Senior Bowl Notes and Reports:

Alright we admit it we are a day late on our links for the reports but we are most certainly not a dollar short. Here are the links, notes, and reports from the most trusted in the business from Day 1 and 2 in Mobile, Alabama at the 2012 Senior Bowl!

Weigh-In Results

Mike Adams is the best offensive lineman here. He was unbeatable today, except on one occasion where Vinny Curry got a great jump off the ball and dipped underneath him. Other than that he is impressive. Measured in at 6’7″ with long arms, he has created a lot of buzz down here and looks like a sure fire 1st round pick.

Day 1 North Report

“Texas A&M product Jeff Fuller is a huge WR. Almost looks like a TE, but moves like a receiver. There was a lot to like from him today. I actually thought he played better than Dwight Jones. There were a few nice battles between Fuller and North Alabama CB Janoris Jenkins.”

Day 1 South Report

“Virginia DE Cam Johnson was impressive today. He was someone I was unsure of heading into the week and watched him closely. He can fire out of his stance low, has good sudden pass rush moves.”

Day 2 North Defense Report

“Kelechi Osemele was playing playing a little too high and was getting lifted and driven through. Osemele is a big man, he’ll have to watch that, especially since he’ll be going up against some very powerful interior linemen in the pros.”

Day 2 North Offense Report

“North Alabama CB Janoris Jenkins is by far the best CB prospect here at the senior bowl. He is such a good coverage CB. He is always in good position, can flip his hips and plays with such a smoothness. He makes great breaks on the ball and has the speed to run with almost anyone. Jenkins looked a little bit rusty and he still was able to stand out.”

Day 2 South Defense Report

“I continue to be very unimpressed with UNC WR Dwight Jones down here. He was a player I was high on coming in to the senior bowl, but he’s been a pretty big disappointment. He’s one of the slowest WRs down here, he’s had some drops and doesn’t look real physical in the one on one drills. Good thing he’s got some good tape. He can look lazy at times down here.”

Day 2 South Offense Report

Optimum Scouting

“I was only at the South practice today (both at the same time), and in a non-full padded practice, I really only focused on the quarterbacks-receivers-defensive backs drills, but got some good notes on defensive linemen in team drills and linebackers in individual drills especially. The big winners today were Brandon Weeden, Dwight Jones, Jeff Fuller, Ben Jones, Quinton Coples, and Sean Spence. “

Day 1 South Report

“The General Notes feature a few guys I was happy to meet as well as who you should look into. Also I got a chance to interview some of the major prospects here and asked some intriguing questions, most of which I think could end up in your evaluations of these prospects. And finally, I took some team observations from the South practice today and which teams talked to whom.”

Day 1 Daily Notes

“It was the first day of full pads here at the Senior Bowl, and as expected, it was a GREAT day for scouting the north squad that has some outstanding talent across the board, per usual at the Senior Bowl. I really focused on the quarterback, receiver, defensive backs today, but I did also get some great battles on the offensive/defensive line plus some intrigue in the linebacker drills. The Biggest Winners today were: Kirk Cousins, Marvin McNutt, George Iloka, and Bobby Wagner.

Day 2 North Report

“It was day two for the South Practice today, including the second time I got a chance to watch these guys perform. I got a great look at the talented defensive linemen and linebackers on this roster, while a few positional players wowed as well. The biggest winners today were Chris Rainey, Juron Criner, Matt McCants, Casey Hayward, and Markelle Martin.”

Day 2 South Report

National Football Post

“Ohio State OT Mike Adams has a real presence about him.  He’s a big kid with a long set of arms and when he shoots his hands inside on contact, he has the ability to control blocks and slide his feet through the play. However, the only time he gets himself into trouble is when he doesn’t extend his arms and looks to catch opposing lineman at the point. Nevertheless, the talent is there for this guy to be a top-20 pick.”

Day 1 North Report

“There are some concerns with the game of Oklahoma CB Jamell Fleming, especially when asked to vertically turn and run. However, he plays with good balance in his drop, is clean to re-direct and fluidly can transition out of his back-pedal. In my view he’s been the most impressive defensive back on the North roster so far this week and looks like a potential top-60 pick.”

Day 2 North Report

“Vanderbilt corner Casey Hayward made himself some money with his performance Tuesday. He’s a nice sized defensive back with balanced footwork, a good feel in coverage and can cleanly turn to track the football. He’s a tough guy to separate from, exhibits “plus” ball skills and possesses an ideal skill set of a cover two type corner in the NFL.”

Day 2 South Report

Draft Countdown

“Boise St. QB Kellen Moore is a polarizing prospect within the scouting community who many feel is going to be selected in the top three rounds. That may ultimately happen but it would be a mistake and there were countless examples of why today. Moore is a bit taller than expected, checking in at 5-11¾ at the weigh-in, but that is still far from ideal. In addition to being short, Moore’s arm strength also leaves much to be desired.”

Day 1 Report

Monday Player/Team Observations

“Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson took too long on some timing routes and was admonished by coaches. Wilson continued to show nice zip on his attempts, especially on out routes and passes outside the hash marks. Wilson also had some struggles when he attempted to go deep down the middle.”

Day 2 North Report

“Oklahoma St. QB Brandon Weeden was very impressive and by far best quarterback on the team. Weeden showed nice intermediate zip on the ball and was terrific outside the hash marks, hitting out and timing routes with velocity while showing off an impressive arc on deep passes. The guy was simply on the money. Weeden required some coaching on footwork and taking shorter strides from under center but seemed to take it well. Very good outside the hash marks too, hitting out routes and timing routes with a ton of velocity. Impressive arc on the ball in deep passes.”

Day 2 South Report

Day 2 Player/Team Observations

“Georgia offensive lineman Cordy Glenn answered questions today about his positional future; there is no doubt that he can play tackle in the league, and in fact was the first team left tackle for the South in team drills. As expected he was a load in the run game and mauled players in 9-on-7 drills. For a man of his size, he has remarkable foot quickness and does an adequate job in pass protection. He certainly wasn’t perfect against edge rushers, of which the South squad has several notable talents, but he does the job. With 35 inch plus arms, he’s a chore to get around.”

Day 1 Report

“Ohio State center Mike Brewster and Michigan defensive tackle Mike Martin didn’t quite come to blows, but they were chippy in drills, and on-lookers love that sort of fire. The fact that these two players were from rival schools added to the drama. Overall, Martin had an excellent day. He’s got a non-stop motor, plays with leverage and can gap-shoot to blow up the play. Not a fit for 2 gap defenses but certain teams should grade him out as a solid mid-round pick.”

Day 2 North Report

“North Carolina linebacker Zach Brown was extremely impressive today. Brown can stick with running backs and tight ends in coverage, and displayed athleticism with several nice pass break ups in drills. Brown is a complete player who can disrupt run plays, both up the middle and from sideline-to-sideline. He stops and starts on a dime and seems to diagnose where the play is going a touch faster than the other linebackers. Brown has top notch speed and agility, and should be an interesting player to watch during the Indianapolis Combine. Brown currently carries a solid first round grade.”

Day 2 South Report

Rookie Draft

“ANTONIO ALLEN – S – SOUTH CAROLINA: Allen is an impressive prospect from an athletic perspective with his extremely long wingspan and frame to go along with his terrific speed for a 200 pounder. He combines his ability with a high football IQ and great instincts to break on the football and blow plays up. He started off the practice with a bang by redirecting Jeff Fuller in the first five yards with a shot right to the beak and followed it up by predicting the slant route and cut him underneath.”

Day 2 South Report

“TJ GRAHAM – WR – NC STATE: Graham is clearly the star of the North receiving corps with his dynamic speed and consistent ball skills. Graham was a favorite target of the North quarterbacks and for good reason, as he seemed to come down with everything thrown his way. Graham has a couple of extra gears that he used against the North DBs to gain separation and make consecutive plays.

Day 2 North Report

Football Guys

“Kirk Cousins, QB, Michigan State– looked like a giant compared to other two QBs on north squad, tight upper body helps accuracy, does a good job of throwing on the run going to his left or right, he drives the ball, compact release, exceptional stick throws especially one to Devier Posey on comeback route, goes through his progressions”

Day 1 Report

“Lavonte David, Nebraska-David’s measurable aren’t elite, but he looks the part on the field. Singletary wanted him to slow down and keep his feet underneath him during individual drills, but David settled quickly after that. He pancaked Washington RB Chris Polk, who had been otherwise solid, on a 1v1 pass protection rep and was impressive throughout unit drills in coverage. He dropped to his coverage landmarks more quickly than any linebacker on either roster thus far and showed good change of direction skills and awareness in man coverage underneath. He didn’t stand out as a run defender today, but wasn’t a clear liability either.”

Day 2 North Defense Report

“Ryan Lindley, QB, San Diego State– a favorite college QB of mine but he’s not having a good showing here in Mobile, threw passes low on his rollouts either to the right or the left, he drops back poorly and slowly often looking out of balance when he goes back, several of his passes were behind his intended targets, Lindley is often late with his reads/throws, he got a few of his WRs lit up today by getting them the ball late, that allowed the DB/S to crash on the play and get in a hit”

Day 2 Report

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