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Kirk Cousins took advantage of other QB's not throwing at the combine

So this is probably the 200th or so combine article you’ve read this week and they all say the same thing. Player X ran his 40 in 4.whatever seconds and jumped 30something inches in his vertical test. That’s all fine and well but here we don’t just want to tell you who did well and who did poorly but rather show you the full disclosure of how it changed our board.

For the most part the changes are minimal, most of the big jumps are about guys we have been meaning to move up for a little while now but didn’t want to make updates before the combine and then again after. What you’ll see in this article is something you don’t often get to see on other draft sites and you never get to see on NFL boards.

QB Kirk Cousins-Michigan State

6025, 214 lbs., 31 ¼ Arms, 9 7/8 Hands, 4.84 40, 28.5” Vertical, 9’1” Broad, 7.05 3 Cone, 4.5 Shuttle

Moved from #6 QB to #5 QB

Cousins showed us a lot with his throwing at the combine, we knew coming in Luck and RGIII wouldn’t throw so we were looking for that QB to step up and take the challenge. That was Cousins who this year showed improved velocity and accuracy with the football. He’s a smart kid who is a better prospect than Brian Hoyer when he came out.

QB Nick Foles-Arizona

6050, 243 lbs., 34 ¾ Arms, 10 5/8 Hands, 5.15 40, 30.5” Vertical, 9’4” Broad, DNP 3 Cone or Shuttle

Moved from #5 QB to #7 QB

We tried to stick with Foles as long as we could, we really did but enough is enough. The one thing we really wanted to see Foles do was plant his lead foot and drive the ball down the field. He refused to do so at the combine and instead continued to throw rainbows on any throw deeper than 7 yards. Those kinds of throws unless perfectly placed are going to be picked off far too often in the NFL.

QB Jacory Harris-Miami

6031, 203 lbs., 32 1/8 Arms, 9 ¾ Hands, 4.72 40, 37” Vertical, 9’5” Broad, 7.1 3 Cone, 4.4 Shuttle

Moved from #16 QB to #12 QB

This has been a move we’ve been meaning to make. We went back through some Miami tape before the combine to take a second look at their big three on offense (Harris, Miller, and Streeter) and we saw such growth in Harris’s decision making and accuracy this year that we were moving him up almost no matter what. Harris threw all week long and worked out on Sunday. He was also the only QB to really show the proper placement on the deep ball. Twice when working with Joe Adams on the corner route he delivered the ball in stride and properly over the outside shoulder of the WR so that the CB can’t make a play on it.


RB Robert Turbin-Utah State

5095, 222, 31” Arms, 9 3/4 Hands, 28 Reps, 4.44 40, 36” Vertical, 10’2” Broad, 7.16 Broad, 4.31 Shuttle

Moved from #15 RB to #10 RB

Another player like Harris we wanted to move up but were hesitant to do so because we wanted to see him run and see what his 40 looked like. Remember for RB’s the 40 yard dash actually has some relevance and can tell us something about the players straight line speed. Turbin laid down the 9th fastest time of any RB who is even more impressive considering he was the 7th heaviest back. He looked smooth running around and did not any point look like he was struggling to accelerate or cut.

RB Ronnie Hillman-San Diego State

5091, 200 lbs., 30 Arms, 8 ½ Hands, 17 Reps, 4.41 40, 37” Vertical, DNP in any other tests

Moved from #19 RB to #16

We took a long look at this move because we’ve never really been sold on Hillman as much more than a 3rd down back in the NFL. However with his speed and size we decided to move him up into that cluster of 3rd tier RB’s that starts at #7 and goes all the way down to Hillman. His 40 time was impressive and it was disappointing we couldn’t get a 3 cone or short shuttle time for him.


WR Jarius Wright-Arkansas

5906, 182 lbs., 31 ½ Arms, 8 ½ Hands, 11 Reps, 4.41 40, 38” Vertical, 10” Broad, 6.93 3 Cone, 4.03 Shuttle

Moved from #7 WR to #5 WR

Wright was a player we have had in a number of different positions but were always hesitant to put him too high because of his slight size and he reminds us too much of Roscoe Parrish. However watching him go through drills at the combine finally we had to let go of those concerns. It’s not fair to Wright who does nothing but perform in the toughest conference in the NCAA. He plays faster than his 40 time lists and he should be a weapon at the next level.

WR Tommy Streeter-Miami

6044, 219 lbs., 34 ¾ Arms, 9 ½ Hands, 17 reps, 4.34 40, 33” Vertical, 10’5” Broad, 7.08 3 Cone, DNP Shuttle

Moved from #20 WR to #15 WR

Here is the guy who almost everybody said was a mistake to leave a year early, we didn’t quite buy in to that. That’s not to say we thought it was the right move but we definitely didn’t think it was as poor a decision as others first did. In the end everybody knew Streeter’s stock would depend almost solely on his rumored sub 4.4 speed and he came through. Not only did he break 4.4 but he beat it by more than .05 which in terms of track numbers that is huge. The rest of his numbers and combine performance were only ok so his rise is a bit limited despite having a good set of film.

WR Stephen Hill-Georgia Tech

6040, 215 lbs., 33 3/8 Arms, 9 3/8 Hands, 14 Reps, 4.36 40, 39.5 Vertical, 11’1” Broad, 6.88 3 Cone, 4.48 Shuttle

Moved from #22 WR to #16 WR

While we may be one of the few to move Streeter way up coming out of the combine we also will be one of the few to maintain cautious expectations on Stephen Hill. Having our Scouting Director live in Atlanta, GA it’s very easy for him to watch Georgia Tech. The reports about Stephen Hill’s hands are accurate, the idea that there isn’t enough film to judge that is lazy. Georgia Tech threw more times this year than in any other under Paul Johnson and Hill was the main target. He has to clean up the drops issue if he wants to make it any higher up our rankings.

WR Devon Wylie-Fresno State

5092, 187 lbs., 30 ¼ Arms, 9 ½ Hands, 17 Reps, 4.39 40, 39 Vertical, 10’3” Broad, DNP 3 Cone and Shuttle

Moved from #25 WR to #13 WR

This is the largest move we made coming out of the combine and in all honesty it’s been so long coming we are disappointed its even taken us this long. Wylie may be the top slot option WR in this class thanks not only to blazing speed but also incredible quickness and smooth hips. He has that after the catch ability that teams covet and that certain teams, like New England, have learned to maximize.


OT Mike Adams-Ohio State

6072, 323 lbs., 34 Arms, 10 7/8 Hands, 19 Reps, 5.4 40, 28.5” Vertical, 8’4” Broad, 7.94 3 Cone, 4.95 Shuttle

Moved from #2 OT to #4 OT

We waited as long as we could to not drop Adams, it seems like everybody has and while we still think he has NFL LT potential the combine just showed us that he still has a ways to go. For the most part we zero stock in an of the OL testing, these are 300+ pound men, what the heck is a 40 yard dash going to tell us? However when it comes to the drills (specifically the mirror drill) we watch to see how smooth the player looks and can he move and change direction suddenly? Adams seemed to really struggle in that department.

OT Zebrie Sanders-FSU

6055, 320 lbs., 35 Arms, 10 7/8 Hands, 28 Reps, 5.41 40, 27” Vertical, 8’4” Broad, 8.19 3 Cone, 4.99 Shuttle

Moved from #6 OT to #9 OT

Another guy we were somewhat propping up in hopes that he could do some stock rehab but alas, Sanders looked every bit the RT only prospect that we feared he might be. Heavy footed with at times an off balance stance Sanders struggled in drills when stacked up with other more athletic OT prospects. His drop down our rankings isn’t as much about his skill level as it is about his lack of versatility. We still think he could be a very good RT.


OC Ben Jones-Georgia

6025, 303 lbs., 32 ½ Arms, 9 5/8 Arms, 29 Reps, 5.67 40, 27.5” Vertical, 7’11” Broad, 8.03 3 Cone, 5.12 Shuttle

Moved from #4 OC to #2 OC

With the hubbub about which OC should be ranked first let’s be sure we aren’t over looking Ben Jones whose stock has seen some peaks and valleys on our rankings in the past few months. We were not impressed with the way he played v. Michigan State in the bowl game but he has a strong season overall and was asked to cover some for some very young line mates. In Indy Jones showed out above any other OC prospect and really impressed with his natural athleticism. For that he gets the bump and adjustment from what we considered to be an overreaction on our part earlier.

OC Mike Brewster-Ohio State

6041, 312 lbs., 31 ½ Arms, 9 ½ Hands, 29 Reps, 5.35 40, 25” Vertical, 8’ Broad, 7.73 3 Cone, 4.60 Shuttle

Moved from #2 OC to #4 OC

Mike Brewster made more noise for himself after the combine when he called out David Molk (OC-Michigan) for his comments than he did at the combine. Things started to look down for Brewster v. Michigan this year and continued to slide at the combine. He is still not strong enough at the point of attack to really force the issue.


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