediate ST contributor

49 Cordarro Law University of Southern Mississippi DE
-No pass rush moves
-Must learn to use his hands better
-Leaves his chest completely exposed
-Very impressive spin move and almost gets the sack

56 Gino Gradkowski Delaware OC
-Solid snaps in shotgun, good pace
-Held up at POA
-Doing a good job in tandem blocks
-Hasn’t had one off target snap all day

69 Wayne Tribue Temple OG
-Pancake block on the DT
-Powerful at POA, was consistently moving his man back
-Good hand placement for control
-Got low and moved his man out

78 Tyler Holmes Tulsa OT
-Beat by Hamilton badly
-Playing way too high
-Sits down well when anchoring
-Took a false step outside and got beat back inside by Hamilton

96 Ronnie Cameron Old Dominion DT
-Good penetration in the middle
-Dominating interior of OL right now, splitting B gap very effectively
-Not strong enough at POA to hold gap or get much push on his bull rush
-Quick first step
-Hits gap and bursts through OL for a TFL
-Inconsistent for the most part, has snaps where he’s not blockable and others where he’s ineffective
-Gets through the line but not much change of direction ability
-Jumps offsides

98 Brian McNally New Hampshire DE
-Good job seeing the false start and jumping based on it
-Active defender, will keep working
-Doesn’t appear to have any real pass rush moves though
-Very raw in his rush
-Needs to work on his hand usage

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2 Responses to “Film Room Session: Casino Del Sol All-Star Game”

  1. Cam says:

    What did you think of Justin Helwege #80 Central Washington University?
    He had 6 catches for around 70 yards, including 2 first down grabs during the last drive that led to the score. Played a little TE too towards the end

    • Mike says:

      Ya Helwege had a couple big catches. Really good size (around 6-5 to 6-6) and has the frame to put on more weight if a team wants him to. He had a critical 1st down catch on the game winning drive, adjusting really well to a poor thrown ball. He has great upside and would be a quality 6th or 7th round pick.

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