Film Room Session: Fiesta Bowl – Stanford v. Oklahoma State

Today marks the kick off of the BCS Bowl games and the beginning of the end of the college football season. That does not however mean that scouting is done nor that the fun that comes with college football season is over. Tonight’s Fiesta Bowl features two of the best QB’s in the nation and two offenses that have the ability to score. The question will be which defense comes to play and who can come up with more stops.

Make sure you read our game preview here and check back throughout the game for scouting notes and updates!

Oklahoma State:
3 QB Brandon Weeden
-Weeden rolls left, and forces ball for an INT
-Poor read to look past the CB and not seeing him continuing his drop
-Forces another throw, this time into a well covered screen
-Delivers a strike on the next throw on the out route
-Staring down his targets early, needs to look defenders off as he almost throws yet another pick
-Doesn’t set his feet and his throw is off forcing a fourth down and punt
-Bounced pass to WR
-Great throw into intermediate zone to get over LB’s and in before the SAF’s
-Evades pressure in the pocket and finds WR despite Thomas being right next to him
-Weeden finds Blackmon wide open for a TD
-Good throw over the middle of the field against zone coverage
-Rolls to his right and delivers a strike down the sideline
-Couldn’t step into a throw due to pressure and just missed a deep corners route
-On 4th down he finds Blackmon on a quick slant
-Locked in on Blackmon and misses wide open WR for what could of been a TD
-Takes QB draw in for TD
-Still seems a bit off, may be the lay over
-Gets drilled and delivers an off target throw
-Sees Blackmon gets inside release and nails slant for 4th down conversion
-Picking apart the Stanford zone defense
-Weeden had an up and down night, he started off slow but heated up later in the game and when he was on it was pinpoint
-Showed good poise and control to keep on answering Stanford again and again
-Secured his spot in the top 2 rounds of the NFL Draft for us

81 WR Justin Blackmon* (Scouting Report)
-Got wide open for a TD on a blown coverage
-Catches ball in traffic
-Shows good concentration to look the ball in
-Breaks tackle and is off to the races for a TD
-Ran quick slant route and took a five yard gain for 20+ after breaking two more tackles
-Can’t come down with ball after getting off press coverage
-Runs great post route into endzone, was being bracketed and he fooled the safety leaving him wide open
-Good head fake to sell the route and freeze the safety
-Unstoppable on the slant route tonight
-So good at getting the CB to open his hips and then shows off his explosive agility and busts the route inside
-Blackmon may have had an inner leg infection but he still scored three times and smoked Stanford with smooth routes and fakes that left them looking at air
-Also just announced he’ll be entering the 2012 NFL Draft which was previously reported

73 OT Levy Adcock
-Handling the bull rush very well, not allowing any pressure early on
-Good job picking up Chase Thomas on a delay blitz
-Has not allowed any pressure all night thus far
-Bulled his man out of the play on screen pass
-Good game from Adcock who utilized his biggest positive in his strength to stand up DE’s and anchor down v. this 34 front

68 OG Lane Taylor*
-Good push while run blocking
-Showing off good strength at the point of attack
-Got confused by Stanford stunt and gives up pressure up the middle that led to a sack
-Solid but not spectacular game from a Taylor we want to see him finish his blocks more next year

99 DE Richetti Jones
-Good job working across the OC’s face and hitting the A gap for a sack
-Is generating no pressure going up against Martin
-Good pursuit on the Luck roll out, was in a good position to make a tackle after Luck flips ball out to Whalen
-Jones gave the Ok State defense no help tonight with his presence, merely a body taking up space
-Was dominated by Martin on every occasion

50 DE Jamie Blatnick
-Absolutely invisible tonight
-Good drop into coverage on a zone blitz
-Athletic move to jump over Taylor’s cut block and get a sack on Luck
-Beats off the block and gets a big TFL on wildcat play
-Firing off ball now, really seems to have found a second gear now
-Too little too late for us when it comes to Blatnick, he was owned the majority of the night and couldn’t do anything about it

10 SAF Markelle Martin
-Delivers an absolute shot to the WR
-Closed very quickly
-Has to disengage from block better in order to come up and make a play on run
-Good job getting to edge of a running play and string out Taylor for a short gain
-Allowed himself to get blocked by a WR and gave up the TD
-Read run and filled the hole quickly
-Falls down after backing off slot coverage and gives up TD
-Recovers fumble inside Stanford 5 yard line
-Crashing down on the line effectively when he sees Stanford go into its “Hulk” package
-Martin had a solid game against the run but took some poor angles in coverage and never seemed to be near the ball when it was in the air

12 QB Andrew Luck* (Scouting Report)
-Makes something out of nothing and shows the athletic ability to turn the corner on the LB
-Takes what defense gives him and hits TE right at the sticks for a big 1st down
-Sold the play action fake and hits the WR in stride for an easy TD
-Rolls right, stares down his WR and the SAF jumps the route and makes a good INT
-Forced the throw and paid for it
-Reads coverage, sees zone and plenty of room underneath so he hits the underneath route
-Pump fakes route and then delivers a wonderful pass down the sideline over the CB and in front of the SAF, perfect throw
-Perfect balance, and step up in his delivery
-Flawless mechanics
-Saw the SAF retreat and immediately fired the ball to the TE for a TD
-Gave ball to FB too high and caused fumble inside the 5 yard line
-Play-action pass, rolls left out of the pocket and delivers an accurate throw 15 yards down the field
-11 straight completions
-Outruns DL to the boundary and gets a big 1st down on a 3rd and 3
-Rolls away from pressure, gets outside the pocket and delivers an absolute strike 20 yards down the field for a big first down.
-So clam and cool under pressure with under two minutes left in this game
-Incredible poise from Luck right now
-What more can you say about the guy? If there was ever a doubt before there isn’t one now.

33 RB Stepfan Taylor*
-Good vision and burst to bounce a run inside to the outside and take off
-Keeping his legs churning, doing a good job picking up extra yards after contact
-Shows some nice hands catching the ball out of the backfield in stride
-Broke tackles behind the line of scrimmage and bounced run outside for easy TD
-Runs over DB to pick up extra yard on big run
-Bouncing off would be tacklers
-Great balance and vision
-Gets skinny in the hole
-Missed cut block and allowed sack to Blatnick
-Looks just as strong late in the game as he did early
-Still running extremely hard
-Taylor impressed us tonight and we think may have really built up his stock with an impressive set of tough physical runs

82 TE Coby Fleener
-Good catch in traffic, wiped out though by Fleener not lining up properly
-Great 2nd level block to spring Stewart for a huge game
-Hangs on to ball despite taking a big hit
-Injured and doubtful to return
-Fleener is a big TE who can move but he doesn’t offer that elite level athleticism you see as the popular trend right now with NFL TE’s

55 OT Jonathan Martin*
-Good 2nd level block
-Blocked the wrong man on a zone blitz and DB came around free
-Showing good balance in pass pro, really locking down the DE
-Allows Jones to run himself right out of the play on the TD run
-Does a good job forcing DE inside and then getting off the block to pick up the LB who was coming around on a blitz
-Anchoring well v. Jones bull rush
-Great combo block to knock DE down to the ground
-Throws Blatnick to the ground on the play after his sack
-Staying low in his stance and doing a great job standing up the DE’s on their rush
-Winning the leverage battle all night long
-Lots of people were wondering if Martin was even an OT in the NFL with concerns over his footwork and arm length
-Martin was dominant tonight and showed no issues with his footwork or arm length, he’s still a first round caliber OT for us.

52 OG David DeCastro*
-Great kick out block to open hole for Taylor’s long run
-Showing lots of athleticism as a lead blocker
-Initiating contact in pass pro and just dominating the DT
-Has continually gotten out in front of runs when asked to pull
-Locates well on the move and is engaging his blocks consistently
-Always looking to hit somebody
-Love the mentality and tenacity he plays with
-May be the best lead blocker in the country
-Locates man and literally tries to knock him off his feet
-Blocks with great leverage
-Has a low pad level and just drives man off the ball when asked to block in line
-Has that nasty mentality that you love in an OL
-Pulls better than any other OG in this class
-We project him as a top 10 pick and today only helped to solidify that spot

44 LB Chase Thomas*
-Good pursuit on screen pass to chase it down from behind
-Inside power move to throw OT off and flush Weeden from the pocket
-Gets plenty of push on pass rush v. back up RT
-Firing off the ball and utilizing a swim move to get pressure now, just a step late
-Misses tackle and allows game tying TD run
-Thomas came alive once Ok State lost one of its starting OT’s but otherwise was a non-factor

26 SAF Delano Howell
-Came flying over the line on a blitz from the SAF spot
-Finished tackle on Randle to stop him from getting into the endzone
-Comes flying off edge to once again hit and stop Randle
-Good open field tackle on WR screen pass
-Howell was flying all over the field at one point but for the most part was invisible in this game
-Part of that is because he was asked to play deeper coverage to try and help wth Blackmon

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